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There are a lot of NPC only kits in the large mods in the megamods contain, but as they are only usable by that one NPC, I decided to resurrect them in their full potential, so most of them can be used by any races the player character is, or they have a fewer restrictions and if one wishes to use the Level1NPCs mod, one can use it to make any of their regular NPC to use one of these marvelous kits... at least in theory.
As the version is still v1.01J, it only contains 30 kits, that can all be separately installed.

Components in the current install order:
Battle Priest of Tempus (from TDD), Cleric kit.
Charming Rogue (from NEJ), Thief kit.
Cleric of Tempus (from NEJ), Cleric kit.
Firewalker(from NEJ), Fighter kit.
Moon Knight(from NEJ), Paladin kit, this kit is still broken.
Pit Fighter(from TDD), Fighter kit.
Priest of Sylvanus(from NEJ), Druid kit.
Bladesinger(from TDD), Fighter kit.
Delver(from TDD), Thief kit.
Vagrant... Ranger kit.
Anti-Paladin(from TDD), Paladin kit.
Dark Paladin(from RoT), Paladin kit.
Cleric of Ilmater(from NEJ), Cleric kit.
Amazon(from TDD), Fighter Kit.
Dark Knight(from TDD), Fighter Kit.
Saurial(from TDD), Paladin Kit.
Vampire Hunter(from TDD), Fighter Kit.
Blademaster(from TDD), Fighter Kit.
Mage Hunter(from TDD), Fighter Kit.
Ravager(from TDD), exclusively Gnome Fighter Kit.
Rhythm Warrior(from TDD), Fighter Kit.
Tactician(from TDD), Fighter Kit.
Sellsword(from TDD), Fighter Kit.
Apprentice(from an old non-WeiDU mod), Human and Half Elf Fighter Kit.
Dragonclaw, a requested Human and Half Elf Fighter Kit.
Drow Ranger(from TDD), Elf Ranger Kit.
Ninja(from TDD), Thief Kit.
Samurai(from TDD), Human Ranger Kit.
Divine Wizard kit, Human Cleric Kit. I conjured up this kit myself.
Dragon Dancer kit(from an old non-WeiDU mod), Elf Fighter Kit.

And yes, the kits still might be a bit buggy, I have not changed much of their original content, but there are some .bams missing. And as the original mods had their spells named as they were, there might be quite many compatibility bugs to slash through, but I'll try my best to manage them when I notice them or someone points them, but please be exact on your reports on what's happening, what race the character is, on what level it's on and/or other things that might be related to the fact. These were done from requests, and so if someone wishes me to remove one or more of them, I will probably do so... and more request are always welcome.
There is quite many Fighter kits, so it is suggested that you either don't install all the kits, but choose which once you wish to use by first answering No to the installers first question, or use the ToB Extender with the option that allows more than 10 kits to be selected by any of the classes and races.

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