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Download Custom Kits: The Spellsword 1.6

- - - - -

A kit mod for Baldur's Gate II, Tutu/BGT, BG:EE (with or without SoD), BG2:EE, EET and IWD:EE
The spellsword is a fighter kit which features monk-like abilities together with many advantages of the fighter class. Because of the spiritual part of the kit your character now has two prime stats (Strength and Wisdom) to cope with.

The kit comes in two flavors. You can choose between a nerfed and the original version.

This is the full kit description which also can be read in-game:

SPELLSWORD: Not all fighters rely only on their physical prowess. Some of them also train their mind to use effectively in battle by creating spiritual weapons or clones of themselves. That makes them a dangerous opponent in all situations.

- Every 3 levels - starting at level 3 - he gains the ability to create a spiritual weapon of his choice once per day which lasts three turns. While this spell is active, he can freely choose between the 'Spirit Dagger' (a piercing weapon), the 'Spirit Mace' (a crushing weapon) and the 'Spirit Axe' (a slashing weapon), or choose to use his physical weapons with the 'Remove Spirit Weapon' ability.
- As the spellsword increases in levels, the weapon becomes more powerful too:
Lvl. 3-5: 1D8+1, +1 THAC0, non-magical
Lvl. 6-8: 1D8+2, +2 THAC0, +1 enchanted
Lvl. 9-11: 1D8+3, +3 THAC0, +2 enchanted
Lvl. 12-14: 1D8+4, +4 THAC0, +2 enchanted
Lvl. 15-17: 1D8+4, +4 THAC0, +3 enchanted
Lvl. 18-23: 1D8+5, +5 THAC0, +4 enchanted
Lvl. 24+: 1D8+5, +5 THAC0, +5 enchanted
- The weapon has no speed factor.
- On level 12 and higher the weapon will deal +1 random elemental damage (fire, cold, acid or lightning) per hit.
- On Level 24 and higher the weapon will have a 5% chance to slay the victim instantly.
- Up to level 5 the weapon will be used on specialized level. From level 6 to 11 it will be used on mastery level. From level 12 to 17 the weapon will be used on high mastery level. On level 18 and higher the weapon is wielded with grand master proficiency.

Un-nerfed version only:
- On level 8 the spellsword gains the 'Summon Blade Spirit' ability which calls forth a weapon that acts independently from the fighter. It looks like a floating blade and is invulerable to anything but magical attacks. The weapon attacks with a bladed version of the above-mentioned spiritual weapon at the spellsword's level. It will last one turn.
- Every 6 levels he gains another 'Summon Blade Spirit' ability.

- On level 18 the spellsword gains the 'Clone' ability which creates a lesser copy of himself once per day for two turns. It has 60% of the level of the spellsword with all its abilities. It can be successfully dispelled with spells that destroy illusions.
- Every 5 levels he gains another 'Clone' ability.

- May not use missile weapons.
- Can only become proficient in melee weapons.
- May not wear armor greater than studded leather.

The mod is available in English, German and French.

What's New in Version 1.6 (See full changelog)

  • Cleaned up and modernized code base
  • Improved EE compatibility
  • Added EET support
  • Added Project Infinity metadata

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