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Download Turambar fixes and tweaks 1.8.1

* * * * - 2 Votes

group 1: BGII - BGT - DSotSC - NTotSC fixpack (recommended!)

1 - for Italian users only - Nalia's ring name correction (corrects a typo)

2 - Northern Tales fixes

    * Corrects Nadali's dialogue file, allowing all missions related to Draagis to be completed even if you haven't spoken to Nadali before finishing the Northern Citadel quest.
    * Corrects the Fire of Bhaal Sword, which couldn't be used by thieves although it was a longsword.
    * Corrects some graphical problems (black square near the Northern Citadel, missing icons...)
    * Fixes a mummy-related issue which could break Korgan's quest

3 - Dark Side fixes - not needed if Big World fixpack has been used
Fixes a bug with Elgenon's club

4 - Inactive creatures fix
Corrects some invalid script references which cause some hostile creatures (such as xvart protectors, Elka, Ogre Dad in Beregost, ...) to just stand there while you're killing them.
Also fixes a script-related bug which could make the Durlag's tower quest unfinishable.

5 - Gerde's quest and other related fixes
This component should improve varios things which have to do with this quest.
First of all, it restores Gerde getting angry if you kill too many ankheg (it was already buggy in BG1, so it's not fixed by BGT), unless you've already done it before talking to her for the first time.
Moreover, it solves all incompatibilities between Gerde's quest and the BG1NPC banters, which made Gerde's quest unfinishable.
Finally, the triggers of Faldorn's dialogue have been changed to prevent her from leaving if too many ankhegs are killed all together: with this fix, she'll at least warn you once (due to the quite complex script involved, a slight lag could happen; I suggest that you wait some moments after killing the ankhegs, before talking to Gerde again). Should be installed both after BGT and BG1NPC.

6 - Worldmap fix - for BGT - DEPRECATED
The fix has been included in Wisp's new version of the worldmap mod. Use that instead.

7 - Creatures fix
Corrects some creatures who have the wrong class, race and so on; this resulted, for instance, in talking animals, and in a crash related to EMAD...

8 - Xvart Village Rebalancing - for DSotSC
Changes the spawns in the village so that the number of xvarts depends on the party's level and number of NPCs.

9 - Anomen Proficiency fixes
As the fixpack gives him a spear proficiency, but he can't use that weapon, this component changes it to proficiency in flail.

10 - SoBH fixes
This fix changes Billybob's staff into the cleric's staff +3: it's still a powerful and shining staff, but he's now visible so that you can talk to him.
Thanks to Lollorian for reporting this bug to me.

11 - other compatibility fixes
This component contains different fixes, for compatibility problems between old mods I've been told of, such as:

    * SoS + CtB could cause infinite spawning of Prelate Wessalen, under rare circumstances;
    * Different mods overwriting Koshi could break the twisted rune quest from Baldurdash

group 2: Tweaks for BGII and BGT

1 - Skeleton Warriors all have the same immunities: you can chose among
a - BG2 immunities (recommended; it includes immunity from all sorts of charme)
b - BG1 immunities
Both choices can also help against the glowing undead bug of IA (see change log)

2 - Fenten buys more ankheg shells
Fenten is a dwarf in western BG who asks you to fight ankhegs; he says he'll pay you 250 GP for each shell, but gives you that much money regardless of how many you brought him. Chose among
a - Fix only: he'll pay you 250 GP for EACH shell you take him, but only once in the game.
b - Infinite shells: He'll buy every shell you give him.

3 - Keiria and Skeezer not available until chapter 4
I think that they are far too powerful for a level 1 group which has just arrived in Nashkell.
This idea actually comes from a DSotSC and NTotSC (quite accurate, but not perfect, or not updated) walkthrough, which said that they should work like that.

4 - Helm of alignment change
Provides a way to get it without cheating: now, HE also has it when you finally slay HIM.

5 - Reflection cloak tweaks: you can chose among
a - The cloak does not protect against the most powerful area spells, such as Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting
b - Original Cloak of Spell Reflection (SoA), which reflects the spells back on the opponent, but does not protect against any area spell

6 - Enhanced Nalia's ring
which also gives her +15 to stealth and hide, +10 to lockpicking, +5 to pickpocket and trap finding

7 - Daystar protects from level drain
I think that a weapon which was specifically created to fight the undead should also provide that

8 - Cespenar can improve the Daystar using the Tyr's Eye
This component is completely compatible with and independent from the 3rd one.
The improved Daystar is a +4/+6 weapon (instead of +2/+4), gives additional protection against undead, and some resistance to magic.
As there are now three different weapons which can be enhanced with the Tyr's Eye, and it is usually found quite late in the game, I've added an extra one...

9 - Shar Teel's proficiencies
I think that, due to her high DEX and low CON, she is much better if you give her one handed weapons and a shield; especially if you dual-class her into a thief, she will definitely need them.
This mod gives her the opportunity to change her proficiencies; as I plan to make a new component which gives Shar Teel a kit, there will be warnings about weapon-kit compatibilities.

10 - Enable bard class for elves - TOBEX included!
TOBex has two options only, in its customization component: enable all restrictions, or default only. I think that the former is excessive, but elves are a very 'musical' race, so they should be allowed to become bards.
You can't install this component after the bladesinger; reinstallation works regardless of the bladesinger kit being installed on top.

11 - Free action allows defensive spin
Fixes what I consider a bug in the fixpack, which protected the blades from their own defensive spin because it blocks their movement. This fix allows them to use the spell, and makes their movement penalty ignore free action.

12 - Turambar's revised thieving skills and spell learning XP reward table
As the rewards were really too high at low levels, BGT reduced them quite a lot. But the bonus is now really too low when you reach high levels.
My new table uses the BGT table for low levels, but the bonus increases until it reaches the original TOB amount.
The bonus for spell learning has been improved as well.

13 - Slow Drow item disintegration - TOBEX included! (MORE INFORMATION IN THE README (below)!)
This mod should fix and complete the similar mod from BG2Tweaks, which had many bugs and compatibility issue.
I'll try to describe all features in order:
- The mod should break any 'normal' drow item check, which means that drow items won't be destroyed whenever you reach the surface.
- Instead, every hour you spend in the sun, your items have a certain probability to crumble down.
- Whenever you use a drow item in combat, they could disintegrate as well; bolts could disintegrate as well, reducing their effects to very little damage (I could not completely prevent them from causing any damage due to engine limitations)
- Some spells, such as sunray, force all items to make an extra check or be disintegrated.

This mod also changes some area flags, which caused some underdark areas to be considered in the sunlight. As area files are stored in saved games, if you have already started a new game, you might need the...

     13 bis - Fix areas stored in saved games
This component is only available if you installed the previous one; it exports area patches from the previous component to all saved games.
Not installing that component could lead to drow weapons disintegrating in some areas where there should be no sunlight.
This component automatically backs up the save files.

14 - Dragons are not immune to backstabbing
Vanilla dragons have both a permanent effect of dispel invisibility and immunity to backstab. I believe, though, that 'immunity to backstab' means, that a creature has no weak points for anatomical reasons. This tweak only removes the 'immunity to backstab' opcode, so, if you find a way to sneak past the dragon, you'll be able to backstab him. You'll have to find a way to sneak, though...

15 - Pink Panther
for those who miss the pink panthers which could have appeared due to a bug in component 13...

group 3: New kits - some are required for the next group; all can be used for character creation; TOBex recommended
A better description of each kit is included in the README.

1 - Amazon (from TDD) - needed for one Shar-Teel subcomponent
Fighter kit; provides HP bonus, some special abilities such as charm animals, First Hit (great bonus to hit and damage for 1 round), Poison Weapon; favourite weapons are bow and spear, can't reach 5* proficiency with any other weapon.

2 - Priest of Shar (from TDD, revisited) - needed for Viconia
Cleric kit which provides extra illusion and necromancy spells and abilities; some restrictions for spells concerning light.

3 - Priest of Tempus (from NEJ, fixed) - needed for Branwen
Cleric kit which provides extra combat abilities and some extra innate spells, very useful in fighting.

4 - Bladesinger (from TDD, revised) - needed for one Keiria subcomponent - TOBex recommended
Bard kit; provides HP bonus, special combat abilities, combat bonuses, but has less lore than other bards, and no thieving skills.
If TOBex is not yet installed, or the bard class has not been activated for elves yet (through component 10 of group 2 or other mods), it will only allow this bard kit to be used by elves, and remove all other kits from the elves list.

group 4: BG1 kit project

These components give a kit to some BG1 NPCs; they also fix their equipment etc. to make it compatible with the kit. Components marked with * mean that the kit is included in group 3; it has to be installed before.

1 - Shar Teel: chose among Kensai and Amazon* (can choose weapon proficiencies)

2 - Viconia: priest of Shar*

3 - Branwen: priest of Tempus*

4 - Keiria (from DS): chose among Blade or Bladesinger* (both can choose weapon proficiencies)

5 - Will Scarlet O'Hara (from NT): skald

6 - Eldoth Kron: jester

If you like NPC kits, you can find an Assassin kit for Montaron in BG2 Tweaks

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