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Author: DrAzTiK
Language: English
Version: 3.2
OS platform: Windows
Homepage: non-existant, as of yet



3 components :
1 - Revisited fight vs Tazok & Dig_Dag.~
2 - Rebalancing a few generic creatures.(non spellcasters ORCS and OGRE)
3 - Rebalancing Tazok and Dig-Dag.

The main objectif of this little mod is to add a challenging and fun fight in Firkraag lair. in fact, it is really specialized.

I am a gamer one hundred percent but I like baldur's gate a lot so I have also  made this little mod to be a minimum familiar with some modding stuffs.

Surely experts in modding will find my coding really pathetic but I think my mod should work correctly. I have tested it on a big install without notice bugs.

I am open to critics and suggestion, for sure.
I also hope my english will not hurt your eyes too much.

Secondary objectif are :

- allow the players to fight in a big room or large espace. Always fighting in corridor in BG2 is so boring, don't you think ?
- have a "butchery fight", a bit like in TOB. If you don't like to be surrounded by many ennemy, maybe this mod is not for you.
- make some non-spellcaster creatures  a bit more challenging (while non cheated) using kit ability, having profeciency in weapons, etc.
- have challenging and charismatic boss.
- Have 100% compatibility and optimisation with Sword Coast stratagems II . (especially IA and More sensible choices of weapon proficiencies and kits for fighters components)
- Some optimisations with Item Revisions (especially potions revisions and Ardanis items re-allocation).
- Keep 100% content of the original game. I add some think but I don't remove a single one.
- Add a bit of fun dialogues and cutscenes.
- No big loots or new magicals items.


BuTcHeRy should be compatible with most other WeiDU mods.

I have personally tested my mod in a big install without notice problems...

I add a area script for AR1203 (Firkraag room). If some players think it can be a problem with some others mods, they are welcome to make me aware of this.


I hugely recommand to install SCS II (improved AI component).

You can install all my components before or after SCS II but considering :
- The SCS V16 component  "More sensible choices of weapon proficiencies and kits for fighters " turn TAZOK into a berseker.

==> I recommand to install my last component "Rebalancing Tazok and Dig-Dag" after SCSII . If you install my component before, nothing dangerous will happen but Tazok will get some berseker rages in additions to barbares ones.

My mod is not compatible with improved Firkraag from revisited batlles. (don't expect crash but an impossible fight)


1 - DrAzTiK revisited fight vs Tazok & Dig_Dag.~

==> I have always found the fight vs Tazok and Dig-Dag in Firkraag lair nothink more than a pathetic joke.

Obviously, Firkaag is supposed to be an optionel boss (like shadow dragon, and surely Faldorn too) umbeatable before Underdark. All banters and interjections suppose the party want to escape in front of Firkraag without thinking twice and come back later, really later.

So I assume Tazok and Dig Dag are supposed to be the boss of Firkaag lair and IMO the fight deserve to be a bit more challenging and fun.

With This component installed, the figt vs Tazok and Dig-Dag will now take place somewhere else. This component doesn't touch or tweak creatures at all except :
- A new script is added for Dig dag, letting him have some new dialogs and drink 2 potions before fighting.
- A new script is added to Tazok, allowing him to drink 2 potions before fighting.

Of course, this component also add some of my customs creatures and especially two fighters of my own composition. (with french soundsets sorry). They are here to protect Tazok and Dig Dag in the final fight.

2 - Rebalancing a few generic creatures.

This component alter "a bit" stats, weapons, profenciency of some generic fighters orcs and ogres. Most of them now have a barbarian or berseker kit, a weapon witch suit avatar etc.. but I ofen keep vanilla level. The list is :

OGRE01 ==> now Berserk level 5  (19STR, 19CONST, Morning Star+++)
ORC01  ==> now barbarian level 5 (19STR, 19CONST, AXE++)
ORC02  ==> now fighter level 5  (composite long bow +++)
ORC05 (orog)  ==> now barbarian level 7  (20STR, 20CONST, 2HS++)
ORC06 (orog) ==> now berserk level 7    (20STR, 20CONST, 2HS+++)

Except high score in STR and CONST, theses creatures have now same features and obey same rules in comparaison to others humanoides. (thac0, saves, hit point, kit bonus etc..), except they remain a bit slow, have a incredible moral and a good AC.

Most of the time you will find theses creatures only in Windspear Hills and Firkraag lair. I also add a lot of them in my mod. (that's why I build this component)

A component of SCSII (Improved Random Encounters) also use these creatures a lot. Be prepared ! Maybe BGSPAWN also use some of them.

I don't touch vanilla fighting scripts at all. So if you don't install SCS II Smarter general AI, creatures will not use kit ability.

Of course, I am open to critics about my balance.

3 - Rebalancing Tazok and Dig-Dag.

In vanilla we have :
- Tazok :   ORC Level 18 standart fighter.
- Dig Dag : ORC level 12 standart fighter.

This component  add a barbarian kit for Tazok and a Berserk Kit for Dig Dag and improve their level by one.( level 19 and 13)

This component is also cosmetic. Tazok is now a half ogre again (as in BG1) while Dig Dag take the big ORC avatar.

Equipement, stats and profenciency are tweaked a bit, especially for Dig-Dag.

//// Version History

V 1 - 11 november 2010

V 2 - 30 november 2010  
New feauture: French translation

V 3 - 1 march 2011
Better compatibility with SCS II ( especially More sensible choices of weapon proficiencies and kits for fighters component)

V 3.2 - 10 october 2011
Increase Tazok to level 19 barbarian
Add a magical armor to Tazok.
Increase Dig-Dag to level 13 Berseker
Decrease the number of Orcs spawn in final fight.

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