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  • 25 Jul 2015 Download Warsling Sniper Kit for Fighters
  • 25 Nov 2010 Download Warsling Sniper Kit

Download Warsling Sniper Kit for Fighters

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Now available for BG2, BG:EE, BG2:EE, and IWD:EE.
This is my interpretation of a prestige class from Races of Faerun that I've always found interesting. In BG I've made it a fighter kit.

The sling is a difficult weapon to master, but in the hands of a warsling sniper it becomes a precise tool of war. Although slings are commonly associated with and used by the hin, experts of the weapon may indeed come from any race.


- +1 bonus to hit and damage with missile weapons at first level and every 4 levels afterward
- At 10th level he gains the Improved Ricochet passive ability which allows all fired missiles to bounce off their primary target and hit one additional nearby foe


- May not specialize in any weapon other than the sling
- May not wear armor greater than studded leather
- Hit Die: d8

Version history:

v1.0: Initial release

- Updated mod to work with the Enhanced Editions
- Lowered hit die to d8 (only works on Enhanced Editions)
- Changed ability requisite from 9 DEX to 9 STR
- Changed dual-classing ability requisite from 15 DEX to 15 STR
- Updated file names to use new mod prefix
- v1.0 saves are *not* compatible with v2.0+

- Slightly increased Improved Ricochet damage
- Fixed a bug that caused Improved Ricochet not to work
- The above fix will not be applied to characters who have already
  reached level 10


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