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Pack Mule mod for Baldur's Gate 2, Baldur's Gate (1): Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition, Tutu, Baldur's Gate Trilogy, Classic Adventures
Version 1.4a
Creator:  Kwiat_W (kwiatw.e[at]gmail.com)
Languages supported: Polish, English, German, Italian, French
  I.   Overview
  II.  Installation and uninstallation
  III. Known issues
  IV.  Acknowledgments
  V.   Version history
This mod adds a pack mule to the game. It will follow your party around and carry your equipment for you. To access the mule's inventory, talk to it and select appropriate option. The mule will try to avoid combat. However, it will defend itself if forced to. It cannot die. When badly injured, the mule will escape the area of combat and return when it's safe.
If you ever lose your pack mule (or you forget where you left it), you can use the "Call your pack mule" special ability. You can also use it to summon the mule into places where it wouldn't normally follow you (inside buildings, sewers and other such areas).
IMPORTANT NOTE: The game will not recognize items the mule carries as being in party possession.
You can buy the mule from a guy named Stedd, who can be found near the northeast exit of Waukeen's Promenade or in the courtyard of the Friendly Arm Inn (if you are playing Tutu or BGT, or BGEE). Haggle with Stedd to buy the mule at the best possible price. If you start a new game in ToB, the pack mule will be waiting for you in the starting area.
In the mule's spell menu, you can find three abilities you can use quickly to give orders to your pack mule. Those abilities are:
- Follow: this orders the mule to follow your party around 
- Stop following: the mule stops following your party but will move with you to the next area
- Stay: the pack mule will become a neutral character (making it unselectable); it won't follow you and won't move to the next area until you talk to it and change this order
Install this mod after any mods that add outdoor or dungeon areas to the game.
To install the Pack Mule mod, extract the archive content to your game's main directory and run "install-w_packmule.exe".
To reinstall or uninstall the mod, run "install-w_packmule.exe" again.
Sometimes the pack mule's shadow can face other directions than the mule.
Thanks to:
Berelinde - for writing the "joining" dialogue
Miloch - for proofreading
ilot - for italian translation
Galathée - for french translation
Gerri - for german translation
Tools used in the creation of this mod:
WeiDU by Wes Weimer and the bigg - http://weidu.org/
DLTCEP by Avenger - http://forums.gibber...p?showforum=137
BAM Workshop 1 by Glenn Flansburg - http://www.sorcerers...dding/index.php
BAM Workshop 2 by Andrew Bidges - http://www.sorcerers...dding/index.php
1.4b (24.09.2017)
- updated to work with newest version of BG2EE
1.4a (15.06.2013)
- fixes for bugs introduced in version 1.4, that caused crashes in non-ee BG2
1.4 (09.06.2013)
- added support for BGEE and BG2EE (separate release for BGEE will be discontinued)
- non english translation should no longer crash BGEE
1.3a (26.04.2012)
- added russian translation by Lihtenshtein (arcanecoast.ru)
1.3 (26.07.2011)
- fixed bug with incorrect bag size
1.2 (29.03.2011)
- added german translation by Gerri
- hopefuly the "blue box" bug is fixed
1.1 (18.03.2011)
- added italian translation by ilot
- added french translation by Galathee
- Stedd can be now found in Saltmarsh if you have CLassic Adventures installed or in Kuldahar if you have IWD-in-BG2
1.0 (27.02.2011)
- Initial version of the mod

What's New in Version 1.4b (See full changelog)

  • 1.4b (24.09.2017)
  • - updated to work with newest version of BG2EE

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