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MosPack v0.92
by Yacomo

MosPack is a tiled image compressor for Infinity Engine games (like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape Torment).

MosPack is based on TisPack by Per Olofsson.

The engine's native format for tiled images is the uncompressed, 8-bit MOS format. MosPack converts MOS files into compressed MOZ files, compressing them down to about 7-35% depending on the content. The MOZ unpacker is then shipped together with the MOZ files, and the MOS files are unpacked during installation.

This utility is aimed at mod authors who wish to add new images in their mods, without having stupidly large downloads.

readme.txt This file.
manual.html The manual.
mozformat.html A description of the MOZ file format.
bin/* binaries for x86 Windows, AMD64 and i386 GNU/Linux, and x86-64 OS X.
source/* Source code.

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