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  • 22 Apr 2011 Download Swylif Thicc NPC

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Swylif Thicc NPC
by Lava Del'Vortel
version 1.0


Swylif Thicc is a svirfneblin sorcerer, who resides in Saradush. He's a mercenary, so to make him join you must... pay him! He may be considered a bit...insolent and mad. He's evil, but not in the way Edwin is.
NPC includes 5 timered talks, 2 fired by areas, 1 quest, some new items, a small area, 2 possible epilogues, banters with Bioware NPCs... Caution: this mod does not include lettuce, since Swylif hates lettuce.
He won't fight with other NPCs, however he may dislike some of them. You don't know what I mean? Join Edwin and see their banters.
However, he will get along with Aerie. Check it out!
...well, this mod isn't really serious. It was made in a week time... ok, fine... weekend! I needed something to get some rest from the other projects. Still, there is some content so it may be worth to try the mod at least once! I hope so... at least for the items!


As any other mod... really. Just unzip it to main BG2 directory, run setup.exe and feel the joy. Note joy does mean NO LETTUCE.


Author: Lava Del'Vortel (he's doomed - he does not fear lettuce at all)
Bam help: L'f (who was never asked about lettuce)
Proofreading: Izzy (who slays lettuce every morning)

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