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- - - - -

Resurrected igi's Spell System Adjustments Mod v7.1

+) Contents
1. About
2. (Un)Installation
3. Known Issues
4. Thanks to
5. Version History
6. Contact Details
7. The Imp Admits
8. Acknowledgement

+) Section 1. About
The igi's Spell System Adjustments Mod (evolved from the Spell Refresh Mod) contains several components to alter various mechanics of

The Spell Refresh components allow the casters to regain cast spells without the need to rest. This feature can reduce the requirement to rest
(avoiding the ludicrous situation where players rest habitually to regain lost spells). The feature also opens a new way of playing - normal
mages (and priests) can be played as a more flexible Sorcerer class, and new tactics are possible, as spells can become available mid-way
through a battle.
The Spell System Adjustments Mod allows mage spells, priest spells and innate abilities to be treated differently, and allows the player to
customise their experience. Spells are regained after a user-defined delays. And now there are several ways to determine that delay. The user
can choose either the Spells to be regained only after a successful casting is completed, or that they can be regained after any casting, even
if it was unsuccessful (e.g. the spell caster was hit while casting, and the spell was interrupted).

The components ask questions on the functionality of the determined delays, and after the delays are determined for each level, they are shown,
after which you can agree to them or refuse and the outcome determines if the component is installed, or not, the not agreeing results in a
error after which the component can be reinstalled or skipped.

I'll warn against too short timer delayes, as for example the timers will run even inside an active Time Stop spell effect, so it can lead into
a situation where a clever mage or an AI can stop the time... forever. :devil:
So, I'll warn against time limits that are less than 40 in the 9th level mage category. A good timer for them is from 5 minutes(240) to
40 minutes (1920) which should be the 8 game hours.

Also the spell that's restored this way is always the first memorized and awalable to be memorized spell of the same level as the casted one or
lower, in the case the mage already has their spell levels spell full from restoring via spell absorbtion spells(Spell Trap), or by other means.

There are also two components to reward spell-casting classes for exercising their primary ability (casting spells) with XP. Fighters gaining XP
for killing creatures is acceptable. Mages gaining XP for killing creatures is more questionable. This component aims to make a little more
sense, giving XP for casting spells. Mage and Priest spells are contained in separate components (Priests gaining XP for spell-casting doesn't
make as much sense as Mages gaining XP for spell-casting). The XP per spell cast can be set independently for each spell level, as can the
maximum amount of XP per spell (so the player cannot progress to level 40 just by casting Magic Missile a few trillion times in the starting
dungeon area).

Note that this mod can seriously affect game play, and that while the spell regain feature technically applies to enemy spell-casters, it would
relies upon correct scripting, which or may not be the case in the default game. But with mods like the SCS and SCSII, the enemy mages will use
this spell refresh for their advantage, although not self-consiously. So the permanent Time Stop feature is just an happy accident.

+) Section 2. (un)Installation
The Spell System Adjustments Mod is distributed using the WeiDU distribution package. To install, unzip the iiSpellSystemAdjustmentsxx.zip file
(where xx represents the version number of the release), to the BG2 main directory. Then run the "Setup-iiSpellSystemAdjustments.exe" file, and
follow the on-screen prompts.

To uninstall re-run the "Setup-iiSpellSystemAdjustments.exe" file, and follow the on-screen prompts, selecting "Uninstall" as required.

+) Section 3. Known Issues
The mod XP from spellcasting part of the mod makes use of the DPLAYER scripts, and therefore requires party AI to be switched on.
A large amount of script blocks are added the the game, which may cause possible slowdowns.

There shouldn't be any others... but some might creep up, so please inform me, if you run into errors in the contect point.

+) Section 4. Thanks to
Imp - Did nothing, really, well the copy paste was his doing but he did it totally off, and went to date it too
+ Wisp - Now we know it's your fault if this goes to the cheese as your observation made the coagulation happen
+ Igi - The Base of the mod
+ Avenger - DLTCEP
+ G3 - WeiDU patching code
+ Wes Weimer - WeiDU
+ IESDP - http://iesdp.gibberlings3.net/

+) Section 5. Version History
v7.1 [26.11.2011]
- Russian translation provided by prowler, and Silent!
- Updated to WeiDU 23100

The Resurrected v7 [21/09/2011]
- United install path to total of four different timer functions added
- Component amount reduced to 4, while still giving more options :D
- The calculated timers are shown before they are applied
- Re-.tra-fied the mod
- Readme's files made similar in all their incarnations
- The Clerical spell XP component retargeted to edit the SPPRxxxx spells, instead of the faulty SPWIxxxx
- Updated to WeiDU 22900

The Resurrected v6 [11/09/2011]
- Typo corrected that made the larger spell files effects weird and could even brake the game on their account.

The Resurrected v5 [13/06/2011]
- The refreshment is limited to the casted spells level
- The refresh limits above the 255 seconds now actually work
- The refresh limit now has two components, the base delay for level 1 spells, and level based delay index
The Spanish and Polish installation languages have become incomplete as the new strings need to be re-.tra-fied.

V5 [02/09/2007]
- Added Polish translation (Thanks yarpen)
- Updated view readme code
- Updated to WeiDU 200

V4 [01/06/2007]
- Fixed bug limiting refresh delay to 255 or below
- Fixed bug causing install failures
- Removed 'Refresh Innates' components (as they could never work)

V3 [11/11/2006]
- Renamed mod to Spell System Adjustments
- Offer the option to refresh Innate abilities
- Added XP for casting components (Mage and Priest spells)

V2 [13/10/2006]
- Added Spanish translation (Thanks Immortality)

V1 [24/09/2006]
- Initial Release

+) Section 6. Contact Details
Feedback, comments, queries, questions and suggestion should be sent to Jarno Mikkola

+) Section 7. The Imp Admits.
Yes, the base of this mod was made by Igi a long time ago and as the above tools have become more through, the mod now has more room to fill
without bugs.
Thanks to Igi's notes in the .tp2 file, I have been able to make it better in my view and so I hope that my overtake of the code and the
support is allowed... Which Igi has in the past allowed... but if he wishes, to continue this or my version gone, I have no problems with it,
nor do I have any arguments if anyone else wants to take this and make their own version, or use any parts of it on their own work/use.
Also my French and Polish skills are smaller than the field mices, so I build the installer around the English translation and the v4,
if there is someone able to translate the setup.tra file to any other language than Finnish and English, I have re-tra'ffed the installer and
given .tra file so it can be used to make the translation of the entire mod.

+) Section 8. The acknowledgement.
Igi is back, and his mods, including the v1-v5 of this one can be found in http://iimods.com/
So this is the "pirate version" of the mod, still it will try eventually to become the official version, if Igi likes it, and why would he not.

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