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  • Submitted: Aug 18 2011 11:09 PM
  • Last Updated: Apr 27 2012 09:30 PM
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  • 21 Jan 2012 Download The One Drizzt v1.4
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  • 21 Aug 2011 Download The One Drizzt v1.2
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Download The One Drizzt v1.41

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Hi, I'm player of BGT
First of all, I do not speak English well. So, I hope do not misunderstand my words, please.
I always want a Drizzt can be raised at game.
When I meet Drizzt at first time, his level is 15(Drizztsage set).
He is only useful in ninehell.
If I travel in BG1 with him, he is so strong to me enjoying the game.
Then, It is easy to make the game loose.
So, I create this mod.
In summary, I combine the Drizzt from in Drizztsaga and in Region of Terror.
Now, you can travel with Drizzt from BG1 to BG2.
You can keep Drizzt level and inventory to BG2.
Detailed introduction is in readme.

Enjoy making Drizzt.

*Fixed Drizzt's voice and biograph
*Fixed problem cutting ROT cutscene in Irenicus's Dungeon 2nd Floor
*Adding dilogue at first meet
*Enable to equip and unequip the weapon(in case, he dies and need to give them to him)
*Change the panther into of Drizztsaga(A Panther of ROT has a bug)
*Fixed elminster's infinity return to Icewind Dale bug(must keep the Abyssal Idol)
*Fixed Catti-Brie's voice
*Add Spanish translation
v1.3 Sloved Install bugs
v1.2 Add Russian translation
v1.1 When you meet Drizzt at first, he equipped normal scimitar. Twinkle and Icingdeath will be get while you travel at Icewind Dale.
v1.0 Release

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