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"Love is passion. Passion is fleeting. And such ephemeral things are those we hold the closest and cherish the most. Each moment is precious, for it may very well be the last. 'Tis not to be feared, my raven, for such fading beauty is the fate of all life, of all things, of all hopes. Neither fret for tomorrow, nor regret yesterday, but live for today."

The Haer'Dalis Romance for Baldur's Gate II allows female PCs to explore a deeper relationship with our dear sparrow. Though the tielfing bard has roamed the Planes and basked in the dark beauty of Sigil's street for decades, his experience with the Prime is limited, and his curiosity about both this new world and his new leader is great indeed. PCs are given the freedom to choose just how close they wish to get to this mysterious Planeswalker, though Haer'Dalis may find hesitant PCs all the more alluring for their reluctance. Regardless of what exactly the PC is looking for, there is a fair chance this skilled actor can fill whatever role she desires.

The mod is open to females of any race, alignment and class, and features a large number of talks on a wide range of topics. Though he is neither foolish nor cruel, Haer'Dalis loves mischief, dramatic public displays and arguments, and the mod reflects this by often providing more content to PCs who do not always agree with the bard. Content spans both SoA and ToB, and have a variety of paths and epilogues.


v2.1 now with BGII:EE compatibility!

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