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****author: Lava Del'Vortel*****
*********version: 4.0***********
1. Instroduction:
This rather small mod adds some dialogues for Valygar Corthala. Some may consider it a "mini-friendship". It includes 9 talks for SoA and 3 talks for ToB.
I decided to create the mod, because I felt there's something more about Valygar, that he's not telling us something... What's more, he surely deserves something more than 1 'while-adventuring' talk.
I tried to make the talks in character. I don't say it's perfect, but I did my best.
2. Installation:
As any WeiDU mod. Un-zip the archive to your Baldur's Gate directory and click Setup-LaValygar.exe
3. Components:
For now, there are 2 components - one adds the new talks (main component) and the second is a slightly changed portrait. The main change is similar to Miloch's changes (the armour colour). A minor change is making his eyes a bit bigger. However, most people won't probably realize that this kind of change took place. The last change is the new shade of the sky.
4. Credits:
Dialogues: Lava
Proofreading: Zyraen, Izzy
Portrait: Lava (inspired by Miloch, though)
Traification: Aldark
I'd like to thank all those people who play my mods, and those who will give this small mod a chance. You're great guys!
5. Notes:
-Timered talks will fire after completing Planar Sphere quest
-In SoA there are 2 talks fired by location
-Don't expect all talks to appear in the same time. Some of them will appear after the Irenicus escape of Spellhold
-I have never used Valygar Romantique. If you use both my mod and VR, both paths will appear in the game. It may be a bit messy.
6. Version history:
December 2011 - v1.0:
-Initial release
August 2012 - v2.0:
-traification and Russian translation by ArcaneCoast. Thanks!
August 2013 - v3.0:
-Polish translation by Cahir. Thanks!
-fixed some typos; thanks hook71!
January 2015 - v4.0:
-Update for BG2EE

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