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Joinable NPC Mods

Forum for all Joinable NPC Mods hosted here at SHS.



[D/L] [Info] A renegade Zhentarim sorcerer with a taste for decadence.

  • 38 topics
  • 386 replies
Adrian and high reputation - last post by grainne6


[D/L] [Info] A quick-witted, sarcastic romanceable human druid.

  • 22 topics
  • 224 replies
Arath - TOB talks stalled? - last post by Keiawyn

Aura (EE)

[D/L] [Info] An optimistic gnome artificer from the islands of Lantan.

  • 2 topics
  • 0 replies
Introduction: Aura - last post by Artemius I

Beyond the Law

[D/L] [Info] Half-elves Kova (mage/thief), Kiyone (archer) and their quest.

  • 86 topics
  • 522 replies


  1. Chloe BETA room,
  2. Chloe Trans Workroom

[D/L] [Info] Female-romanceable kensai with a competitive disposition. (SoA)

  • 247 topics
  • 2170 replies
Granting permission to cont... - last post by Lucythebeast


[D/L][Info] Wry, sarcastic CN romanceable female bounty hunter.

  • 17 topics
  • 139 replies
Dace updates to v5 with bug... - last post by jastey


  1. Darian Workroom

[D/L] [Info] Aloof warrior from the mysterious, enigmatic Avariel elves.

  • 35 topics
  • 764 replies
Instalation Error - last post by jastey

Drake (EE)

[D/L] [Info] A cynical and wry Amnian priest of Tyr in service to the Order of the Radiant Heart.

  • 2 topics
  • 0 replies
Introduction: Drake - last post by Artemius I


  1. Fade ToB Beta-testing

[D/L] [Info] Fiery, romanceable tiefling thief with a fantastic sense of humour.

  • 125 topics
  • 1041 replies
The Dreaded Bugs Thread... - last post by jastey


  1. Faren Workroom

[D/L] [Info] Easygoing, romanceable fighter/thief with a taste for adventure!

  • 63 topics
  • 397 replies
EET Compatability? - last post by Sergio


  1. Hubelpot Workroom,
  2. Hubelpot Beta-testing

[D/L] [Info] An eccentric human druid for when you're in need of a good cook.

  • 336 topics
  • 2697 replies
  • Protected Forum
  • By cmorgan


[D/L] [Info] [BGEE|BGT|TuTu] [BG2] Earnest, engaging female paladin of Sune.

  • 68 topics
  • 490 replies
Review - last post by Sergio


[D/L] [Info] Arrogant and sarcastic human monk with a dislike for Bhaalspawn.

  • 35 topics
  • 158 replies
Iylos version 2.6 with EET,... - last post by Arthas

Luxley Family

  1. Luxleys Beta-testing

[D/L] [Info] Human cousins Sebastian (playwright) and Andrei (monk).

  • 64 topics
  • 244 replies
Installation error - last post by n2nw


  1. Nathaniel TOB Beta-testing

[D/L] [Info] A serious, male-romanceable human kensai from Baldur's Gate.

  • 142 topics
  • 635 replies


[D/L] [Info] A scathingly witty, romanceable female necromancer!

  • 55 topics
  • 365 replies
Bug Reports - last post by Nijel


[D/L] [Info] A cheerful, motherly halfling Cleric of Yondalla.

  • 19 topics
  • 85 replies
Not voiced? - last post by jastey

Pai'Na (EE)

[D/L] [Info] The mysterious and territorial half-drow hivemaster in the Graveyard, now a joinable party member.

  • 2 topics
  • 0 replies
Introduction: Pai'Na - last post by Artemius I

Sirene (EE)

[D/L] [Info] A faithful yet conflicted female tiefling paladin of Ilmater.

  • 5 topics
  • 27 replies
Sirene NPC for BG:EE and BG... - last post by maus


  1. Tashia Workroom,
  2. Tashia Playtesting

[D/L] [Info] Romanceable elven sorceress with a penchant for puzzles.

  • 497 topics
  • 3212 replies


[D/L] [Info] Bring Yeslick, the BG1 dwarven cleric, into BGII.

  • 5 topics
  • 50 replies
Yeslick NPC uptaded to v3.0 - last post by Gwendolyne


[D/L] [Info] An honourable, steadfast and loyal human monk.

  • 32 topics
  • 267 replies


[D/L] [Info] An evil, malicious drow assassin/mage.

  • 38 topics
  • 149 replies
Xulaye bug - last post by Sergio


  1. Valerie workroom.

[D/L] [Info] [BGEE|BGT|TuTu] A studious, dedicated sorceress from the Cowled Wizards of Amn.

  • 37 topics
  • 257 replies
Minor bug with dialogue bre... - last post by Greenhorn