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Content Expansion and Non-Joinable Character Mods

Forum for all Expansion mods and projects that add new individual characters (traders, non-joinable followers) hosted here at SHS.


Almateria's Restoration Project

[D/L] [Info] Restores things that were in the game, but for some reason didn't make the final cut.

  • 6 topics
  • 566 replies
General discussion - last post by zelazko

Aurora's Shoes

  1. Aurora's Shoes Workroom

[D/L] [Info] Adds a unique store and its friendly proprietor to Athkatla.

  • 220 topics
  • 2219 replies
Misc. fixes - last post by Miloch

BG1 NPCs for SoA & ToB

[D/L] [Info] The new district of Athkatla (Water Gardens), as well as the old companions from BG1, who are back with you!

  • 2 topics
  • 264 replies
BG1 NPCs for SoA & ToB - last post by Nathan82

Djinni Companion

[D/L] [Info] A djinni and faithful traveling companion throughout BG2, BG2:EE or IWD:EE.

  • 3 topics
  • 137 replies
General Discussion - last post by Argent77

Edwin Romance

  1. Edwin Romance Workroom

[D/L] [Info] [Link] Now everyone's favourite Red Wizard is romanceable!

  • 409 topics
  • 4284 replies
Edwin Romance updated to 4.0 - last post by jastey

Haer'Dalis Romance

[D/L] [Info] Can you find love and companionship in this sparrow's embrace?

  • 30 topics
  • 494 replies
Bug Report Thread - last post by jastey

Jerry Zinger Show

  1. Behind the Scenes : The Jerry Zinger Show

[D/L] [Info] The newest talk show craze with rave reviews!

  • 54 topics
  • 556 replies
The Jerry Zinger Show updat... - last post by Gwendolyne

Longer Road

[D/L] [Info] [Link] Redeem your arch-nemesis - Jon Irenicus - in ToB.

  • 302 topics
  • 2694 replies
The Longer Road 2.0.x - com... - last post by ALIEN

Mod for the Wicked

  1. The Mod for the Wicked Workroom

[D/L] [Info] Adds new evil quests, NPCs and roleplaying options!

  • 85 topics
  • 1544 replies
Mod for the Wicked: EET Com... - last post by jastey

Neera Expansion (EE)

[D/L] [Info] Extra content for BG:EE's wildest mage, Neera.

  • 6 topics
  • 6 replies
Neera Expansion updated to... - last post by ALIEN


  1. IEP Extended Banters,
  2. Cernd Friendship,
  3. Dorn Friendship (EE),
  4. Haer'Dalis Friendship,
  5. Hexxat Friendship (EE),
  6. Imoen Friendship,
  7. Korgan Friendship,
  8. Mazzy Friendship,
  9. Minsc Friendship,
  10. Valygar Friendship,
  11. Viconia Friendship,
  12. Yoshimo Friendship,
  13. Sarevok Friendship

[D/L] [Info] Adds friendships, interjections and banter to the Bioware NPCs!

  • 155 topics
  • 1020 replies
Cernd Friendship now available - last post by ALIEN


  1. Redemption Workroom

[D/L] [Info] [Link] Redeem Irenicus at the end of ToB.

  • 218 topics
  • 1257 replies

Sarevok Romance

[D/L] [Info] Murderer, manipulator, enemy... potential lover?

  • 25 topics
  • 305 replies
Bug Report Thread - last post by jastey

Skip Chateau Irenicus

[D/L] [Info] Provides a sensible shortcut to quickly escape from Irenicus' Dungeon.

  • 3 topics
  • 52 replies
General discussion - last post by Isewein

Spellhold Gauntlet

[D/L] [Info] An alternative, shorter route through Spellhold.

  • 19 topics
  • 118 replies
Forcing the apparition to a... - last post by Sergio