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Mega Modifications

Forum for all modifications that are part of the definition of mega-modification, i.e. BGT, TDD, SoS, TS, NeJ, RoT, CtB, BP and related mods here at SHS.


Big Picture

  1. BP WorkRoom

[D/L] [Info] AI enhancements and tweaks for mega-modification mods.

  • 1274 topics
  • 10574 replies
Abazigal death bug - last post by Roxanne


[D/L] [Info] Baldur' Gate Trilogy-WeiDU brings BG to the BGII engine.

  • 2096 topics
  • 18706 replies
BGT Imoen level bug - last post by WanderingScholar

Check the Bodies

[D/L] [Info] Loads of class specific quests, items and spells!

  • 384 topics
  • 2469 replies
Version of CtB? - last post by hideyuki

Infinity Animations

[D/L] [Info] Support for additional animation slots with compatibility in mind.

  • 109 topics
  • 1317 replies
Animation Listings - last post by Gwendolyne

Mega Mod Help

[D/L] [Info] Support for installations with 2+ mega-modification mods.

  • 4358 topics
  • 52939 replies

Shadows Over Soubar

[D/L] [Info] New areas and quests with new items and NPCs.

  • 196 topics
  • 957 replies
Scripting practrices - last post by Roxanne


[D/L] [Info] Enlarged world map for mega-modification installs.

  • 157 topics
  • 1141 replies
Broken download link - last post by Wisp