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Tweaks, Rule Changes and Additions

Forum for all Tweaks as well as other mods that affect rules, classes, scripts and other mechanics of the game hosted here at SHS.


AC's Miscellaneous Tweaks

[D/L] [Info] A motley collection of tweaks for all Baldur's Gate games, classic or enhanced.

  • 1 topics
  • 55 replies
AC's Miscellaneous Tweaks - last post by Graion Dilach

Artemius' Tweaks (EE)

[D/L] [Info] Adaptations and additions to Baldur's Gate, including dialogues, NPC kits and mechanic changes.

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  • 0 replies
Artemius' House Tweaks... - last post by Artemius I


[D/L] [Info] A pen & paper Tweak Pack.

  • 114 topics
  • 1516 replies
Full compatibility with BGEE - last post by Isewein

Golem Construction (EE)

[D/L] [Info] Allow spellcasters to build their own golems.

  • 4 topics
  • 103 replies
Overview - last post by Argent77

Hidden Kits

[D/L] [Info] Hidden Kits for PCs when dualling and for NPCs after quests.

  • 19 topics
  • 155 replies
Compatible with RR and Refi... - last post by Vlan

Hidden Options (EE)

[D/L] [Info] Reveals hidden gameplay options within EE games.

  • 2 topics
  • 7 replies
Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options - last post by Argent77

Kit Mods

[D/L] [Info] Forum for kit mods hosted here at Spellhold Studios.

  • 4 topics
  • 4 replies
Bardic Wonders for BG:EE, B... - last post by Greenhorn

Nostalgia Pack

[D/L] [Info] Putting the BG back into BG:EE.

  • 1 topics
  • 20 replies
Nostalgia Pack - last post by Andrea C.

Psionics Unleashed

[D/L] [Info] Adds a new psionic class to BG2, BGT & TuTu.

  • 19 topics
  • 106 replies


[D/L] [Info] Adds fixes, tweaks, new HLA tables and a new kit to BGII.

  • 293 topics
  • 5996 replies
Refinements HLAs, modulariz... - last post by subtledoctor

Rogue Rebalancing

  1. Rogue Rebalancing Workroom

[D/L] [Info] Brings thieves and bards closer to their P&P counterparts.

  • 253 topics
  • 2398 replies
Problems with Rogue Rebalan... - last post by nwhaxyz

Shadow Magic (EE)

[D/L] [Info] Master the powerful and dangerous Shadow Weave, complete with spells, items and encounters.

  • 5 topics
  • 2 replies
In Progress: Thultanthar -... - last post by Endarire

Sir BB's Revisions

[D/L] [Info] Sir BillyBob's revised mods, including Arnel's Nalia Romance.

  • 25 topics
  • 79 replies
Arnel's Nalia Romance R... - last post by Avalon


[D/L] [Info] Semi-Multi-Mod/Ritual Mod adds several magical classes.

  • 20 topics
  • 88 replies

The bigg House

  1. The Bigg Quest Pack,
  2. The Bigg Tweaks,
  3. Mazzy the Paladin,
  4. Stivan the Hunter

[D/L] [Info] Several tweak mods by the bigg.

  • 101 topics
  • 530 replies
EE-compatible beta release - last post by agris


[D/L] [Info] BGII EXE modification utility.

  • 180 topics
  • 3090 replies
TobEx AfterLife - last post by Salk

Xyx's Stuff

[D/L] [Info] Collection of player scripts and minimods by Xyx.

  • 8 topics
  • 41 replies
xParty 1.4 discussion - last post by Xyx

Yovaneth's Scripts

  1. Yovaneth's Scripts - BGI,
  2. Yovaneth's Scripts - BGII,
  3. Yovaneth's Scripts - IWDI,
  4. Yovaneth's Scripts - IWDII

[D/L] [Info] AI scripts for BG, BGII, IWD and IWDII.

  • 30 topics
  • 69 replies
Ritual Scroll and the Impri... - last post by The Imp