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Inactive Projects

Archives for all abandoned, dead or forever unfinished projects.


Athkatlan Grounds

[D/L] [Info] Walk the Athkatlan Grounds in the search of new adventures and places to save.

  • 4 topics
  • 56 replies
Moving to a new place - last post by Lava Del'Vortel


  1. Brythe Workroom

[D/L] [Info] Mass-murderer who spent 63 years in jail: can you accept him?

  • 21 topics
  • 206 replies
Progress?? - last post by EpitomyofShyness


  1. Chrysta Workroom

[D/L] [Info] The mysterious, romanceable assassin/druid in Chateau Irenicus.

  • 112 topics
  • 1469 replies

Colours of Infinity

[D/L] [Info] Mysterious quests, a new NPC and new challenges!

  • 119 topics
  • 885 replies
Moving to a new place - last post by Lava Del'Vortel

Imoen Relationship

[D/L] [Info] Adds a deeper relationship with the PC's sister, Imoen.

  • 48 topics
  • 1783 replies
Imoen Relationship MOD - last post by Eric P.


[D/L] [Info] An irresistibly charming human Swashbucker - son of Aran Linvail.

  • 30 topics
  • 605 replies
Introducing the Khadion NPC... - last post by Sergio

Mage Trio

  1. Larz Workroom,
  2. Morul Workroom,
  3. Nara Workroom

[D/L] [Info] Non-public workforum for the Mage Trio.

  • 627 topics
  • 4498 replies

Mazzy Romance

  1. Mazzy Romance Workroom

[D/L] [Info] Romance the lovely halfling Mazzy Fentan of Trademeet!

  • 36 topics
  • 446 replies
Mazzy Romance Now Complete! - last post by BCaesar


[D/L] [Info] Wise-cracking thief seeking Bhaalspawn for friendship/casual fling.

  • 6 topics
  • 19 replies
Progress Report - last post by Pixel Kaiser

Return to Windspear

[D/L] [Info] Partial conversion. Travel to Windspear once more.

  • 63 topics
  • 1685 replies
download link ? - last post by Gwendolyne


  1. Silmarillion Workroom

[D/L] [Info] Experience the world of Tolkien in a new way!

  • 66 topics
  • 514 replies
Valasse Workthread - last post by micbaldur

Valen Expansion

[D/L] [Info] A project to expand the Weimer-created Valen mod.

  • 29 topics
  • 956 replies
[Release] Valen Mod For Enh... - last post by Lassal

Wilson Chronicles (EE)

[D/L] [Info] "Roar grr. Rff, snufflesnort growl."

  • 2 topics
  • 17 replies
Moving to a new place - last post by Lava Del'Vortel