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#613906 Issue in ToB part (EET) when spawning Nephele.

Posted by Yakkuz on 03 October 2022 - 11:41 AM in Nephele

Thank you very much!

#612795 Silver Star NPC updated to v2.0.0 (EE compatible)

Posted by Yakkuz on 03 August 2022 - 05:05 AM in Mod Resurrections

Hi, Mordekaie! I am eager to look on your notes on EET install (trying the same, but due to time constraints my "definitive" install in on hiatus).

By the way:

1) It's an old mod and I've not played she extensively but she seems interesting. Loved her odd behaviour and comments in Irenicus's Dungeon. Don't know if she will become boring in the future. Don't know if is an NPC you wann keep all the way long.
2) Here insane personality is appealing and is suppose she will be a nice addition in an Evil playthrough, consider her very chaotic and erratic.
3) If you're not planning on using/summoning her in ToB part, don't use my fork: it's not official (just a proof of concept to try to fix the bugs) and it didn't add/fix anything to SoA part of the game.


#612725 Issue in ToB part (EET) when spawning Nephele.

Posted by Yakkuz on 17 July 2022 - 09:20 AM in Nephele


When starting a fresh ToB campaign in EET (haven't checked if you start from SoA, but I suppose it's the same), if you try to summon Nephele at the Fate Spirit dialogue it didn't work as planned and no NPC.

I already opened an issue on github (here: https://github.com/S...le_NPC/issues/1), it probably went unnoticed, so I am doubling here.

The problem seems to be related to the EET_transition block set in Nephele main tp.


      type = 2 // BG2 NPC without BG1 content (transition to ToB if joined party at least once in SoA)
      default_ToB = 1 //controls if NPC should be spawnable in ToB when the game has been started in ToB (no by default - 0)
      dv = "NEPHELE" //Death Variable (script name) of the NPC (must be the same in BG1/SoD/BG2/ToB)
      override_SoA = "LK#NEPH" //name of the override NPC script in SoA
      override_ToB = "LK#NE25" //name of the override NPC script in ToB
      dialog_ToB = "LK#NE25" //name of the dialogue file used after spawning NPC in ToB
	  SummonedVar = "LK#NepheleSummoned" // global that will be used to track if Nephele has been summoned (used by EET Fate Spirit code, also used by lk#ne25.baf to trigger initial dialogue with PC)
	  SpawnPlaneVar = "LK#NepheleSummoned" // global that will be used to track if Nephele has been summoned (used by EET Fate Spirit code, also used by lk#ne25.baf to trigger initial dialogue with PC)
	  cre_ToB = "LK#NE25" // if Nephele was not in the party before ToB, this CRE will be created when she is summoned by Fate Spirit

"SpawnPlaneVar" should not use the same var name of "SummonedVar".  I've done a quick edit and check in game changing it to the consistent
SpawnPlaneVar = "LK#NepheleSummoned" and it seems to fix the problem.



#612645 Northern Tales of the Sword Coast

Posted by Yakkuz on 20 June 2022 - 05:18 AM in NTotSC

Hi! If converting them in ANSI with notepad++ is enough, here you are: Attached File  italian plus new commits by Improbabile converted in ANSI.zip   517.42K   33 downloads

If Improb@bile is not currently available, as soon as I have a bit of time I could translate the new lines in italian for v. 5.00.

#612628 Silver Star NPC updated to v2.0.0 (EE compatible)

Posted by Yakkuz on 14 June 2022 - 08:01 AM in Mod Resurrections

Hello! I have no idea if the resurrected mod is still mantained, but I have a few bugs to report, all in ToB part of the game (tested on BG2EE and EET).

a) When summoned in ToB, she's duplicated: summoned by fatespirit.dlg at first, then after initial dialogue and joining, she's summoned again and leveled up by AR4500.bcs in pocket plane;

b) She has no new dialogue assigned in ToB in pdialog.2da, expecially the one regarding kicking out/rejoining, so after being kicked out of the party she came closer but could not initiate dialogue again and rejoin. The dialogue file specific to ToB exist and it's correctly created: D#Si25P, just not assigned;

c) When she leaves the party, she just do "EscapeArea" and it's odd for two reasons: exiting the area and going to Pocket Plane on foot (really?) and exiting the area to be instantly teleported back at the center of Pocket Plane if she's ALREADY in Pocket Plane.

I've forked the repository and messing a bit with the code I hopefully corrected (and commented) the bugs, probably in a far than elegant way (I am at my first attempts with IE modding), anyway, if you wanna check, elaborate or merge: https://github.com/F...Silver_Star_NPC

In details:

a) Removed "createcreature" and stuff from fatesp.dlg, letting AR4500.bcs handling all the summoning and exp;

b) Edited main-component.tpa to append Silver Star dialogues in ToB as follows (I reused SoA dialogue in all the cases where there aren't specific ones, don't know if it is the correct way to act or I should have put "****" there).

/* -------------------------------------------------- *
 *  Appending Silver Star dialogue files to the game  *
 * -------------------------------------------------- */

// BG2 game without ToB
// --------------------
APPEND ~pdialog.2da~  ~D#Silver   D#SILVP    D#SILVER~ UNLESS ~D#Silver~ UNLESS ~25POST~
APPEND ~interdia.2da~ ~D#Silver   BSILVER    D#SILVER~ UNLESS ~D#Silver~ UNLESS ~25FILE~

APPEND ~pdialog.2da~  ~D#Sbansh   D#SbansP   D#Sbansh   D#Sbansh~ UNLESS ~D#Sbansh~ UNLESS ~25POST~
APPEND ~interdia.2da~ ~D#Sbansh   D#Sbansh~ UNLESS ~D#Sbansh~ UNLESS ~25FILE~

// ToB based game
// --------------
APPEND ~pdialog.2da~  ~D#Silver   D#SILVP    D#SILVER    D#SILVER    D#SI25P    D#SILVER    D#SILVER    D#SILVER~ UNLESS ~D#Silver~ IF ~25POST~
// It was identical to line 352, missing in particular D#SI25P
APPEND ~interdia.2da~ ~D#Silver   BSILVER    D#SILVER~ UNLESS ~D#Silver~ IF ~25FILE~

APPEND ~pdialog.2da~  ~D#Sbansh   D#SbansP   D#Sbansh   D#Sbansh   D#SbansP   D#Sbansh   D#Sbansh   D#Sbansh~ UNLESS ~D#Sbansh~ IF ~25POST~
APPEND ~interdia.2da~ ~D#Sbansh   D#Sbansh   D#Sbansh~ UNLESS ~D#Sbansh~ IF ~25FILE~


c) Edited silverp.d portion related to ToB with conditions: If dismissed in PocketPlane, she could only be asked to wait there, If in any other place, she could be asked to wait there or to wait in Pocket Plane and she will then be telepoted there with    

MoveBetweenAreas("AR4500",[1999.1318],0)~ EXIT

Not just exiting the Area by feet.

I've tested the changes in BG2EE and EET and they seems to work, not generating new problems.

I cannot test them in original SoA+ToB, I am unable to get either 2.0.0 version working there, I don't know why, maybe Tobex is a prerequisite or the mod could not be installed on non-enhanced versions of the game?