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#464032 IE games and NVidia Series 8 video cards

Posted by W. Irving on 30 September 2009 - 11:16 PM in IE Help

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, that doesn't fix it. Just in case, I've also tried turning the sounds off altogether, but it doesn't have any effect on performance.

So far, I've experienced slowdowns when:
  • hovering the mouse over doors and containers
  • killing creatures (not fighting, just the dropping dead animation)
  • auto-scrolling conversations (?) - this one's a bit weird and nowhere near as drastic as the container thing
  • unfortunately I don't have any spells to test, since my old saves are invalidated by the widescreen mod
Also, the slowdown vanishes when I stop pointing doors, and returns stronger when I do it again. I suppose there's some sort of memory leak, but how? What's so special about a simple change of container's color?

#463942 Translating PS:T Fixpack, UB & QTweaks

Posted by W. Irving on 30 September 2009 - 01:59 AM in PS:T Fixpack

Done. It's far from perfect, but I think it's good enough. Also no readmes, since I figure anyone who gets to this mod knows English well enough, and the main role of the translation is to avoid immersion-breaking, out of character language mixing.

Now, if only I could deal with the slowdowns, I could play it properly... Does anyone even look in the Nvidia problems topic in the IE general help forum anymore? I'd appreciate some reply, even if just telling me to rtfm, actually.

edit:very minor change

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#463485 IE games and NVidia Series 8 video cards

Posted by W. Irving on 24 September 2009 - 07:17 AM in IE Help


I've ran into some weird behavior too, one I think hasn't been mentioned in this thread.

I have PS:T installed with Bigg's Widescreen mod, ghostdog's UI, the nvidia fix and all of Qwinn's mods.

I have transparency turned off altogether and I get no glitches except for sometimes-boxish fog of war, but with that I can live. I've also had the walking sideways/backwards issue but that was fixed by turning software mirroring on, without any noticeable performance loss. Other software rendering options are off.

My problem is that performance drops drastically whenever I highlight any door or container. After starting the game, everything seems normal, but then it gets worse and worse, up to unplayable, each time a container is highlighted. Turning any of the software rendering options on or off doesn't affect this in any way, except for 'resetting' the game so it's normal for a while and then starts to freak out each time I try to open anything.

Otherwise, the performance is great even with software mirroring turned on. But as soon as I touch something, it all goes to hell.

Is there any nVidia or compatibility setting I could try to remedy this? Nothing I've tried so far has worked.

I'm running 64-bit Win7 RC with 9600M graphic card and 186.03 drivers.


edit: it also slows down when dropping bodies. i suppose there's some kind of connection between the dying and container animations?

#463451 Translating PS:T Fixpack, UB & QTweaks

Posted by W. Irving on 24 September 2009 - 01:07 AM in PS:T Fixpack

Hey Qwinn

I've just finished XPDeionarra.tra, so I'm basically done with the Polish translation. I want to polish it up a bit so I'm going to give it a few days of rest and then proofread the whole thing for spelling errors or sloppy grammar. I'll post all the files then.

#461414 Translating PS:T Fixpack, UB & QTweaks

Posted by W. Irving on 06 September 2009 - 08:09 AM in PS:T Fixpack

Thanks, that cleared things up a bit.

As for the Dak'kons blades. If I'm not mistaken, Dak'kon's morale affects the type of the blade (whether it's the Streaming Blade, Chained Blade or the Kinslayer) and his level affects its power (+1, +2 and +3 versions). As I understand it, the fixpack replaces all three power versions of the Streaming Blade and the final two of the Chained Blade (+2 and +3), while the Kinslayer remains unaffected. I find it fitting that the descriptions should be affected by the growing power of the blade, as they do in dialog.tlk, but not in the fixpack.tra, where descriptions differ just between the different blades, but not between respective power levels.

In fact, in Polish translation it's even more complicated - it's quite obvious that different versions of the blade were translated by at least two different people. The English desriptions all start with the same paragraph about Limbo and end with one about parchments wound around the hilt. In Polish, the paragraphs have basically the same meaning, but are worded differently across the different versions. Phrases that refer to memorising additional spells are worded differently, too, as is the name of the blade itself (it's either 'dakkon's zerth blade' or 'dakkon's zerth sword').

I decided to unify the wording of sentences which are obviously meant to be the same, but leave different descriptions of blade's power intact. I hope I'm not being too pedantic.

P.S. Note that the files you're translating are still version 3.0... at some point I'm going to have to put together the new stuff for version 4.0. Shouldn't be that much, nowhere near what you've translated already, but will you be available for those when the time comes?

Possibly. It depend on the workload in this academic year, it's time for physical chemistry and that's nothing to laugh at.

edit: it may be a bit simplistic, but when translating Anna's MorteTeeth dialogue I thought about a good name for Carver - Kosa, it means a scythe but in Polish (as well as sigilan-polish) slang it also means any knife and is usually associated with low, dirty murders.

#461270 Translating PS:T Fixpack, UB & QTweaks

Posted by W. Irving on 05 September 2009 - 08:13 AM in PS:T Fixpack

So want to translate all three mods into Polish.

First let me say that I have done both fixes and tweaks and that they install fine on the Polish 4cd version. I haven't tested much, but I brought out some old saves and tested Save Nordom!, which works perfectly, and wanted to test Tome of Cheats, because I thought it was easily accessible. I loaded a game from the Festhall area and headed to Vrishika's shop and it crashed. When I read the readme more closely I found out that in Tweak version you get the ToC in the beginning, and yeah, it works fine after starting a new game. But I still get a crash when entering Vrishika's shop, could it be because I haven't started a new game and just reused some old saves?

Apart from it, I have some other doubts:

1. Dak'kon's Streaming Blade. Polish dialog.tlk has three versions of its description: one 'normal' blade (like chained blade), one with silver glow that can cut through chainmail and one with a radiant silver glow that can cut through the thickest armour. The English .tra uses the second description for all versions of the blade and yarpen's translation uses the first one for each. I suppose that the first goes to +1 version, the second to +2 and the third to +3. Am I correct?

2. Word o' Law and Chaos Cheat
@34   = ~VERY Lawful.~
@35   = ~Barely Lawful.~
@36   = ~Barely Chaotic.~
@37   = ~VERY Chaotic.~
Was Neutral intentionally left out?

3. From the fixpack
@48157 = ~"Subject now conversing with human female."~ []
@48158 = ~"Subject now playing a game with human female."~ []
What's the purpose of those lines? I assume that they're for the Modrons in the Brothel, but is Dolora ever really seen conversing with women?

4. From UB
@00024 = ~Sealed Closet~
What object does it refer to? It's so minor that it probably doesn't matter anyway, but 'closet' can translate to more than one word depending on the meaning.

5. Ratbone and Carver
So, which character is the true Ratbone and which gets renamed? Personally, I love the Polish translation of Ratbone's name... And I assume that Carver is meant to mean someone who carves flesh and bone rather than wood?

#461253 Translation Files and Status

Posted by W. Irving on 05 September 2009 - 07:25 AM in PS:T Fixpack


As you can see, it's my first post on this forum. I registered because I reinstalled PS:T yesterday and knew that those beautiful tweaks and fixes were out there.

I was let down a bit when I saw that there's no Polish version yet in the official releases. So I took out the .tras from the latest Fixes, Tweks and UB and started translating.

As of now, I've done basically all of them except for MorteTeeth and XPDeionarra, as they require a bit more work (or can I find some MorteTeeth dialogue in dialog.tlk?). Nevertheless, I should be done in a few days and just letting you know.

I also see that yarpen did the fixpack already, but I found some minor errors in his .tra. Maybe he could check mine as well when I post them along with Tweaks and Unfinished Business.

I also found some questionable things/bugs?(unlikely, given the polished nature of these mods) during the brief time that I was working on them and I'll post my doubts in the accompanying thread shortly.

I must also say that I really enjoyed the work on SaveNordom, as it fits the original character quite well, and transcribing Morte's Mortuary moments from the voiceovers I didn't even knew existed. Comedy gold right there.