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#177438 Candlekeep Modded Test

Posted by Tabea on 23 December 2004 - 12:54 PM in Check the Bodies

So, I also tried the Normal mod with 3 chores in one day. Well, after completing the chores Gorin just stands there and has nothing to say. *grrr*
That's it. I'm uninstalling. I would have loved to play through the quests...but not like that.
I wish you luck for finding the bugs,

#177425 Candlekeep Modded Test

Posted by Tabea on 23 December 2004 - 11:45 AM in Check the Bodies

Me again, this time registered. ;)
Just tried the modded candlekeep on the easiest level.
I did one chore (2xmilk), returned, played with Imoen, learnt from Hull and spoke again with Gorion. He told something about growing up fast... Then he wished me good night. There seems to be some bug. After the final Gorion text (at least I suppose it is the final) there's an error: "No valid answers or links".
I went upstairs, rested, came down again to speak with Gorion. But he continues telling me he is proud, wishes me Good night and so on.
Nothing happens.
How do I get to the normal game (Irenicus DUngeon)?

Oh, maybe it istimportant: there was a parsing error upon installation.

[edit] And maybe anybody could tell me how the mod ist supposed to progress in case it works?