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#375673 The Umar Hills problem

Posted by Tajoumaru on 08 February 2008 - 01:36 PM in Shadows Over Soubar

I had the same problem. Before going to Umar Hills, get rid of the identified letter--the "broken-sealed" one. Keep the other letter. Use the following line to add the unidentified letter to your inventory: CLUAConsole:CreateItem("cbltcnt2"). Now go to Umar Hills, and everything should proceed according to plan.

#375137 SoS v1.12 Bug Thread

Posted by Tajoumaru on 04 February 2008 - 10:34 PM in Shadows Over Soubar

I'd qualify this as a bug. I finished the first round of quests for Selence (stealing from Ribald's, etc.). She gave me the key to her room at the Copper Coronet and I retrieved the pair of letters from the dresser. But when I traveled to the Umar Hills, there's no cutscene (there should be two, I believe), and nobody related to the quest (Varros and Kothonos) is at Vincenzo's Inn. I played SoS a couple years ago and didn't have this problem. Perhaps I'll just have to manually spawn Varros and Kothonos? I don't know what else to do.

Well, it seems I done figured this one out, after examining the BCS file. The "sealed" letter from Selence's room is supposed to be unidentified, but when I first find it it's already identified. Using CLUAConsole I created an unidentified version and got rid of the identified version. Possessing the unidentified letter and its companion letter is the key to triggering the cutscenes and the subsequent spawning of Varros and Kothonos, and all's proceeding just merrily now.

#369235 Issues in Watcher's Keep (level 1)

Posted by Tajoumaru on 03 January 2008 - 04:08 PM in Big Picture


After much digging I discovered that this "Fanatic Spirit" character is from the mod called "Improved Anvil". I believe that there is no association between Big Picture and Improved Anvil. If that's the case, I apologise for the erroneous post!


I'm not positive, but I believe that some component of the Big Picture is responsible for two new characters in Watcher's Keep level 1.

Upon acquiring both the bell and the candle, a ghostly figure appears named "Fanatic Spirit". It attacks the party while simultaneously stealing the bell and candle. These buggers are next-to-impossible to kill, and when each (there are two total) is killed the bell/candle is found on the corpse (one item per creature). Upon rescuing the candle from the creature's corpse it suddenly vanishes again (the bell does *not* vanish once it's reacquired).

Creating a new candle (item "PLOT01F") does create a new candle, but it disappears from inventory almost instantaneously - it's as though this Fanatic Spirit, though dead, steals the candle ad infinitum. It's possible to create a candle and quickly stash it in the ritual altar, and the candle doesn't disappear from the altar, but the ritual does not work and I cannot descend to level two. I have to assume that the ritual doesn't work because of the status of the candle.

Any ideas? I don't suppose anyone has encountered this issue. Is anyone at least familiar with the Fanatic Spirits, or what component they might come from? What about some way to keep the candle as a permanent (i.e. non-disappearing) item? I've played around with DLTCEP and NearInfinity to resolve this but with no luck so far.

"Fanatic Spirit" that steals bell is CRE file "S!BELGUA".
"Fanatic Spirit" that steals candle is CRE file "S!CANGUA".