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Changes in WeiDU Highlighter for Notepad++ 3.14

Version 3.14
  • Added new TP2 keywords introduced by WeiDU 245
  • Added several missing TP2 keywords
  • Added more script triggers and actions added by EE patch 2.5
Version 3.13
  • Added new keywords introduced by WeiDU 243
  • Added new script triggers added by EE patch 2.5
Version 3.12
  • Added double quote string delimiter support to WeiDU_TRA
  • Added colored text delimiter to WeiDU_TRA
  • Added new keywords introduced in WeiDU 241
  • Added convenience trigger command TriggerOverride
Version 3.11
  • Added new script actions, triggers, object specifiers and symbols introduced in EE game engine v2.0
  • Added new keywords introduced in WeiDU 240
Version 3.10
  • Added new TP2 keywords introduced in WeiDU 239
  • Added a missing RACE.IDS identifier
  • Added fixed versions of misspelled EigthNearestEnemyOfType and EigthNearestMyGroupOfType object specifiers
  • Fixed misspelled FIND_FREE_PRVZ_INDEX function name
  • Moved CREATE from patch to action category
Version 3.9
  • Added several new and previously undocumented TP2 keywords and function names
  • Added missing sound slot identifiers
Version 3.8
  • Removed variable delimiters (%)
  • Added new TP2 keywords introduced in WeiDU 237
  • Added a couple of missing keywords to TP2
  • Added new script actions, triggers and objects to WeiDU_BAF, WeiDU_D and WeiDU_TP2 introduced in IWD:EE
Version 3.7
  • Added new tokens, triggers, actions and keywords introduced in BG:EE and BG2:EE
Version 3.6
  • Added new keywords introduced in WeiDU 232
Version 3.5
  • Added a couple of new triggers introduced by the BG2 Fixpack to WeiDU_BAF, WeiDU_D and WeiDU_TP2
  • Added lots of new or missing identifiers from SPELL.IDS, KIT.IDS, GENDER.IDS and ANIMATE.IDS to WeiDU_BAF and WeiDU_D
Version 3.4
  • Fixed support for string numbers in WeiDU_TRA, it should now recognize negative numbers too
  • Had to remove support for WeiDU variables from WeiDU_TRA again, as it were causing trouble for regular percent signs
Version 3.3
  • Improved the highlighting scheme for strings in WeiDU_D and WeiDU_TRA
  • Added support for variables and tokens to WeiDU_TRA
  • Added file extension *.tpp to WeiDU_TP2
  • Added several keyword aliases to WeiDU_D
  • Added new and undocumented keywords to WeiDU_D and WeiDU_TP2
Version 3.2
  • Updated files to UDL v2.1 supported by Notepad++ v6.3 and later.
  • Added missing dialog filenames to WeiDU_D.
Version 3.1
  • Added support for hex, octal and binary numbers to WeiDU_TP2.
Version 3.0
  • Updated to be compatible with Notepad++ v6.2 and later.