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Changes in Recolored toolbar buttons for BG:EE & BG2:EE v4.2

Version v4.2
  • Added German translation and readme
  • Added download and discussion links to readme
Version v4.1
  • Added new icons introduced by the Enhanced Edition patches v2.0
  • Made color schemes for BG:EE compatible with the latest game update
  • Uses built-in WeiDU functions for installing color schemes
Version v4.0
  • Changed the resource format of installed graphics files to fix a compatibility issue with the latest BG2:EE update
Version v3.1
  • Added polish translation
Version v3.0
  • Improved compatibility with different versions and localizations of BG:EE and BG2:EE
Version v2.0
  • Added two color schemes for BG:EE
Version v1.0
No changes have been recorded in this version