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Changes in TileConv - A MOS/TIS Compressor 0.6c

Version 0.6c
  • Made OS X binary compatible with macOS Sierra
Version 0.6b
  • Updated collection of WeiDU functions to v1.1
Version 0.6a
  • Added a collection of WeiDU functions to help modders using this tool in their TP2 code along with example code
Version 0.6
  • Fixed a bug in output filename generation
  • Prevent overwriting input files by output files
Version 0.5.1
  • Fixed a potential issue with dynamic libraries in the Mac OS X version
Version 0.5a
  • Fixed crashes of the 32-bit Windows executable on certain systems
Version 0.5
  • Added TIZ/MOZ decompression support
  • Option -T is recognized by option -I
  • Incomplete output files are deleted on error
Version 0.4
  • Improved visual feedback
  • Added output folder support
  • Added option "-T" to treat unrecognized files as headerless TIS
  • Added quality levels for encoding process
Version 0.3
  • Better parameter handling
  • Added option -I for displaying file stats
  • Many fixes and improvements under the hood
Version 0.2
  • Greatly increased conversion speed
  • Added new options "-q level" and "-j num"
  • Deprecated option "-d"
Version 0.1
  • Initial release