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Changes in Improved Archer Kit v3.1

Version v3.1
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks JamesMaxwell)
  • Fixed typos in ability descriptions
Version v3.0
  • Rebalanced combat bonuses of the Archer kit
  • Rebalanced "Create Blessed Ammo" ability
  • Added Archer-like kits for fighters, paladins and thieves
  • Added bullets to "Create Blessed Ammo" ability for paladin kit
  • Fixed incorrect blessed ammo projectile for classic BG2/BGT
  • Added German readme
Version v2.4
  • Fixed a bug that may cause installation error in BG2:EE
Version v2.3
  • Added French translation (Thanks Gwendolyne)
  • Fixed THAC0 bonus of bow 'The Defender +5'
  • Excluded shamans from unusability list of arrows
  • Added 'Monk' to unusability list of bows
  • Fixed incorrect record screen class description in EET
Version v2.2
  • Siege of Dragonspear support
  • Added EET support
  • Improved compatibility with Enhanced Edition patch 2.x
  • Added Italian translation (thanks Aedan)
  • Added Polish translation (thanks Cahir)
  • Added custom portrait icons for shot abilities
Version v2.1
  • Changed location of a longbow to 3rd level of Watcher's Keep
  • Added german and russian translations
  • Added more information to the readme
Version v2.0
  • Added IWD:EE support
  • Merged components
  • Removed spell casting restrictions because of technical reasons