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Changes in Convenient Enhanced Edition NPCs 4.1

Version 4.1
  • Added Russian translation (thanks Arkie)
  • Fixed installation issue in component "Change portrait: Baeloth"
Version 4.0
  • Changed mod name to "Convenient Enhanced Edition NPCs"
  • Added options to change classes or kits of selected NPCs
  • Added options to change portraits for NPCs
  • Added "Passive Rasaad" for BG:EE
Version 3.5
  • Fixed consistency issues between campaigns with Neera and Rasaad in EET
Version 3.4
  • Added French translation (thanks Gwendolyne)
  • Spelling and formatting fixes in Polish readme
Version 3.3
  • Restructured mod components to make it possible to disable NPCs or make them passive on a per NPC basis
  • Added German translation
  • Added Polish translation (thanks Cahir)
  • Fixed BG1 passive Neera in EET
Version 3.2
  • Added Siege of Dragonspear support
  • Fixed a bug in BG2:EE where Rasaad can still appear even when disabled
  • Relaxed restrictions of Baeloth's ring
  • Various minor fixes and improvements
Version 3.1
  • Fixed an incorrect check in component "Make NPC-specific items available for everyone"
Version 3.0
  • Added new component "Make NPC-specific items available for everyone"
  • Increased compatibility with mods
Version 2.1
  • Fixed a missing game check in "Passive Neera" component
Version 2.0
  • Added options to keep all or individual NPCs from initiating conversations or events on their own.
Version 1.0
  • Initial release