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Changes in Skip Chateau Irenicus v3.1

Version v3.1
  • Added Russian translation (thanks Austin)
  • Fixed Jaheira should escape even when you talked to her in the dungeon
  • Converted readme into html format
Version v3.0
  • Added compatibility with classic BG2
  • Added compatibility with BG2:EE pre-2.0
Version v2.3
  • Moved NPC-related code into separate subcomponent
  • Added error catching code to NPC addon feature to prevent mod termination because of buggy script files
  • Added French translation (thanks Gwendolyne)
Version v2.2
  • Added NPC support for Adrian, Chloe and Yasraena
  • Fixed harmless error messages shown during installation
Version v2.1
  • Added Polish translation (thanks Cahir)
Version v2.0
  • Relocated a container in the rubble of the destroyed building on Waukeen's Promenade to a more suitable location
  • Added more transportation options to the lower level portals in Chateau Irenicus
  • Vanilla NPCs Jaheira, Minsc and Yoshimo can be recruited later if you decide to skip them in Chateau Irenicus
  • Added German translation
  • For modders: externalized areas to consider when transferring items to the surface
  • For modders: implemented "addon" feature that can be used to deal with skipped NPCs
Version v1.0
  • Initial release