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Changes in Reveal Hidden Gameplay Options 4.1

Version 4.1
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks yota13)
Version 4.0
  • Added new components "Improved Cheat Menu" and "Update resource tables for Improved Cheat Menu"
  • Added labels for Project Infinity
  • Fixed potential keybinding issues in PST:EE caused by the "Update keybindings" component
Version 3.0
  • Added option "Force Dialog Pause"
  • Added multiple choice option "Update keybindings for priest and/or mage spells"
  • Improved conditions for installing game options
Version 2.5
  • Added two Gameplay options for controlling Tweak Anthology's "Create Interval Saves" feature
  • Simplified installation process by removing artificial component to install options individually
  • Updated Russian translation (thanks yota13)
Version 2.4
  • Added Russian translation (thanks Saigon1983)
  • Added option "Show Learnable Spells"
  • Added option "Expire Trap Highlights"
  • Added option "Enhanced Path Search"
  • Added option "Render Dynamic Search Map"
  • Added option "Render Search Map"
  • Expanded frame rate slider to support 60 fps
Version 2.1
  • Improved compatibility with Lefreut's UI mod variants