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Changes in (OSX) Arath v4

Version v4
  • Fixed instance where romance would not set to committed in the morning after dialogue
  • Removed timer check in the resttalk in an inn to reduce player confusion why it does not trigger aftr Arath just suggested it
  • Arath will no longer refer to Imoen as "his" sister if PC is female (in first Imoen banter)
  • ToB: Summoning via fate spirit will be deactivated if Arath was in the party during ToB transition
  • ToB banter with Jaheira will no longer be started (wrongly) with SoA banter dlg
  • Added "Continue()" to the script block that are patched via EXTEND_TOP
  • Optimized ids patching
  • Small optimizations in the tp2: use of DECOMPILE_AND_PATCH, removal of unnecessary ToB checks, use of fj_are_structure for area patching
  • PRVZ tis (v2) for the EE games provided
  • Added EET compatibility
  • Added HANDLE_CHARSETS to prepare for possible language versions
  • Added arath.ini with modinfo
  • Updated to WeiDU v246