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Changes in Longer Road current version

Version current version
  • see here for current changelog:
  • https://github.com/InfinityMods/LongerRoadEE/releases
Version 2.0.1
  • # 2.0.0
  • ### AL|EN
  • - added InfinityAutoPackager for automatic creation of .zip and .iemod packages
  • - added globally unique labels for all mod components
  • - replace REQUIRE COMPONENT with equivalent code which does not rely on DESIGNATED numbers
  • - bring back old tp2 name
  • - minor updates to mod readme
  • - minor corrections
  • ### Austin87
  • - bring back compatibility with the "vanilla" version (checked during the game, no conflicts)
  • - added full translation into Russian
  • - revised scripts redbodh0 - redbodh2 and the order of their launch in the file finaleA.d - now cut-scenes are launched in the correct order,
  • dialogs with the transformation of Imoen work and there are no more freezes. Previously, the game would freeze if Imoen was not in the party and cutscenes were previously reversed.
  • - fixed bugs due to which Baltazar and Imoen-Slayer did not attack the protagonist. The installation of the imoslay2 script for Imoen-Slayer was returned (it was in Ascension, but the LR mod removed it and therefore Imoen-Slayer was in place)
  • - added missing checks to the finaleA.d and imoen25p.dlg files in case Irenicus is not in the group for various reasons, added a new variable for this to the jonel25p.dlg file
  • - fixed confused dialogue in imoen25p.dlg
  • - a series of bcs-files related to the location with Balthazar (AR5505), replaced with one baf-file, added the setting of the variable required to launch the portal to the Throne of Bhaal after the death of Balthazar (previously, when killing Balthazar, it became impossible to get to the Throne)
  • - removed the replacement of the Balthazar cre-file with an outdated version from LR, thereby removing the bug due to which he had an incorrect script if the "Tougher Baltazar" component was not installed.
  • Previously, because of this, Balthazar did not attack the protagonist
  • - fixed a bug in which the hostile Irenicus spoke to Bodhi in the final conversation, although she was not yet at the location, which led to the interruption of the dialogue.
  • In the FinaleA.d file in the lrAscJon2 block, the transition to State is corrected - instead of 7, 15 is now indicated.
  • - fixed a bug in which Melissan turned to Bodhi, although earlier she did not summon her, but the hostile Irenicus (this was the reason for the game crash),
  • additionally improved checks in the FinaleA.d file in the Imoen replica blocks (Imoen25P)
  • - fixed a bug in which, if a hostile Irenicus summoned Bodhi, she would address the protagonist as if Irenicus was not at the location
  • - fixed a bug where, if a hostile Irenicus was summoned, when Imoen turned into Slayer, she had no valid replicas and the dialogue was interrupted
  • - expanded checks in the FinaleA.d file in Imoen replica blocks (Imoen25P)
  • - fixed a bug in which, if Demogorgon appeared in the final dialogue and the protagonist chose the option to fight with him, after the cut-scene a series of bugs began - Melissan did not leave and continued to stand silently as a neutral character, Imoen in the form of Slayer stood still,
  • nd then immediately turned back into a normal form as if the fight had already ended, while Bodhi turned into a bat and attacked the protagonist in this form.
  • All this has now been fixed, the scripts redgdem1 and redgdem3 have been reworked (Melissan's departure has been added),
  • and the check !Global ("DemogorgonCometh", "GLOBAL", 1) has been added to the finbodhi.bcs script so that Bodhi does not turn into a bat during the final battle
  • - during the cut-scene with the appearance of Demogorgon (file redbodh3.bcs), some lines used the file "finiren",
  • although only friendly Irenicus can participate in this scene, so the commands are changed to "lrirenic"
  • - fixed a bug due to which Irenicus, after defeating Demogorgon again at the Throne of Bhaal, repeated the same dialogue that had already spoken in the Watcher's Tower
  • after the first death of Demogorgon. Added !AreaCheck ("AR6200") check-in jonel25.bcs script for this case.
  • - added code that removes opcode 319 from the Irenicus mask (imask1.itm) when mod installed on the non-EE version, because it is not supported on it and this caused the game to crash when Irenicus was called from the Abyss. If the mod is installed on the EE version, the opcode remains.
  • - removed unused script resimo5.bcs
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