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Changes in Dark Side of the Sword Coast v4.0

Version v4.0
  • -Russian translation revised and completed by Arkie & p_zombie
  • -spell "Selune's Blessing" has correct name
  • -added PVRZ for EET
Version v3.2
  • -medium sized portraits for NPCs fixed
  • -no more crashing areas (extraction of tis-files to override works now)
  • -deleted remnant characters of original game in areas (prisoners, female cook)
  • -bone golems use custom cre now (compatibility with VC's component "Improved Shadows and Shadow Dragon (by Vlad)")
  • -(EET) correct text character transformation for English version, as well (CúChoinneach's name and items should not crash the game)
  • -custom Priest Blane should use custom dialogue dsblane.dlg instead of switching to blane.dlg (by Roxanne)
Version v3.1
  • -revised Italian version by ilot
  • -Holy Water works against undead
  • -Holy Water can also be bought in Temple of Helm in NBG
  • -removed patching of holy water into temple of Northern Citadel (NTotSC): NTotSC should be installed after DSotSC
  • -Bub Snikt + Concho* do no longer crash game (actually it was Conch*'s armor): colors fixed
  • -main component is checked by REQUIRE_COMPONENT instead of "MOD_IS_INSTALLED" as this does not deinstall the components automatically)
  • -(BGT) large portraits assigned correctly (medium size)
  • -all text tras in ANSI.
  • -corrected DSotSC area naming in unisono with the BP-BGT-Worldmap mod: DSC001 is "Wood of Sharp Teeth", DSC002 is "East Wood of Sharp Teeth", DSC004 is "Forest of Forgotten Souls", DSC010 is "Castle Daerthmac".
  • -Megan should open the door to Nashkel Manor House (is "DOOR4804" in BGT, too).
  • -spawning of higher level Bub Snikt no longer dependent on whether PC talked to Jeremy.
  • -changed "sir" to <PRO_SIRMAAM> in dsjeremy.tra.
  • -Skeezer Lumkin VI's personal helm has inventory icon of Balduran's Helm (as in v2)
  • -removed worldmap.tra from the charsetsNoConvertArray
  • -added dsotsc.ini with mod metadata for compatibility with ALIEN's Project Infinity
  • -revised item BAMs by Sam.:
  • -- Deleted extraneous sequences
  • -- Added missing but necessary sequences
  • -- Added missing shadows to item icons
  • -- Added EE compatibility
  • -- Ensured proper offsets of all frames
  • -- Hyper-compressed all BAMs (which includes a wide variety of other corrections and fixes)
  • -removed biffing
Version v2.17
  • 2.17 Some bugfixes. Installation now works correctly in German.
  • 2.16 Installation process has been revised to work on all WeiDU-supported OSs.
  • Some bugfixes.
Version v216
No changes have been recorded in this version
(Previous Version)
No changes have been recorded in this version