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Changes in Auror Kit for the Ranger Class 4.4.1

Version 4.4.1
  • Compatibility with BGII-EE and BGII-TOB
  • Fixed typo errors and added proper descriptions on kit, items and spells.
Version 4.4
  • - Thac0 bonus for missile weapons changed from +1 every 2 levels to +1 every 4 levels.
  • - Damage bonus for missile weapons changed from +1 every 4 levels to +1 every 6 levels.
  • - AC bonus vs. Missles changed from +1 every 5 levels to +1 every 6 levels, caps at the 30th level.
  • - Changed save vs. spell bonuses from +1 every 2 levels to increments of +1 every 2 levels till the 8th level, then every 3 levels till the 17th level, and finally every 4 levels till the 29th level of experience.
  • - Frostbite progression table rebalanced. See table for details.
  • - Removed AC bonuses from Glacial Aura
  • - Removed leftover effects during testing from spells
  • - Decreased hp gained per level to 1d4
Version 4.3
  • Version 4.03
  • - Thac0 bonus for missile weapons changed from +2 every 4 levels to +1 every 2 levels.
  • - Increased save vs. spells bonus to +1 every 2 levels.
  • - Added Foresight ability. She can now detect invisible creatures, though they are still invisible (invisible detection by script) and is immune to backstab.
  • - Removed Frost Touch ability to instantly kill fire elementals.
  • - Removed low level versions of Frostbite and reworked freezing effects. See progression table for details.
  • - Reworked Cryogenesis ability, ice blade and arrows. The Cryogenesis ability can now be learned every 2 levels of the caster. The blade and arrow produced by this spell is limited to usable only by human/elf/half-elf rangers with a charisma score of 16 and up (minimum cha requirement for Auror kit) in an attempt to limit its use to other npc. Ice blade now deals 1d6 piercing damage and is now a shortsword. Ice blade can be removed through its equipment ability.
  • - Standardized Freezing and Frozen abilities. All freezing abilities will have a save vs. breath and all frozen abilities will have a save vs. death.
  • - Glacial Aura now behaves more like an aura and hopefully less cheesy. Its effects have been reworked; see spell progression table for details.
  • - Removed frozen effect from Frost Wave.
  • - Increased Aurora Borealis HP bonus. See Spell progression table for details.
  • - Dire Frost's level 30 instant freezing death now allows a save vs. death, no bonus.
  • - Reworked damage curve of Hoarfrost. Increased max level damage to a total of 20d10. See spell progression table for details.
  • - Changed Lament of Winter's kill 60HP, no save, to instant freezing death, no save, with effect dependent on hit dice values of enemies within range of its effect. See spell progression table for details.
  • - Reduced Lament of Winter's casting time to 2 seconds.
  • - Lament of Winter's side effect now prevents the caster from getting healed for 1 turn.
Version 4.1
  • - Fixed some typos and improved some descriptions.
  • - Improved buffet distance curve per level for Frost Wave.
  • - Aurora Borealis now increases in regeneration and hp bonus depending on the level of its caster.
  • - Decreased Direfrost chance to instant freezing death by 5%.
  • - Reworked Hoarfrost to deal more damage by level of caster and harm party members.
  • - Added Far Sense innate ability. Effects are the same as Farsight albeit shorter duration.
Version 4.0
  • Too many to put into detail...
Version 4.0
  • Too many to put into detail...
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