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The new and "improved" Viconia romance.

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#101 Echon



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Posted 20 August 2004 - 03:44 PM

No one should make these pathetic NPC mods.

I am sure people will appreciate your tolerance.


#102 -Guest-

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Posted 20 August 2004 - 04:15 PM

i think from all the dialogues, its practically stated aloud that viconia's heterosexual. i mean, take this list of facts:
*she only ever mentions having sex with men throughout her entire life
*she only ever shows interest in men during the course of the game - anomen, drizzt, sarevok, the male pc (possbily h'd)
*she never has a nice conversation with a woman - calls jaheira a mongrel, mocks nalia's concern for the poor, calls imoen an elg'caress (bitch)
*in tob it has all that male/female code but it also has her just say jaluk (male) and mrann'dsinss (male lover) and there's no female equivalent said (jalil and mrimm'dsinss). also jaluk and mrann'dsinss are examples of words that are unavoidable in the tob romance
*she is the only person in bg to ever call someone gay as a means of insulting them

theres more prolly but i cant think of owt right now coz im goin to bed

conclude from that list what u can

#103 Lord Rampage

Lord Rampage
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Posted 20 August 2004 - 05:08 PM

Oy...looking over this, I'm actually glad I didn't release the finished Bodhi romance o.O

Seriously, the arguement about what mods should and shouldn't be released is, well...rediculous. It's the quality of the finished work that should be the judge of if it should've been released.

If you don't like it, don't download it: nobody is forcing you to do so, or even pay attention to it. But don't tell someone the equivalent of 'go to hell' if you don't like their work: it's their twist in the story to write, and theirs to tell as they see fit.

Have a nice day.

#104 Mizkyu

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Posted 23 August 2004 - 07:10 AM

Oy...looking over this, I'm actually glad I didn't release the finished Bodhi romance o.O

A Bodhi romance? Sweet. I mean, that's just wrong and disturbing. A vampire romace? Ew. :P

Anyway, can I just throw something in from the left field? Much of the "OMGVICONIAISNOTTEHGAY!!1!" argument seems to rest on the very simple point that at no point during the game does Viccy dearest make reference or even hint to sleeping with women.


Well, I hate to have to break it to you, but bisexuality isn't defined by an irresistble urge to go and hump everything you see, ever. It's simply an attraction to people of both genders as opposed to just the one. Note that I said attraction - it is entirely possible for someone to sleep with persons of only one gender, (or even none - yay celibacy) while being attracted to members of both. Furthermore, it is not a prerequisite of sex that both parties are sexually attracted to each other - some people may just be in the 'relationship' (or one night stand, or whatever) for sexual release, to feel that they fit in with society's expectations of them, whatever.

*scuttles back into lurking*

#105 -Guest-

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 04:03 AM

ok im just goign to point out one thing in drow society anyone foudn to be bi or gay would generaly be killed so that gives perfect reason for her not being outwardly bisexual and drow r taught froma young age to hide their feelings i can understand someone worrying about her personality being changed but if u havent noticed she realy doesnt interact with female pc if they can write it in a way that makes it fit her personality as most know it then good if they can do that well and make the romance fun and challanging mentaly so ur not just going through the motions then great and u have to remember shes a very withdrawn character so what we think we know is mainly from interpreting her as each of us see her and if someone wants to play a different version of the game we all love to bring in some veriaty then whats the issue mods r ment to add to the game and make them more fun for the poeple who use the mod if u realy feel so strongly quit reacting to it indifference is alot more effective in this case then beating a dead horse

#106 Crazee

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Posted 08 April 2012 - 02:44 PM

Hi Guest, thanks for your input into the topic. We don't really approve of reviving old threads (and this one is quite old indeed), if only because a lot of the members of the original discussion aren't around to reply. Locked.