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Posted 20 September 2004 - 07:34 AM

What is the Valen Expansion?
The Valen Expansion is my first (but hopefully not last) mod for Baldur's Gate based on the Valen Mod by Wes Weimer. I loved that mod enough to join this forum and participate in the discussions about it here. From those conversations, I was inspired to begin writing the Valen Expansion.

Will it be compatible with Wes Weimer's original Valen Mod?
Yes. The installation will be integrated with the original, as well as having T.G. Maestro's rebalanced Valen as an option.

Will it be compatible with other mods?
It should be compatable with any other WeiDU mod, and non-WeiDU mod if the Valen Expasion is installed last. Other mods that alter existing content may conflict with the Valen Expansion but mods that only add material, instead of replacing anything, should not cause a problem. Mod compatablility will be tested upon release of the Valen Expansion.

What are the installation options?
The player will have several options for Valen regarding her story and her abilities. Here is how I see it being set up, at this time.

Valen Setup Options:
1) Story and Dialog
1a) Wes Weimer (no change)
1b) Thorium Dragon

2)Class and Vampire Abilities
2a) Wes Weimer (no change)
2b) T.G. Maestro (from BG2 Refinements)
2c) Thorium Dragon
»»»»Fighter/Thief (no change)

What will change?
- The player will have options for Valen's class (see above)
- Her origin will be given much more depth.
- Her relationship with Bodhi will be explored
- Her death and dying will be handled differently
- Her vampiric powers will work differently
- Her equipment will be different according to class
- Her skills will be different

What will stay the same?
Much of what I interpret to be Valen's current personality (violent/impulsive/dependant) will be preserved in the expanded dialogs. My goal is to build on what already exists in the original rather than radically redefine her personality.

Will there be a romance, and how important is it to the story?
There will be a romance, and it is a potentially important part of how she develops throughout the game. The player is not required to pursue a romance in order to fully experience Valen.

What if I hate the idea of a romance?
Then don't peruse it.

What if I hate the very presence of a romance in the mod?
Then install option 1a in the setup and keep only Weimer's original dialog and story.

When will the Valen Expansion be completed?
I've set a goal to have all dialog written and reviewed by March 2005 and coding and file creation by May 2005.

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