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Posted 21 August 2005 - 04:46 AM

BG2 SoA / ToB Iconlist
A Complete List of the icon-codes for items and scrolls of BG2 SoA / ToB
All credit goes to Daxziz & Simon the Sorceress

Amulets & Necklaces
Necklace of Missiles IAMUL01
Necklace IAMUL02
Zios Gem Studded Necklace IAMUL04
Bluestone Necklace IAMUL05
Agni Mani Necklace IAMUL06
Rainbow Obsidian Necklace IAMUL07
Tiger Cowrie Shell Necklace IAMUL08
Silver Necklace IAMUL09
Gold Necklace IAMUL10
Pearl Necklace IAMUL11
Laeral's Tear Necklace IAMUL12
Bloodstone Amulet IAMUL13
Amulet of Protection +1 IAMUL14
Shield Amulet IAMUL15
Metaspell Influence Amulet IAMUL16
Greenstone Amulet IAMUL17
Wolfsbane Charm IAMUL18
Amulet of 5% Magic Resistance IAMUL19
Kaligun's Amulet of Magic Resistance IAMUL20
Amulet of Power IAMUL21
Periapt of Proof Against Poison IAMUL22
Periapt of Life Protection IAMUL23
Necklace of Form Stability IAMUL22
Amulet of Spell Warding IAMUL25
Amulet of Cheetah Speed IAMUL26
Amulet of Seldarine IAMUL27
Amulet of the Master Harper IAMUL28

Amulets & Necklaces GroundIcon GAMUL02

Armors & Wearstuff
Belts and Girdles
Belt of Inertial Barrier IBELT10
Girdle IBELT01
Girdle of Bluntness IBELT03
Girdle of Fortitude IBELT09
Girdle of Frost Giant Strength IBELT08
Girdle of Gender IBELT05
Girdle of Hill Giant Strength IBELT06
Girdle of Piercing IBELT04
Girdle of Stone Giant Strength IBELT07
Golden Girdle IBELT02

Boots IBOOT01
Boots IBOOT09
Boots of Avoidance IBOOT04
Boots of Elvenkind IBOOT07
Boots of Etherealness IBOOT11
Boots of Grounding IBOOT05
Boots of Lightning Speed IBOOT10
Boots of Phasing IBOOT08
Boots of Speed IBOOT01
Boots of Stealth IBOOT02
Boots of the North IBOOT03
Boots of the West IMISC8J
Worn Out Boots IBOOT06
Worn Out Boots IBOOT01

Bracers, Gauntlets, and Gloves:
Bracers IBRAC05
Bracers IBRAC12
Bracers of Archery IBRAC04
Bracers of Binding IBRAC11
Bracers of Blinding Strike IBRAC16
Bracers of Defense AC 3 IBRAC15
Bracers of Defense AC 4 IBRAC14
Bracers of Defense AC 5 IBRAC13
Bracers of Defense AC 6 IBRAC03
Bracers of Defense AC 7 IBRAC02
Bracers of Defense AC 8 IBRAC01
Gauntlets of Crushing IBRAC19
Gauntlets of Dexterity IBRAC07
Gauntlets of Fumbling IBRAC08
Gauntlets of Ogre Power IBRAC06
Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise IBRAC10
Gauntlets of Weapon Skill IBRAC09
Gloves of Healing IBRAC20
Gloves of Missile Snaring IBRAC18
Gloves of Pick Pocketing IBRAC17

Chain Armour:
Armor of Faith +3 ICHAN18
Ashen Scales +2 ICHAN17
Bladesinger Chain +4 ICHAN16
Chain Mail Armor ICHAN01
Chain Mail +1 ICHAN02
Chain Mail +2 ICHAN08
Chain Mail +3 ICHAN07
Corthala Family Armor INPCHAN
Crimson Chain +5 ICHAN11
Dark Elven Chain ICHAN17
Darkmail +3 ICHAN09
Drizzt's Mithril Chain Mail +4 ICHAN06
Drow Adamantine Chain +5 IDCHAN02
Drow Elven Chain +3 IDCHAN01
Elven Chain Mail ICHAN12
Elven Chain +1 ICHAN13
Jester's Chain +4 ICHAN10
Mail of the Dead +2 ICHAN03
Melodic Chain +3 ICHAN15
Splint Mail ICHAN04
Splint Mail +1 ICHAN05
Sylvan Chain +2 ICHAN14

Algernon's Cloak ICLCK07
Cloak of Balduran ICLCK05
Cloak of Bravery ICLCK27
Cloak of Displacement ICLCK03
Cloak of Elvenkind ICLCK23
Cloak of Mirroring ICLCK26
Cloak of Non-Detection ICLCK06
Cloak of Protection +1 ICLCK01
Cloak of Protection +2 ICLCK02
Cloak of Reflection ICLCK24
Cloak of the High Forest INPCLCK
Cloak of the Sewers ICLCK27
Cloak of the Shield ICLCK20
Cloak of the Stars ICLCK25
Cloak of the Wolf ICLCK04
Drow Piwafwi Cloak IDCLCK01
Nymph Cloak ICLCK07
Shadow Thief Cloak ICLCK28

Dragon Helm IHELM21
Helm of Balduran IHELM14
Helm of Brilliance IHELM03
Helm of Charm Protection IHELM03
Helm of Glory IHELM02
Helm of Infravision IHELM06
Helm of Opposite Alignment IHELM04
Helmet of Defense IHELM03
Skull of Death IHELM17
Vhailor's Helm IHELM17

Helmets (Ordinary):
Plain Helmet IHELM00
Ram-Horned Helmet IHELM04
Winged Helmet IHELM03
Helmet with Small Horns and Plume IHELM05
Helmet with um....Small Things on the Top IHELM06
Helmet with Big Horns IHELM02
Helmet with DIFFERENT Big Horns IHELM14

Ioun Stones:
Dusty Rose Ioun Stone IHELM19
Pale Green Ioun Stone, IHELM20
Pearly White Ioun Stone IHELM18

Jansen's Funky Gizmos:
Jansen AdventureWear INPARM01
Jansen Spectroscopes INPMISC1
Jansen Techno-Gloves INPARM02

Leather Armour:
Aeger's Hide +3 ILEAT20
Armor of Deep Night +4 ILEAT17
Armor of the Viper +5 ILEAT18
Hide Armor ILEAT10
Human Flesh ILEAT22
Human Flesh +5 ILEAT21
Leather Armor ILEAT01
Leather Armor +1 ILEAT02
Leather Armor +2 ILEAT11
Leather Armor +3 ILEAT12
Karajah's Leather Armor ILEAT09
Missile Attraction +2 ILEAT06
Orc Leather +3 ILEAT16
Protector of the Second +2 ILEAT03
Skin of the Ghoul +4 ILEAT13
Shadow Armor ILEAT08
Shadow Dragon Scale ILEAT19
Studded Leather Armor ILEAT04
Studded Leather Armor +1 ILEAT05
Studded Leather Armor +2 ILEAT07
Studded Leather Armor +2 ILEAT015
The Night's Gift +5 ILEAT14

Mage Robes:
Adventurer's Robe ICLCK14
Knave's Robe ICLCK12
Mage Robe of Cold Resistance ICLCK09
Mage Robe of Electric Resistance ICLCK11
Mage Robe of Fire Resistance ICLCK10
Robe of the Apprenti ICLCK29
Robe of the Evil Archmagi ICLCK17
Robe of the Good Archmagi ICLCK15
Robe of the Neutral Archmagi ICLCK16
Robe of Vecna ICLCK09
Traveller's Robe ICLCK13

Ankheg Plate Mail IPLAT06
Armor of the Hart +3 IPLAT16
Delver's Plate +2 IPLAT11
Doomplate +3 IPLAT12
Drow Full Plate +5 IDPLAT01
Firecam Full-Plate Armor INPPLAT
Full Plate Mail IPLAT04
Full Plate Mail +1 IPLAT05
Full Plate Mail +1 IPLAT14
Full Plate + 2 IPLAT05
Gorgon Plate +4 IPLAT13
Mithral Field Plate Armor +2 IPLAT09
Plate Mail Armor IPLAT01
Plate Mail Armor IPLAT08
Plate Mail +1 IPLAT02
Plate Mail +1 IPLAT10
Plate of Balduran IPLAT05
Pride of the Legion +2 IPLAT15
Red Dragon Scale IPLAT18
T'rahcie's Plate +5 IPLAT17

Buckler ISHLDB01
Buckler +1 ISHLDB02
Delryn Family Shield INPSHLD
Dragon Scale Shield +2 ISHLD21
Drow Shield +3 IDSHLD01
Fortress Shield +3 ISHLD23
Large Shield ISHLDL01
Large Shield +1 ISHLDL02
Large Shield +1, +4 vs. Missiles ISHLDL02
Large Shield +2 ISHLDL02
Large Shield +2 ISHLD30
Medium Shield ISHLDM01
Medium Shield ISHLD03
Medium Shield +1 ISHLDM02
Medium Shield +2 ISHLD29
Reflection Shield +1 ISHLD24
Saving Grace +3 ISHLD27
Sentinel +4 ISHLD22
Shield of Balduran ISHLD27
Shield of Harmony +2 ISHLD25
Shield of the Lost +2 ISHLD26
Small Shield ISHLDS01
Small Shield ISHLD01
Small Shield +1 ISHLD02
Small Shield +2 ISHLD28

Cleric Spells

Bless SPPR101C
Command SPPR102C
Cure Light Wounds SPPR103C
Detect Evil SPPR104C
Entangle SPPR105C
Magic Stone SPPR106C
Protection From Evil SPPR107C
Remove Fear SPPR108C
Sanctuary SPPR109C
Shillelagh SPPR110C
Armor of Faith SPPR111B
Doom SPPR113C
Aid SPPR201C
Barkskin SPPR202C
Chant SPPR203C
Charm Person or Mammal SPPR204C
Find Traps SPPR205C
Flame Blade SPPR206C
Good Berries SPPR207C
Hold Person SPPR208C
Know Alignment SPPR209C
Resist Fire/Cold SPPR210C
Silence 15' Radius SPPR211C
Slow Poison SPPR212C
Spiritual Hammer SPPR231C
Draw Upon Holy Might SPPR241C
Animate Dead SPPR301C
Call Lightning SPPR302C
Dispel Magic SPPR303C
Glyph of Warding SPPR304C
Hold Animal SPPR305C
Protection From Fire SPPR306C
Remove Curse SPPR307C
Remove Paralysis SPPR308C
Invisibility Purge SPPR309C
Miscast Magic SPPR310C
Rigid Thinking SPPR311C
Strength of One SPPR312C
Holy Smite SPPR313C
Unholy Blight SPPR314C
Cure Medium Wounds SPPR315C
Cure Disease SPPR317C
Zone of Sweet Air SPPR318C
Summon Insects SPPR319C
Cure Serious Wounds SPPR401C
Animal Summoning I SPPR402C
Free Action SPPR403C
Neutralize Poison SPPR404C
Mental Domination SPPR405C
Defensive Harmony SPPR406C
Protection From Lightning SPPR407C
Protection From Evil 10' radius SPPR408C
Death Ward SPPR409C
Call Woodland Beings SPPR410C
Poison SPPR411C
Holy Power SPPR412C
Negative Plane Protection SPPR413C
Cause Serious Wounds SPPR414C
Farsight SPPR415C
Cloak of Fear SPPR416C
Lesser Restoration SPPR417C
Animal Summoning II SPPR501C
Cure Critical Wounds SPPR502C
Flame Strike SPPR503C
Raise Dead SPPR504C
True Seeing SPPR609C
Iron Skins SPPR506C
Champion's Strength SPPR507C
Chaotic Commands SPPR508C
Magic Resistance SPPR509C
Cause Critical Wounds SPPR510C
Slay Living SPPR511C
Greater Command SPPR512C
Righteous Magic SPPR513C
Mass Cure SPPR514C
Repulse Undead SPPR515C
Pixie Dust SPPR516C
Insect Plague SPPR517C
Aerial Servant SPPR601C
Animal Summoning III SPPR602C
Blade Barrier SPPR603C
Conjure Animals SPPR604C
Conjure Fire Elemental SPPR605C
Fire Seeds SPPR606C
Heal SPPR607C
Harm SPPR608C
False Dawn SPPR609C
Dolorous Decay SPPR610C
Wondrous Recall SPPR611C
Bolt of Glory SPPR612C
Physical Mirror SPPR613C
Sol's Searing Orb SPPR614C
Shield of the Archons SPPR701C
Conjure Earth Elemental SPPR702C
Gate SPPR703C
Nature's Beauty SPPR704C
Fire Storm SPPR705C
Symbol, Fear SPWI811C
Sunray SPPR707C
Finger of Death SPPR708C
Confusion SPWI401C
Holy Word SPPR710C
Resurrection SPPR712C
Greater Restoration SPPR713C
Unholy Word SPPR715C
Creeping Doom SPPR717C
Symbol, Stun SPPR718C
Symbol, Death SPPR719C
Earthquake SPPR720C
Energy Blades SPPR721C
Storm of Vengeance SPPR722C
Elemental Summoning SPPR723C
Greater Elemental Summoning SPPR724C
Globe of Blades SPPR725C
Summon Deva SPPR726C
Summon Fallen Deva SPPR727C
Implosion SPPR728C
Mass Raise Dead SPPR729C
Aura of Flaming Death SPPR730C
Fire Elemental Transformation SPPR731C
Earth Elemental Transformation SPPR732C
True Sight SPWI609C
Fire Shield (Blue) SPWI409C
Fire Shield (Red) SPWI409C
Call Lightning SPPR302C
Raise Dead SPPR504C

Misc ( including misc spells / items & animal attack-graphic )

Isaea's Signet Ring IMISC8O
The Claw of Kazgaroth IMISC72
The Lover's Ring IMISC5R

Creature Attacks:
Earth Elemental ISHAPE06
Fire Elemental ISHAPE07
Fists FIST
Golem ISHAPE03
Mind Flayer ISHAPE02
Troll ISHAPE04

Cause Critical Wounds ICRITICL
Flame Blade IFLAMS01
Ghoul Touch IGHOUL
Melf's Minute Meteor IMETEORS
Shillelagh ISHIL01
Shocking Grasp ISGRASP
Spiritual Hammer ISHAM01

Book of Infinite Spells IMISC3A
Golem Building Book IBOOK90
Isaea's Financial Statements IMISC8N
Manuals IBOOK03
Merella's Journal IBOOK92
Orcish Cookbook IBOOK93
Standard Books IBOOK01
The Book of Kaza IBOOK89
Tome of Amaunator IBOOK91
Umar Witch Project Journal IMISC7H

Familiars (as items):
Dust Mephit FAMIMP
Familiar FAMIMP
Pseudodragon FAMIMP

Andar Gem IMISC22
Aquamarine Gem IMISC33
Beljuril IMISC1J
Black Opal IMISC38
Bloodstone Gem IMISC20
Chrysoberyl Gem IMISC30
Diamond IMISC42
Emerald IMISC43
Fire Agate Gem IMISC16
Horn Coral Gem IMISC35
Garnet Gem IMISC34
Glittering Beljuril Gemstone IMISC1J
Iol Gem IMISC26
Jasper Gem IMISC23
Lynx Eye Gem IMISC17
King's Tears IMISC44
Moonbar Gem IMISC40
Moonstone Gem IMISC27
Pearl IMISC36
Rogue Stone IMISC45
Shandon Gem IMISC32
Skydrop Gem IMISC21
Sphene Gem IMISC37
Star Sapphire IMISC41
Star Diopside Gem IMISC31
Sunstone Gem IMISC18
Tchazar Gem IMISC24
Turquoise Gem IMISC19
Water Opal IMISC39
Waterstar Gem IMISC28
Ziose Gem IMISC29
Zircon Gem IMISC25

Azlaer's Harp, IMISC3N
Bronze Horn of Valhalla, IMISC3J
Iron Horn of Valhalla, IMISC3K
Harp of Discord, IMISC3M
Horn of Blasting, IMISC3H
Horn of Silence, IMISC3l
Methild's Harp, IMISC3O
Silver Horn of Valhalla, IMISC3I
The Horn of Kazgaroth, IMISC73

Air Elemental Statue IMISC4C
Am-si's Key IMISC5I
Beastmaster Key IMISC4Z
Chain Key IKEY08
Chapel Key IKEY07
Cult Key IKEY01
Despana Treasury Key IKE11
Firkraag Prison Key IKEY09
Gaal's Key IKEY02
Galvena's Key IKEY11
Guildhouse Key IKEY10
Haegan's Key IMISC4R
Jail Cell Key IMISC4B
Jon's Key IKEY07
Keep Key IKEY10
Key to Aran's Lair IKEY12
Key to Frennedan's Room IMISC4P
Key to River Plug IMISC83
Mae'Var's Strongbox Key ISHAPE06
Odd Looking Key IMISC93
Planar Key IKEY3
Planar Prison Cell Key IKEY11
Portal Key IMISC4G
Samia's Key IKEY21
Sahuagin Treasury Key IKEY24
Sekolah's Tooth IKEY26
Sewage Golem Key IMISC4S
Sewer Key IKEY11
Shadow Prison Key, IKEY22
Shadow Thief Cellar Key IMISC4S
Shadow Thief Prison Key IKEY13
Symbol of Amaunator IKEY23
The Ogre's Sword (key to Aerie's chains) IMISC4Q
Trademeet Tomb Key IMISC8m
Treasury Key IMISC83
Wand of Cloudkill Key IMISC4L
Wand of Fire Key IMISC4H
Wand of Frost Key IMISC4I
Wand of Lightning Key IMISC4K
Wand of Missiles Key IMISC4M
Wand of Summoning Key IMISC4J

Letters, Notes and Similar Scrolls:
Contact's Note IMISC7C
Corthala Tax Notice IMISC7M
Deed to the Windspear Hills IMISC9l
Demin's Note ISCRL18
Dusk Ritual IMISC8E
Edwin's Documents IMISC4W
Firkraag's Challenge IMISC6U
First journal of Jon Irenicus IMISC9I
Invitation ISCRL02
Isaea's Slavery Document IMISC8P
Jaheira's Note IMISC5Y
Jaheira's note for <CHARNAME> IMISC7G
Letter of Transfer IMISC4T
Lium's Journal of Malevolent Magicks IMISC9C
Lord Tombelthen's Note IMISC7S
Mae'Var's Letter IMISC4V
Morn Ritual IMISC8C
Noontide Ritual IMISC8D
Note (Drow runes of sundering) IMISC8A
Note (from Cragmoon) IMISC7O
Note (Shadow Thief Warning) IMISC8A
Note (Shadow Thief Defection) IMISC8B
Note (To Baron Ployer) ISCRL18
Note from Imnesvale IMISC8I
Note to Order IMISC6R
Playhouse Deed IMISC8F
Quataris' Confession IMISC6F
Ransom Note IMISC5P
Second journal of Jon Irenicus IMISC9J
Sahuagin Scribe's Notes ISCRL18
Tanner's Letter IMISC6A
Third journal of Irenicus IMISC9K
Tizzak's Journal ISCRL18
Tombelthen's Journal (first half) IMISC7P
Tombelthen's Journal (2nd half) IMISC7Q
Warden's Note ISCRL02
Writ of Innocence IMISC5J

Amulets & Necklaces:
Keepsake Locket IMISC5W
Necklace of Talos IMISC4Y

Summoning Items & Figurines:
Black Spider Figurine IMISC3E
Bronze Horn of Valhalla IMISC3J
Efreeti Bottle IMISC3C
Golden Lion Figurine IMISC3D
Iron Horn of Valhalla IMISC3K
Jade Hound IMISC3F
Moon Dog Figurine IMISC7T
Silver Horn of Valhalla IMISC3I

Brine Potion IMISCAB
Potion of Squirrel Change IPOTN45

Non-Fitting ( Misc2 )

Abela the Nymph IMISC54
Acorns IMISC4N
Activation Stone IMISC4A
Adamantine Dust IDDUST
Aerie's Body IMISCBL
Air Elemental Statue IMISC4C
Amuana's Bones IMISC6Q
Anarg's Cup IMISC6I
Ancient Armor IMISC58
Ankheg Shell IMISC12
Anomen's Body IMISCBM
Bag of Holding IBAG04
Bandit Scalp IMISC86
Barl's Antidote IMISC7D
Bassilus' Holy Symbol IMISC85
Beholder Eye IMISCA8
Belladonna flowers IMISC1I
Blood of a Silver Dragon IMISC8H
Blood of Quallo's Friend IMISC5Q
Blood of Quallo's Friend (Healing type) IMISC98
Bodhi's Black Heart IMISCBP
Bone Wardstone IMISC2L
Boo the Miniature Giant Space Hamster!!! IMISC84
Bottle of Wine IMISC61
Bowl of Water Elemental Control IMISC53
Brage's Body IMISC80
Broken Armor IMISC58
Broken Miscellaneous IMISC59
Broken Shield IMISC57
Broken Weapon IMISC56
Brun's Dead Son IMISC54
Bust of Sune IMISC6G
Butter Knife of Balduran IMISC1B
Cernd's Baby IMISC96
Chelak's body IMISC80
Chew Toy IMISC63
Chicken IMISC49
Child's Body IMISC54
Chunk of Illithium Alloy IMISC6S
Contaminated Iron IMISC87
Control Circlet IMISC7Y
Compass Wardstone IMISC2K
Corrupted Tadpoles IMISC9Z
Dawn's Light Symbol IKEY05
Dead Cat IMISC62
Dennis' Mother's Gong IMISC6B
Delorna's Statue IMISC48
Demon Heart IMISC6M
De'Tranion's Baalor Ale IMISC97
Deirex's Gem IMISCBH
Djinni Painting IMISCAR
Dog Meat IMISC7V
Dog Stew IMISC7U
Doppelganger Wardstone IMISC2A
Dragon Eggs IMISC9T
Duke Eltan's Body IMISC55
Dwarven Rune 1 Wardstone IMISC2M
Dwarven Rune 2 Wardstone IMISC2N
Eyestalk of an Elder Orb IMISCA8
Fake Dragon Eggs (Phaere's) IMISC9T
Fake Dragon Eggs (Solaufein) IMISC9T
Elder Brain Blood IMISC8H
Elven Holy Water IMISC7E
Elven Priest Stone IMISC2J
Embarl's Dagger IMISC4U
Energy Cells IMISC4E
Evan's Body IMISC80
Exotic Hide IMISC5G
Fairy Dust IMISC7E
Fake Rebel's Heart IMISC8R
Farmer Brun's son (DEAD) IMISC13
Farthing's Dolly IMISC1G
Fuernebol Wardstone IMISC2E
Galvena's Medallion IMISCAN
Gem bag IBAG02
Giant Troll's Head IMISC9D
Gilded Rope IMISCBE
Glasses of Identification IMISC3P
Gold Piece IMISC07
Golden Arm and Leg IMISCAW
Golden Circlet IMISCAA
Golden Goblet of Life IMISCB2
Golden Pantaloons IMISC47
Golden Torso IMISCAY
Golem Arm IMISC6K
Golem Brain IMISC6L
Golem Head IMISC6J
Good Berry IGBER01
Gong Mallet IMISC1H
Grapes IMISC91
Grinning Skull IMISC50
Guril Berries IMISC5H
Guril Berries IMISC6C
Harper Amulet IMISC5E
Harper Bird IMISC5D
Harper Pin IMISC5X
Head of Cotirso IMISC7K
Helshara's Artifact Fragment IMISC69
Hourglass IMISCAH
Idol of Kozah the Stormstar IMISC48
Ihtafeer's head IMISC8K
Illithid Serum IMISCBK
Illithium Ore IMISC5K
Inspector's Body IMISC5M
Islanne Wardstone IMISC2C
Jae'llat Wardstone IMISC2J
Jaheira's Body IMISCBN
Jar of Water IMISCAB
Keepsake Locket IMISC5W
Kiel Wardstone IMISC2D
Kuo-Toan's Blood IMISC8H
Kurtulmak's Crystal Shard IMISC8Z
Lens Piece IMISC93
Level 1 Exit Wardstone IMISC2B
Level 2 Exit Wardstone IMISC2G
Lich's Tooth IMISCBG
Light Gem IMISC6N
Lightstone Symbol IKEY06
Littleman The Stuffed Bear IMISC5L
Lock of hair from Kirinhale IMISC51
Lock of Nymph's hair IMISC51
Lock of Jaheira's Hair IMISC5V
Magical Rope IMISCBI
Male Body IMISC80
Mallet Handle IMISC95
Mallet Head IMISC94
Mantle of Waukeen IMISC8l
Manuals IBOOK03
Mask of King Strohm III IKEY20
Mastery Orb IMISC7X
Mekrath's Mirror IMISC6H
Melicamp the chicken IMISC49
Mimic's Blood IMISC6Y
Mind Amplification Device IMISC9S
Mind Flayer Painting IMISCAO
Minotaur Horn IMISC9E
Minotaur Horn IMISC9F
Mithril Token IMISCAL
Move out men! The enemy is everywhere! IMISC2H (Wardstone type item)
Montaron's Body IMISC5U
Moonblade IMISCB3
Mug of Ale IMISC97
Mulahey's Holy Symbol IMISC85
Neb's Head IMISC9H
Necklace of Talos IMISC4Y
Oak Bark IMISC6E
Opal Stone IMISC38
Patrol Leader's Helmet IHELM00
Peladan IMISC96
Pendant (sword) IMISCAE
Piece of Burial Mask (horns) IKEY14
Piece of Burial Mask (neck) IKEY15
Piece of Burial Mask (skalp) IKEY16
Piece of Burial Mask (face) IKEY17
Piece of Burial Mask (mouth) IKEY18
Piece of Burial Mask (sides and back) IKEY19
Piece of Red Cloth, IMISC5N
Pirate Horn IMISC9G
Planar Stone IMISC6T
Portal Gem IMISC6X
Qilue's Brain IMISCBJ
Rabbit's Foot IMISC88
Raissa's Skin IMISC79
Rebel's Heart IMISC8S
Rebel's Orb IMISC8Q
Red Dragon Scales ISCALER
Renfeld's Body IMISC5F
Rift Device IMISC5C
Rift Device (used) IMISC5Z
Rift Device Part IMISC5A
Rift Device Part IMISC5B
Rhynn Lanthorn I6LANTHO
Ruby Stone IMISC20
Rune of Imprisonment IMISC8G
Samuel (body) IMISC13
Sapphire Stone IMISC1J
Scroll Case IBAG03
Sea Charts IMISC1C
Searing Orb ISORB
Shaman's Staff IMISC5T
Shadow Dragon Scales ISCALEB
Shadow Dragon Wardstone IMISC6P
Silver Pantaloons IMISC5O
Skull IMISC50
Skull of Kereph IMISC50
Sleeping Draught IPOTN15
Smuggled Shipment IMISC6V
Solik Berries IMISC6D
Spider Body IMISC60
Star Medallion IMISCA9
Statuette of Lathander IMISC4X
Stone Harp IMISCBR
Stone Horn IMISCBS
Stoneshape Scroll SPPR720A
Sulphurous Poison IPOTN45
Sun Medallion IMISCAD
Sun Ray Symbol IKEY04
Switch for an Engine IMISC92
Sword Medallion IMISCAE
Symbol of Amaunator IKEY23
Tainted Dragon Eggs IMISC9T
Talisman of Rillifane IMISCB1
Tears of Bhaal IMISCB5
Teleportation Wardstone IMISC2F
Telescope IMISC64
The Candle IMISC74
The Dream Potion IPOTN20
The Gagged Man IMISCAF
The Genie's Flask IMISC4D
The Hand of Dace IMISC9A
The Lover's Ring IMISC5R
Thrall Collar IMISC7Y
Ti'Vael's Head IMISC7F
Tree of Life Nuts IMISCB4
Troll Painting IMISCAQ
Umberhulk Painting IMISCAP
Valygar's Body IMISC7L
Vampire Stake IMISC9B
Viconia's Body IMISCBO
Wardstone for Asylum IMISC8V
Wardstone Forgery IMISC2I
Wardstone Forgery IMISC2J
Winter Wolf Pelt IMISC01
Wooden Stake IMISC6W
Wyvern Head IMISC52
Yoshimo's Heart IMISCBP


Acid Arrow IAROW04
Arrow IAROW01
Arrow +1 IAROW02
Arrow +2 IAROW11
Arrow of Biting IAROW05
Arrow of Detonation IAROW06
Arrow of Dispelling IAROW07
Arrow of Ice IAROW09
Arrow of Fire IAROW08
Arrows of Piercing IAROW10
Arrow of Slaying IAROW03

Aegis Fang, IAX1H05
Azuredge, IAX1H10
Axe of Hrothgar +3, IAX1H03
Bala's Axe, IAX1H07
Battle Axe, IAX1H01
Battle Axe +1, IAX1H02
Battle Axe +2, IAX1H03
Battle Axe +2, IAX1H11
Battle Axe +3, IAX1H02
Battle Axe +3, Frostreaver, IAX1H13
Battle Axe +3, Stonefire, IAX1H12
Hangard's Axe +2, IAX1H08
Rifthome Axe +3, IAX1H09
Throwing Axe, IAX1H04
Throwing Axe +2, IAX1H05

Bastard Swords:
Albruin +1 ISW1H34
Bastard Sword ISW1H01
Bastard Sword +1 ISW1H02
Bastard Sword +1,+3 vs. Shapeshifters ISW1H03
Bastard Sword +2 ISW1H42
Blade of Searing +3 ISW1H39
Jhor The Bleeder +2 ISW1H38
Taragarth +1 ISW1H37

Blessed Bolt IBOLT02
Bolt IBOLT01
Bolt +1 IBOLT02
Bolt +2 IBOLT06
Bolt of Biting IBOLT04
Bolt of Lightning IBOLT03
Bolt of Polymorphing IBOLT05
Drow Bolt +1 IDBOLT03
Drow Bolt of Sleep IDBOLT01
Drow Bolt of Stunning IDBOLT02
Flasher Master Bruiser Mate IMISC50
Kuo-Toa Bolts IBOLT02
Paralytic Bolt IBOLT02

Composite Long Bow IBOW03
Composite Long Bow +1 IBOW02
Composite Long Bow +2 IBOW16
Eagle Long Bow IBOW08
Elven Court Long Bow +3 IBOW12
Heartseeker Long Bow +3 IBOW10
Long Bow IBOW01
Long Bow +1 IBOW04
Long Bow +2 IBOW17
Long Bow of Marksmanship IBOW07
Mana Long Bow +4 IBOW13
Ripper Long Bow +2 IBOW09
Short Bow IBOW05
Short Bow +1 IBOW03
Short Bow +2 IBOW18
Short Bow of Arvoreen INPBOW
Short Bow of Gesen IBOW19
Gesen Bow Shaft IBOW19A
Gesen Bow String IBOW19B
Strong Arm Long Bow +2 IBOW11
Tansheron's Short Bow +3 IBOW15
Tuigan Short Bow +1 IBOW14

Bone Club +2, +3 vs. Undead IBLUN23
Club IBLUN01
Club +2, Gnasher IBLUN24
Club +3, Blackblood IBLUN22
The Root of the Problem IBLUN10
Wyvern's Tail +2 IBLUN17

Crossbow of Affliction +4 IXBOW13
Drow Crossbow of Speed IDXBOW01
Flasher Launcher IXBOW12
Giant Hair Crossbow +3 IXBOW08
Heavy Crossbow IXBOW01
Heavy Crossbow +1 IXBOW02
Heavy Crossbow +2 IXBOW07
Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy IXBOW03
Heavy Crossbow of Searing +1 IXBOW14
Light Crossbow IXBOW04
Light Crossbow +1 IXBOW05
Light Crossbow +2 IXBOW09
Light Crossbow of Speed IXBOW06
Necaradan's Crossbow +3 IXBOW10

Boomerang Dagger +2 IDAGG11
Boneblade +4 IDAGG14
Dagger IDAGG01
Dagger +1 IDAGG02
Dagger +2 IDAGG03
Dagger +2 IDAGG15
Dagger +2, Longtooth IDAGG04
Dagger +4, Life-Stealer IDAGG10
Dagger of Venom IDAGG03
Embarl's Dagger IMISC4U
Fire Tooth +3 IDAGG12
Moonblade ISW1H13 ( Xan´s sword (BG1) )
Neb's Nasty Cutter IDAGG13
Pixie Prick +3 IDAGG13
Poisoned Throwing Dagger IDAGG16
Throwing Dagger IDAGG05
Shadow Thief Dagger IDAGG18
Silver Dagger - Werebane IDAGG09
Stiletto of Demarchess +2 IDAGG17

Asp's Nest IDART05
Dart IDART01
Dart +1, IDART02
Dart +5 IDART04
Dart of Stunning IDART03
Dart of Wounding IDART04

Flails and Morningstars:
Defender of Easthaven +2 IBLUN13
Drow Flail +3 IDBLUN01
Everard's Morning Star +2 IBLUN15
Flail IBLUN02
Flail +1 IBLUN03
Flail +2 IBLUN13
Flail of Ages +3 IBLUN14
Flail Head (Cold) IBLUN14A
Flail Head (Fire) IBLUN14B
Flail Head (Acid) IBLUN14C
Flail of Ages (Fire/Cold) IBLUN14D
Flail of Ages (Acid/Cold) IBLUN14E
Flail of Ages (Fire/Acid) IBLUN14F
Flail of Ages (Cold) IBLUN14G
Flail of Ages (Fire) IBLUN14H
Flail of Ages (Acid) IBLUN14I
Morning Star IBLUN06
Morning Star +1 IBLUN07
Morning Star +2 IBLUN15
The Sleeper +2 IBLUN16

Blackmist +4 IHALB06
Dragon's Bane +3 IHALB04
Dragon's Breath +4 IHALB05
Drow Halberd +3 IDHALB01
Halberd, IHALB01
Halberd +1 IHALB02
Halberd +2 IHALB03
Halberd +2 IHALB07
Halberd +2, Duskblade IHALB08
Halberd +4: Wave IHALB09
Harmonium Halberd IHALB04
Wave Shaft IHALB09A
Wave Blade IHALB09B

Celestial Fury ISW1H51
Corthala Family Blade INSW1H04
Dak'kon's Zerth Blade ISW1H44
Katana ISW1H43
Katana +1 ISW1H44
Katana +2 ISW1H44
Malakar +2 ISW1H45
Yoshimo's Katana +1 INSW1H02

Long Swords:
Adjatha The Drinker +2 ISW1H35
Blade of Roses +3 ISW1H40
Daystar ISW1H31
Dragonslayer ISW1H32
Drow Longsword +3 IDSW1H02
Flame Tongue ISW1H24
Long Sword ISW1H04
Long Sword +1 ISW1H05
Long Sword +2 ISW1H06
Long Sword +2 ISW1H41
Namarra +2 ISW1H36
Ras +2 ISW1H33
The Equalizer ISW1H54
The Vampire's Revenge ISW1H05
Sword of Balduran IWS1H40
Sword of Flame +1 ISW1H24

Ardulia's Fall +1 IBLUN21
Handmaiden's Mace IBLUN20
Jerrod's Mace IBLUN21
Mace IBLUN04
Mace +1 IBLUN05
Mace of Disruption +1 IBLUN12
Mace of Disruption +2 IBLUN05
Mauler's Arm +2 IBLUN05
Skullcrusher +3 IBLUN18

Ninja-To ISW1H48
Scarlet Ninja-To +3 ISW1H48

Cleric's Staff +3 ISTAF19
Martial Staff +3 ISTAF08
Staff Mace ISTAF06
Staff of Air +2 ISTAF15
Staff of Arundel INPSTAF
Staff of Command ISTAF09
Staff of Curing ISTAF10
Staff of Earth +2 ISTAF16
Staff of Fire +2 ISTAF17
Staff of Power ISTAF02
Staff of Rynn +4 ISTAF19
Staff of the High Forest INPSTAF
Staff of the Magi ISTAF11
Staff of Striking ISTAF05
Staff of the Woodlands +4 ISTAF14
Staff of Thunder and Lightning ISTAF13
Staff Spear +2 ISTAF07
Quarterstaff ISATF01
Quarterstaff +1 ISTAF02
Quarter Staff +2 ISTAF18

Belm +2 ISW1H30
Drow Scimitar +3 IDSW1H01
Scimitar ISW1H20
Scimitar +1 ISW1H20
Scimitar +2, Rashad's Talon ISW1H23
Scimitar +3, Water's Edge ISW1H15
Scimitar +3, Frostbrand ISW1H15 ( Drizzts Scimitar 1 )
Scimitar +5, Defender ISW1H15 ( Drizzts Scimitar 2 )
Shazzellim +1 ISW1H50

Short Swords:
Arbane's Sword +2 ISW1H27
Cutthroat +4 ISW1H28
Chaos Blade INSW1H06
Entropy, INSW1H05
Ilbratha +1 ISW1H26
Kundane +2 ISW1H25
Short Sword, ISW1H07
Short Sword +1 ISW1H08
Short Sword +2 ISW1H09
Short Sword +2 ISW1H29
Sword of Arvoreen INSW1H01
Short Sword of Backstabbing ISW1H10

Sling ISLNG01
Sling +1 ISLNG02
Sling +2 ISLNG04
Sling +3 ISLNG03
Sling +3 : 'Arla's Dragonbane' ISLNG05
Sling of Arvoreen +4 ISLNG06
Sling of Everard +5 ISLNG07
Sling of Seeking +2 ISLNG07

Sling Bullets:
Bullet IBULL01
Bullet +1 IBULL02
Bullet +2 IBULL03
Sunstone Bullet +1 IBULL04

Drow Lance +3 IDSPER01
Spear ISPER01
Spear +1 ISPER02
Spear +1, Halcyon ISPER09
Spear +2 ISPER05
Spear +3, ISPER06
Spear +3, Backbiter ISPER03
Spear +3, Impaler ISPER08 (BOO-YA)
Spear of Kuldahar +3 ISPER05
Spear of the Unicorn +2 ISPER07
Spear of Withering +4 ISPER10

Two Handed Swords:
Carsomyr +5 ISW2H10
Cursed Berserking Sword +3
Flame Of The North ISW2H12
Harbringer +3 ISW2H07
Hallowed Redeemer INSW1H03
Joril's Dagger +3 ISW2H07
Lilarcor, ISW2H14
Vorpal Silver Sword ISW2H15
Soul Reaver +4 ISW2H08
Sword of Chaos +2 ISW2H11
Two Handed Sword, ISW2H01
Two Handed Sword +1 ISW2H02
Two Handed Sword +2 ISW2H11
Warblade +4 ISW2H09

Wakizashi ISW1H46
Wakizashi +1 ISW1H47
Kachiko's Wakizashi +3 ISW1H47

Crom Faeyr IHAMM07
Dwarven Thrower +3 IHAMM06
Hammer of Thunderbolts +3 IHAMM07
War Hammer IHAMM01
War Hammer +1 IHAMM02
War Hammer +1,+4 vs. Giantkin IHAMM04
War Hammer +2 IHAMM08
War Hammer +2, Ashideena IHAMM03
War Hammer +2, +1 electrical: 'Borok's Fist' IHAMM03

Wizard Spells

Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting SPWI812C
Absolute Immunity SPWI907C
Agannazar's Scorcher SPWI217C
Animate Dead SPWI501C
Armor SPWI102C

Bigby's Crushing Hand SPWI918C
Bigby's Clenched Fist SPWI818C
Black Blade of Disaster SPWI915C
Blindness SPWI106C
Breach SPWI513C
Blur SPWI201C
Burning Hands SPWI103C

Cacofiend SPWI707C
Carrion Summons SPWI623C
Chain Contingency SPWI908C
Chain Lightning SPWI615C
Charm Person SPWI104C
Chaos SPWI508C
Chaos Shield* SPWI222C
Chill Touch SPWI117C
Clairvoyance SPWI301C
Cloud Kill SPWI502C
Chromatic Orb SPWI118C
Comet SPWI925C
Conjure Air Elemental SPWI621C
Conjure Earth Elemental SPWI622C
Conjure Fire Elemental SPWI620C
Conjure Lesser Air Elemental SPWI520C
Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental SPWI521C
Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental SPWI516C
Control Undead SPWI720C
Color Spray SPWI105C
Cone of Cold SPWI503C
Confusion SPWI401C
Contagion SPWI409C
Contingency SPWI617C
Contingency - Mirror Image SPWI212C

Deafness SPWI223C
Death Fog SPWI614C
Death Spell SPWI605C
Delayed Blast Fireball SPWI712C
Detect Evil SPWI202C
Detect Illusion SPWI322C
Detect Invisibility SPWI203C
Dimension Door SPWI402C
Dire Charm SPWI316C
Disintegrate SPWI305C
Dispel Magic SPWI302C
Domination SPWI506C
Dragon's Breath SPWI922C

Emotion SPWI411C
Enchanted Weapon SPWI417C
Energy Blades SPWI920C
Energy Drain SPWI914C

Farsight SPWI424C
Feeblemind SPWI509C
Find Familiar SPWI123C
Finger of Death SPWI502C
Fireball SPWI304C
Fire Shield (Blue) SPWI403C
Fire Shield (Red) SPWI418C
Flame Arrow SPWI303C
Flesh to Stone SPWI407C
Freedom SPWI917C
Friends SPWI107C

Gate SPWI905C
Ghost Armor SPWI317C
Ghoul Touch SPWI218C
Glitterdust SPWI224C
Globe of Invulnerability SPWI602C
Grease SPWI101B
Greater Malison SPWi412C

Haste SPWI305C
Hold Monster SPWi507C
Hold Person SPPR208C
Hold Undead SPWI324C
Horror SPWI205C

Identify SPWI110C
Ice Storm SPWI404C
Improved Invisibility SPWi405C
Invisible Stalker SPWI601C
Immunity: Abjuration SPWI590C
Immunity: Alteration SPWI597C
Immunity: Conjuration SPWI591C
Immunity: Divination SPWI592C
Immunity: Enchantment SPWI593C
Immunity: Evocation SPWI595C
Immunity: Illusion SPWI594C
Immunity: Necromancy SPWI596C
Imprisonment SPWI910C
Improved Alacrity SPWi921C
Improved Chaos Shield* SPWI723C
Improved Haste SPWI613C
Improved Mantle SPWI808C
Incendiary Cloud SPWI810C
Infravision SPWI111C
Invisibility SPWI206C
Invisibility 10' Radius SPWI307C

Khelben's Warding Whip SPWI705C
Knock SPWI207C
Know Alignment SPWI208C

Larloch's Minor Drain SPWI119C
Lightning Bolt SPWI308C
Limited Wish SPWI722C
Lower Resistance SPWI514C
Luck SPWI209C

Magic Missile SPWI112C
Mantle SPWI708C
Mass Invisibility SPWI721C
Maze SPWI813C
Melf's Acid Arrow SPWI211C
Melf's Minute Meteors SPWI325C
Meteor Swarm SPWI911C
Minor Globe of Invulneribility SPWI406C
Minor Sequencer SPWI420C
Minor Spell Deflection SPWI318C
Minor Spell Sequencer SPWI212C
Minor Spell Turning SPWI522C
Monster Summoning I SPWI309C
Monster Summoning II SPWI502C
Monster Summoning III SPWI504C
Mordenkainen's Sword SPWI716C
Mirror Image SPWI212C
Mislead SPWI607C

Nahal's Reckless Dweomer SPWI124C
Non Detection SPWI310C

Oracle SPWI515C
Otiluke's Resilient Sphere SPWI413C

Phantom Blade SPWI518C
Pierce Magic SPWI608C
Pierce Shield SPWI805C
Polymorph Other SPWI415C
Polymorph Self SPWI416C
Power Word Blind SPWI815C
Power Word, Kill SPWI912C
Power Word Sleep SPWI220C
Power Word Silence SPPR211C
Power Word, Stun SPWI715C
Prismatic Spray SPWI714C
Protection From Acid SPWI517C
Protection From Cold SPWI320C
Protection From Electricity SPWI512C
Protection From Energy SPWI803C
Protection From Evil SPWI113C
Protection From Fire SPWI319C
Protection From Magic Energy SPWI606C
Protection From Magical Weapons SPWI611C
Protection From Normal Missiles SPWI311C
Protection From Normal Weapons SPWI511C
Protection From Petrification SPWI108C
Protection From The Elements SPWI702C

Ray of Enfeeblement SPWI221C
Reflected Image SPWI120C
Remove Curse SPWI410C
Remove Magic SPWI326C
Resist Fear SPWI210C
Ruby Ray of Reversal SPWI704C

Secret Word SPWI419C
Shadow Door SPWI505C
Shapechange SPWI916C
Shapeshifts Black Bear PLYBEAR1
Shapeshifts Brown Bear PLYBEAR2
Shapeshifts Flind PLYFLIND
Shapeshifts Mustard Jelly PLYJELLY
Shapeshifts Natural Form PLYMAN
Shapeshifts Ogre PLYOGRE
Shapeshifts Spider PLYSPIDR
Shapeshifts Wolf PLYWOLF
Shield SPWI114C
Shocking Grasp SPWI115C
Simulacrum SPWI804C
Skull Trap SPWI313C
Sleep SPWI116C
Slow SPWI312C
Spell Deflection SPWI618C
Spell Immunity SPWI510C
Spellstrike SPWI903C
Spell Trap SPWI902C
Spell Trigger SPWI809C
Spell Sequencer SPWI710C
Spell Shield SPWI801C
Spell Thrust SPWI 321C
Spell Turning SPWI701C
Sphere of Chaos SPWI711C
Spider Spawn SPWI423C
Spirit Armor SPWI414C
Spook SPWI125C
Stinking Cloud SPWI213C
Stoneskin SPWI408C
Stone to Flesh SPWI625C
Strength SPWI214C
Summon Dark Planetar SPWI924C
Summon Djinni SPWI718C
Summon Efreeti SPWI717C
Summon Fiend SPWI807C
Summon Hakeashar SPWI719C
Summon Nishruu SPWI624C
Summon Planetar SPWI923C
Sunfire SPWI523C
Symbol, Death SPPR719C
Symbol, Fear SPWI811C
Symbol, Stun SPPR718C

Teleport Field SPWI421C
Teleport Without Error SPWI402C
Tenser's Transformation SPWI603C
Time Stop SPWI909C
True Sight SPWI609C

Vampiric Touch SPWI314C
Vocalize SPWI219C

Wail of the Banshee SPWI913C
Web SPWI215C
Wish SPWI919C
Wizard Eye SPWI425C
Wyvern Call SPWI619C

Please notice that the scrolls are having the letter C after them, this is all a part of the code!
The C means that it is the SCROLL-ICON, if you inset a B where the C is, would it be the MEMORIZED icon, and finally would a A mean, SPELLBOOK-ICON.

Potion of Fire Resistance IPOTN02
Potion of Hill Giant Strength IPOTN03
Potion of Frost Giant Strength IPOTN04
Potion of Fire Giant Strength IPOTN05
Potion of Cloud Giant Strength IPOTN06
Potion of Storm Giant Strength IPOTN07
Potion of Healing IPOTN08
Potion of Heroism IPOTN09
Potion of Invisibility IPOTN10
Potion of Invulnerability IPOTN11
Potion of Stone Giant Strength IPOTN12
Oil of Fiery Burning IPOTN13
Oil of Speed IPOTN14
Red Potion IPOTN15
Violet Potion IPOTN16
Elixir of Health IPOTN17
Potion of Absorbtion IPOTN18
Potion of Agility IPOTN19
Antidote IPOTN20
Potion of Clarity IPOTN21
Potion of Cold Resistance IPOTN22
Oil of Speed (2) IPOTN23
Potion of Defense IPOTN24
Potion of Healing IPOTN25
Potion of Explosions IPOTN26
Potion of Firebreath IPOTN27
Potion of Fortitude IPOTN28
Potion of Genius IPOTN29
Potion of Infravision IPOTN30
Potion of Insulation IPOTN31
Antidote (2) IPOTN32
Potion of Magic Blocking IPOTN33
Potion of Magic Protection IPOTN34
Potion of Magic Shielding IPOTN35
Potion of Master Thievery IPOTN36
Potion of Mind Focusing IPOTN37
Potion of Mirrored Eyes IPOTN38
Potion of Perception IPOTN39
Potion of Invulnerability (2) IPOTN40
Potion of Power IPOTN41
Potion of Regeneration IPOTN42
Potion of Icedust IPOTN45
Potion of Insight IPOTN43
Potion of Strength IPOTN44
Potion of Freedom IPOTN45
Potion of Stone Form IPOTN46
Marek's potion of antidote IPOTN20
Vial of mysterious liquid IPOTN20
Potion of Extra Healing IPOTN52
Festule the Alchemist's Potion IPOTN53
Empty Potion Bottle IPOTN54
Potion of Superior Healing IPOTN55
Rogue's Potion of Frost Giant Strength IPOTN04
Marek's potion of antidote (2) IPOTN20
Potion of Power, Wizard PTION2KI
Potion of Power, Priest PTION2LI
Potion of Power, Rogue PTION2MI
Potion of Power, Warrior PTION2NI
Potion of Power IPOTN41

Potions GroundIcon GPOTN01

Rabbit Ring IRING05
Ring of Fire Resistance IRING02
Ring of Animal Friendship IRING03
Ring of Clumsiness IRING04
Ring of Invisibility IRING05
Ring of Protection +1 IRING06
Ring of Protection +2 IRING07
Ring of Wizardry IRING08
Ring of Free Action IRING09
Gold Ring IRING10
Silver Ring IRING11
Onyx Ring IRING12
Jade Ring IRING13
Greenstone Ring IRING14
Bloodstone Ring IRING15
Angel Skin Ring IRING16
Flamedance Ring IRING17
Fire Opal Ring IRING18
Ruby Ring IRING19
Ring of Energy IRING20
Ring of Infravision IRING21
Ring of Holiness IRING22
Ring of Folly IRING23
Koveras' Ring of Protection IRING06
Ring of Djinni Summoning IRING26
Ring of Fire Control IRING27
Ring of Air Control IRING28
Ring of Earth Control IRING29
Ring of Human Influence IRING31
Ring of Regeneration IRING31
Ring IRING09
Ring of the Ram IRING33
Ring of Spell Turning IRING34
Ring of Lock Picks IRING35
Ring of Danger Sense IRING36
Storm Ring IRING37
Dawn Ring IRING38
Ring of Gaxx IRING39
Ring of Acuity IRING08
Ring of Protection +3 IRING07
Ring of Improved Invisibility IRING05
Oaken Ring IRING43
Heartwood Ring IRING44
Delryn Family Ring IRING45
Ring of Anti-Venom IRING46
Ring IRING01
Joseph's Greenstone Ring IRING14
Ring of Earth Control (2) IRING09

Rings GroundIcon GRING01

Wand of Magic Missiles IWAND03
Wand of Paralyzation IWAND04
Wand of Fire IWAND05
Wand of Frost IWAND06
Wand of Lightning IWAND07
Wand of Sleep IWAND08
Wand of Polymorphing IWAND09
Wand of Monster Summoning IWAND10
Wand of the Heavens IWAND11
Wand of Wonder IWAND12
Wand of Cloudkill IWAND13
Web Sack IWAND14
Wand of Apprenti IWAND02
Wand of Spell Striking IWAND18
Wand of Cursing IWAND19

Wands GroundIcon GWAND01

how come you always look so damn cool in every photo I see you in?!?

Speaking of modding, I listened to IER 3 yesterday, so you can have another quote for your signature: how come you sound so damn cool, as well as look it? It's unfair. Seriously.

Still a cyberjock, still hacking the matrix, still unsure of what that means.

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Posted 21 August 2005 - 04:46 AM

Reposted this as it got lost in the move.

how come you always look so damn cool in every photo I see you in?!?

Speaking of modding, I listened to IER 3 yesterday, so you can have another quote for your signature: how come you sound so damn cool, as well as look it? It's unfair. Seriously.

Still a cyberjock, still hacking the matrix, still unsure of what that means.

TeamBG member - http://www.teambg.eu