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French Translation

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#1 Ashramyr

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Posted 27 January 2005 - 12:16 AM

As Bob, sadly :crying: , didn't give any news since october 2004, i would like to know who take charge of the mod. I made the translation and it would be cool , i think, to include it (two TRA files only) as the french players who don't speak english can't play this very sympathetic mod.

Thanks in advance ^^.
French translation team's contact: The D'Oghmatiques. Ask me if your mod need a french version

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#2 discharger12


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Posted 21 January 2006 - 06:31 PM

Oh, hehe. Please ignore this post. I had more than one window open and thought I was on a different board... :P

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No. No, they really are defunct.

#3 Shed



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Posted 22 January 2006 - 02:16 AM

In BobTokyo's absence, I suppose it falls to SHS to support this mod ;). Email the .tra files to shed@spellholdstudios.net and I'll update it :).

#4 the bigg

the bigg

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Posted 22 January 2006 - 04:34 AM

Wait a sec, I have also the Italian version hidden somewhere :)

Italian users: help test the Stivan NPC!

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