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Posted 10 April 2005 - 09:48 PM

Return To Trademeet version 1.5 is windows and (should be) OS X compatible.

The original readme can be found here


Return To Trademeet is a total conversion (mod) for Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal.

A total conversion is a complete alteration, using the engine of an existing game as a basis, the game in this case being Baldur's Gate 2.

RTT (Return To Trademeet) takes place in Trademeet, after the defeat of Melissan in Throne of Bhaal. For more info, see: Features and Story Line

The official website is: http://rtteng.altervista.org


Return To Trademeet needs Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal version 26498 to function.


Install Shadows of Amn, then Throne of Bhaal and apply the 26498 patch. Create a new Shadows of Amn game, wait till you see the first Irenicus cutscene and exit (the last point is fundamental! If you skip it you will have to uninstall and reinstall Return To Trademeet).

Unpack RTT15.rar into the directory where Baldur's Gate 2 is installed and run Setup-RTT.exe.

MAC (OS X) users have to move the files from the folder "RTT\MAC\" to the "BGII - SoA" one. Then, run Setup-RTTMac.command.

There are two components:

1- Main: the main files. The component isn't optional.

2- Tiz: graphics. The component isn't optional.

At the end of the installation, you'll need few minutes to let your pc to convert graphics from .tiz to .tis.

When the convertion finishes, you'll have to run Baldur's Gate 2 as usual to play Return To Trademeet.


To uninstall or reinstall this mod, run Setup-RTT.exe (or Setup-RTTMac.command if you are an OS X user) and follow the instructions. You'll have to manually delete this readme.


Return To Trademeet isn't compatible with any NPC mods, quest mods or other total conversions. It's compatible with some tweak mods, spell mods and item mods. Just Remember to install them after RTT.

For example, components 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 11, 12, 14 and 27 of Weimer?s Ease of Use pack are compatible with RTT. The other ones are incompatible or useless.


Version 1.5 has a new way to remove and restore the soundtrack. When the installation ends, you'll find two new files in the folder "BGII - SoA": "BYEMUSIC.BAT" and "RESTOREMUSIC.BAT". Run the first one to remove the soundtrack and the second one to restore it.


1 Large Main Quest

6 Large Sub-Quests

Many Mini Quests

About 20 new kits

120 new items (and their new icons)

60 new spells

140 areas

Monster and Co.
400 minor NPCs

+20 new enemies

Major NPCs
9 NPCs (Alenina, Ararin, Bolfain, Brent, Derek, Gilian, Imoen, Venisia and Volg)

Special NPC
1 special NPC

280 dialogs

Many banters, interactions and interjections

10 about new musical tracks

Many detailed journal updates

Italian and English

Hours of Gameplay
Roughly 25-30

Did I forget anything?
Sure! Try RTT and find it!


After your last great battle, you decided not to become a god. Since then, a year has passed. All of your companions from that time have left your side and now follow their own paths.

In all of this time you have lived in many cities, but you never remained in one for more than a month.

You were surprised at how quickly people seemed to forget what you had done for them. The only cities that still show you any gratitude are Suldanessalar and Trademeet, and even they are slowly forgetting you.

During your travels you started to feel nostalgia for the place in which you grew up. Often during the night you dreamed of Candlekeep, with all of its towers, all of its walls, and of the happy men who lived there. Sometimes, you dreamed of Gorion. In these dreams, Gorion spoke to you. He invited you to come back to Candlekeep, and to find him. His image appeared very clearly to you, almost as if it were real. These dreams were not like the others, in which he had always seemed nothing more than a dark, ghostly figure.

Your desire to once again see the town in which you were born increased steadily. Then, one day, a messenger delivered to you a letter written by the monks of Candlekeep. They ask you to meet with them, because they have to speak to you about something very important that they have discovered, though they write that there is no need to be hasty. Whatever it is, it is too important to be described in the letter.

Your desire to see familiar places was great, and in a few day's time you were already travelling. Now, after a week, you are in Trademeet for a rest. You are hoping to be able to stop here for two or three days in order to recover your lost energy.

And now the story begins!

.: FAQ :.

Can I still play Shadows of Amn or Throne of Bhaal if I install RTT?

No, you'll have to uninstall Return To Trademeet to be able to play the original Baldur's Gate 2 again.

Is RTT a weidu mod?

Return To Trademeet is the first 'half-weidu' total conversion!

'Half-weidu'? What do you mean?

Total conversions have no reason to be weidu. Weidu lets us install many mods all together, but RTT is incompatible with any mod (read above for the few exceptions). So, a conversion into this format would bring no advantages, just bugs. RTT uses Weidu installation to give the user a sense of familiarity with other BG2 mods.

Is there an alternative not-weidu installation?

From version 1.5, yes. A few players reported that the weidu setup didn't work for them. Take a look at the folder "RTT/ALTERNATIVESETUP/", run the readme and follow the instructions. The alternative setup is not recommended if the weidu setup works.

Which are the differences of the new versions (1.4 and 1.5) and what about the future of this mod?

Version 1.4 fixes many bugs, improves some aspects and adds more intensive interaction among NPCs. Version 1.5 is mainly focused on items and their icons, on fixing a couple of bugs and on the alternative setup. Version 1.6 will be focused on...?

Can I play a multiplayer game?

Yes, you can. However, Return To Trademeet, wasn't planned for this purpose.

At the end of Throne of Bhaal I was a God. What the hell has happened?

I've always had the sense that Baldur's Gate 2 is for a good-neutral character, for someone who wouldn't desire to become a deity. Like the beginning of Shadows of Amn, where you have Minsc, Jaheira and Imoen as companions, you have to accept this. Try to pretend you didn't choose to sit among the gods. If you can't do that, well... I fear you should unistall RTT.

Can I import my old character?

Sorry, you can't. You'll have to create a new one.

What about bugs? Will I find them?

Possibly, yes. Please, write me if you find one (rtt-mod@libero*DOT*it)

Where does the mod begin?

Return To Trademeet starts in Trademeet.

Do I start as a fortieth level character?

No, you start as a 2.500.000 xp character. You will be able to regain fortieth level, but it will depend on the party, on the quests you will face, etc.

Why 2.500.000 xp? I was stronger at the end of Throne of Bhaal!

During the last year you have had a lapse in your skills due to inactivity. However, don't be afraid; a few quests and you'll be stronger than ever.

I noticed NPCs (except for Imoen) have less levels than me. Why?

There are two answers: 1- to give you the sensation you are still the powerful Child of Bhaal, a superior being (but not a deity), and 2- to give you a new game experience in which you are the master of the party and your companions are the pupils, even if you need them to win the hardest battles.

How much does Return To Trademeet cost?

By installing this mod you have agreed to pay me 100? into my bank account, number 001027... Ok, ok, I'm joking! You have to pay nothing!


The only file to translate is setup.tra, that can be found in RTT\Languages\*language to translate from*\

When you finish it, or for any questions, write me: rtt-mod@libero*DOT*it


Author: Al 17 (Dario)

Translators: Al 17, Alessandro and Roberto

Proofreader: BigRob, Sir BillyBob, Kathryn, Janusz, Andyr, Beyshaliban, Roger, Kristian and Gaias

Support: John, Kelvan, Lord Mage, The_bigg and http://www.spellholdstudios.com the best modding comunity!

Mirror: TheWizard (IEGMC), Dragon's Hoard and Spellhold Studios


Version 1.5 (no spoiler)

Added 46 items to replace the old ones of SoA and ToB
Added new icons for all the new items (about 120)
Samuel is the only 'common' merchant in Trademeet and Kristian's goods have their own price now
A few annoying NPC bugs fixed

Version 1.4 (no spoiler)

Starting xp: 2.500.000
Removed Elves and Drow quest
Journal updates will be deleted one day after the end of the quest
Imoen starting xp: 2.500.000
Other NPC starting xp: 1.000.000
Removed Aerie, Jaheira, Viconia and Anomen
Added 70 NPC interjections
Added 60 NPC banters
Added 30 NPC interacts
NPCs can rejoin the party if you got rid of them (only in chapter 2)
Less enemies (about 20%)
Say goodbye to absurd resistances
Many enemies are 'smarter' (improved AI and/or items, etc...)
A better way to play music (and to disable it)
Interjections fixed
Minor bugs fixed


BALDUR?S GATE, BALDUR'S GATE: TALES OF THE SWORD COAST: 1999 BioWare Corp. All Rights Reserved. Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate Tales of the Sword Coast are trademarks of TSR, Inc., a subsidiary of Wizards of the Coast, Inc., and are used by Interplay under license. The BioWare Infinity Engine is a trademark of BioWare Corp.

BALDUR'S GATE II: SHADOWS OF AMN, BALDUR?S GATE II: THRONE OF BHAAL: 2000, 2001 BioWare Corp. All Rights Reserved. Baldur's Gate, Throne of Bhaal, and Shadows of Amn are trademarks owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. and are used by Interplay under license. All Rights Reserved. The BioWare Infinity Engine is a trademark of BioWare Corp. All Rights Reserved.

Return To Trademeet is not developed, supported, or endorsed by BioWare Corp., Interplay, or Black Isle.

The author will not be held responsible for any damage caused to Baldur?s Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Baldur?s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal or the computer as a result of the downloading or installation of this package. If you wish to play this modification, then do so at your own risk. Support may be given to you in case of problems at the Spellhold Studios forum (http://www.shsforums.net) but note that you might not always be given assistance with any troubles that you have, although the best effort will be put in to troubleshooting bugs, due to availability of me on the forums.

This is a community modification, created for free and as a hobby, and you are welcome to distribute among your peers as much as you like. However, please credit the author of the modification if you intend to:

a ) Build modifications to be installed on top of RTT

b ) Use any part of the mod as a template to create part/all of a modification/fixpack/tweak that you intent to release to the community

Finally, you may NOT take any part of, or all of, this package and redistribute it in an altered form under the names of the authors. Also, you may NOT redistribute the entire package in an altered/unchanged form under your name unless given express permission by the authors of this mod.

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Return To Trademeet (http://rtteng.altervista.org), my mod for Baldur's Gate 2. Try it! ;)

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