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Quest list

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#1 Gilgamesh

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Posted 25 April 2005 - 04:52 AM

So, I thought I could write a list of quests here if anyone is intrested. I´ll also write how to get them started some time later.

Haman encounters - 1. Arlax, 2. The Bridge, 3. Arlax, 4. A tavern in Arlax, 5. SECRET!1!!1

Arlax - Farm problems, Eleana´s Scroll, Thief needs help, Zemir´s quests´, Demi-Lich in the basement, Soul Armor to Brundor quest, Prison Escape, Priest needs help with ghost encounters, Ring missing, Quest for the Eye of a God (Chapter 6)
Arlax specials - Book Collector (give him the Gilgamesh books which can be found all over the world), Pip Grayfoot and Smith Brundor (special smiths who can work with new items)

Westchar - Westchar main quest, Revenge the death of Hands´ son, Find Molly´s necklace, Hunt food for the villagers

Maribur - Clob´s son missing, Thief in the village

Bremen (Icewind Dale) - Depressed people, The Sanctuary of the Dragons, Wulfgar´s Wife missing, Weapons missing, Mysterious underground cult, Escort a young warrior down from the mountains, Investigate what happened to the hunters, Hermit´s Cabin outside the village in the wilderness

Castle Quests - Get a new castle, Thief problems at Talavan´s castle, Cyclops problems at Olmar´s castle, One stronghold quest for both castles (new modders can make more if they want)

Main Quest - Irenicus´ Dungeon, Slums, Arlax Sewers, Monzuma´s Cave, Umar Hills, Westchar, The city of the Gragha, Cadderly´s Spirit Soaring (go there from Brynnlaw), Underdark, Maribur, Mysterious Cave

Randall´s Quests´, Alissa´s Quest

Spirit Soaring Revisited (Chapter 6)

Special features - The Arena, Mod Maker´s House, Gilgamesh books, magical gems, new magic items to be forged into weapons

At least those. It´s been a long time since I played the mod so I might have forgotten something.

NPC locations:

Drizzt - Irenicus´ Dungeon
Wulfgar - Irenicus´ Dungeon
Bruenor - The city of the Gragha
Regis - Monzuma´s Cave
Catti-Brie - Mysterious Cave
Artemis Entreri - Mysterious Cave (available for evil players)
Jarlaxle - Mysterious Cave (available for evil players)
Mordragon - Trademeet
Randall - Arlax
Alissa - Bremen

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#2 Gilgamesh

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Posted 04 June 2005 - 02:39 AM

Well, I thought I should at least write how to get the 'big' new features started. Here´s also the order where you should do them.

1. Begin the main story (Chapter 2)
- Just go to the Slums and after a day or two have passed, the main story starts to go forward.

2. Castle Quest (Chapter 2 recommended)
- Go to the Goverment Quarter when you have about 1 million XP and reputation greater than 13. There´s a new character near the main building. He´ll tell you what to do.

3. Icewind Dale (Chapter 2 or Chapter 6)
- If you reach the old XP cap and have freed Bruenor, you can go there already in Chapter 2. Just go to the Gates and wait for Edomis to approach you.
- You´ll probably want to wait for Chapter 6 though and in that case immediately when coming back to Athkatla, just go to the Gates and set out for Icewind Dale
- If things don´t work for some reason, go to the Gates and cheat creature "IwdFix". Talk to him and the quest continues. (This is an "ingame" bugfix)

4. Finish the main story (Chapter 6)
- Go to Maribur and so on.

5. Cadderly´s quest (Chapter 6)
- After coming back from Icewind Dale and if your main characters XP is more than 3,3 million and after three days have passed and if you are in a city, a man will approach you.
- Another way is just the same except that you don´t need the XP, just go to Icewind Dale and finish the main story.
- There is an "ingame" fix for this too if it doesn´t work, cheat creature "CadFixx".
- NOTE: You´ll need Drizzt for this one.

6. The Quest for the Eye of a God (Chapter 6)
- Toughest quest in the game
- Give Pip Grayfoot the Rock of a Glowing Star (you´ll get one from the main story) for forging. He´ll then move to his own smithy. Go and ask if there are more gems than the ones on the book.

P.S. It is STRONGLY recommended that you go to Icewind Dale before finishing the main story.

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#3 Ztartrax

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Posted 22 February 2012 - 12:21 PM

Where the hell do I find the ultima mage???

#4 -skorek-

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Posted 22 February 2012 - 01:21 PM

He's the one you have to defeat in Westcher

#5 Ztartrax

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Posted 23 February 2012 - 11:39 AM

Yes I know but I cant get into his house and I read in a thread before that you can come to him through a castle.

#6 Ztartrax

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Posted 14 March 2012 - 06:48 AM

Im in Bremen now, have saved Wulfgars wife, found Drizzt weapons (and also Wulfgars but I cant equip it ih his hand), escorted the warrior and got the supplyes for Hermi and investigatet what happened to the hunters. Im also doing the "depressed people" quest and have been talking to the peoples of the town, how do I finish it?

When/How do I get the The "Sanctuary of the Dragons" and the "Mysterious underground cult" quests? Im only at chapter 3, maybe this is the reason?

When do I get Maribur on my map?

I want to finish all of the Drizzt and RoT quests before going on the SoS.

Somehow my reputation has dropped from 20 t0 6 without Ive been killing someone I wasnt supposed to, anyone know how this can be?