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SHS Fan Fic Rules and Guidelines

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Posted 18 May 2005 - 11:01 AM

Shamelessly copied from VigaHrolf. :) With the new changes, it was about time to update this.


Welcome to SpellHold Studios Fan Fiction. We like a lively place with a good story or two. For the enjoyment of all readers and writers, we do have a few rules that we would ask you to follow:

Rule 1: Treat other members with Respect:
All we ask here is that we maintain common courtesy and decorum. You do not have to gush about the story you just read, telling the author they are just awesome. If you have suggestions or ideas, provide them, but in a respectful manner. If you hated the story and can't think of a way to say anything in a respectful manner, don't comment.

Rule 2: On Comments:
If you wish to comment on a particular story, look for the Comments on "StoryName" and comment there. If there is no such thread, feel free to create it. We ask that you do this to allow the author to maintain story continuity. If you do comment in thread, such comments will be removed at the author's request.

Rule 3: Story Ratings:
Not everyone has the same sensibilities, and may be offended by sexual content, violence, or strong language. To minimize the chance of offense, we ask that you give your story a rating. (G, PG-13, R) We further ask that you put in a disclaimer at the top of the story if it is going to contain sexual content or situations, violence, strong language, or the like. If you believe the story should be restricted to over 18, please contact your friendly neighborhood moderator (Jolyth) or one of the site administrators or moderators before you post. Anything that is posted and deemed offensive (language, too much sexual content) will be removed!! No warnings and no explanations!! When in doubt, ask!

Rule 4: Legalities:
We have no legal defense fund, so if anything is posted that gets SpellHold Studios or its host in trouble it will be summarily pulled. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

Now the boring parts are out of the way. Feel free to post and read and enjoy what your fellow SHS members have cooked up in their fevered imaginations. And anyone feeling like joining up, please come on in. Should be fun.

Also, check for the occasional addition or modification if necessary.

Thanks for reading,

Your Fan Fiction Moderating Team

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Posted 25 September 2005 - 07:08 PM

Just adding on to the other rules, although this isn't specifically a rule. Just don't be afraid to post, people! Whether the story has been gathering dust on your hard-drive or has been lurking in your mind waiting to jump out at you, this is the place where you can recieve friendly comments and constructive criticism, so go ahead and post. :)

Also, if you have a question about fanfic or the boards, either PM Celestine or I or ask it in the thread 'Got a Question?' HERE

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