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Q & A for the Valen Expansion

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Posted 08 April 2011 - 03:18 PM

On a scale of K ( Kid Friendly) to A (For Adults Only) [ The same rating for movies and TV shows]. What will the rating be?

[ The Auren and Sarah Female Romance Mods made by Kat Bella are rated T for Teen. The Imoen Romance mod by Lord Mirrabo is rated M for the possible sibling incest and words such as %$#! and ******* and #@!@!. And Baldur's Gate 2 made by Bioware is rated T for Teen.]

I'm writing to blend with the style and tone of dialog in the original game, so "Teen", I suppose.

The Imoen romance had to much cursing for many people[Currently being fixed for the v2 of the Imoen Romance Mod by Taig Dale]. Will there be a lot of cursing in this mod?

Cursing within the context of the Forgotten Realms, not modern vulgarity.

And in one word, what will be Imoen's reaction to her sibling falling in love with a women who is currently a Vampire and whose "mother" currently has Imoen's soul?

That's my secret for now.

Will the Statues in Spellhold right before you turn into the Slayer keep on shouting "You Support this Fiend!!" all the time and thus have to kick out Valen when the Child of Bhaal is romancing her and maybe ruin the romance all for a bonus of speed before we face Bodhi?

[ Note: Valen suffers from Cleric "Turn Undead" by Viconia and gets vaporized by any Priest Spells that Drow Priests use "Sunray" to kill Vampires and is affected by the "Repulse Undead" spell that throws Vampires across the Map. Valen suffers from any spells that affect undead and Vampires and Shadows. Found Out when last night blasted the Vampires and gave Imoen back her soul from Bodhi and then fought the Shadows and Lichs in the ancient Temple. And then had to Fight all the people of the "City of Coin" because Aerie attacked us in the tent when I went into the tent a second time with Valen. Note: Fighting the Huge Army of Amn is tough but gives you a ton of EXP. ]

Hanging out with a vampire has it's problems, doesn't it?

Also, will Valen comment when you turn those Halfling (Cough#H$o$b$b$i$t$s#Cough) Town Criers into Stone with that Level One Orb Spell?[I killed everybody that would not turn the people of the map hostile with that spell.]

No plans to do so. I never thought to do that, personally.

Could there be a romance track for the Torture Gnome you crtl-q with for my Thief Gnome that has 16 charisma?

Booter was a tool to entertain myself during development that I had grown attached to. His function is comic relief.

Will Valen comment on any of the "Harlots" in the game?[ Some of her friends before she became a vampire were "Harlots".]

You assume Valen was a harlot? She might object to that.

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