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#41 Starx

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Posted 17 June 2003 - 07:50 PM

It might be too late to vote, but I prefer the PST style, BG2 layout.

Though I would prefer actions in asterisk instead of parenthesis, just because I'm more used to that, but I'm fine with parenthesis.

For example:
this, Imoen: Heya! It's me, Imoen! *punches you playfully on the arm*

instead of this, Imoen: Heya! It's me, Imoen! (she punches you playfully on the arm)

Also, I don't think you need the she, because it is implied that it was her doing the action.

#42 Mind Elemental

Mind Elemental
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Posted 18 June 2003 - 01:05 AM

My personal vote is for PS:T style and layout. :)

#43 Quitch



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Posted 12 August 2003 - 11:50 PM

I think I've pretty much chosen BG2 Literal.

(Quitch grins, it is a menacing sight and one you don't find in the least bit comforting) There is still time to disagree.

#44 -Cybersquirt-

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Posted 15 August 2003 - 10:14 PM


I don't care which style you choose. I loved PS:T but YOU are the one writing this mod. Choose the style YOU think best suits YOU and YOUR style of thinking/writing and run with it.


#45 Quitch



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Posted 16 August 2003 - 08:22 AM

I will choose the style and layout that everyone else thinks best, and then write within its confines. If I can't adapt, then I don't deserve to be writing a mod for public consumption.

#46 -Cybersquirt-

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Posted 16 August 2003 - 02:15 PM

An interesting POV, one I'd agree with were you getting paid to make this mod. B)
(not that a mod should be 'allowed' to be total crap but ...anyway)

So, since you feel that way, my vote's for PS:T all the way. I think it's the most challenging :P
(and it allows for the greatest depth/exploration of a characters range)

#47 Gospel

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Posted 16 August 2003 - 08:54 PM

Tormenty pleasey :D
Is kitty :)

#48 Quitch



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Posted 17 August 2003 - 11:15 PM

You've been pretty heavily out-voted there Gospel.

#49 Jinnai


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Posted 18 August 2003 - 12:53 AM

Ahh what they hell, just make up your own style with nothing in common with PS:T or BG2....that way everyone will be equally as pissed. :P
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#50 Gospel

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Posted 19 August 2003 - 01:15 AM

You've been pretty heavily out-voted there Gospel.

Yowchies ;_; Thankies though, Quitchy :)

Oh wellsy... then... umm :)

The one that has lotslots votes but allows actions to be expressed! !:D Hehe :)
Is kitty :)

#51 -Traveler-

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Posted 13 May 2004 - 01:11 PM

Hm.First time post here...And I know this is quite a bit late but...Personal preference for PS:T style aside,i'd say go with the hybrid.Literal it seems has won out,though,and that could be equally used,though hopefully there will still be plenty of description and actions throughout the dialogue.Hm.Hope this post turns out alright...

#52 fallen_demon


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Posted 27 May 2004 - 03:42 PM

I like PST style w/ bg2 layout and pure pst equally in general, but think pst style w/ bg2 layout would work much more seemless in the mod. I also think that while changing the layout would be a complete writing style change, adding extra actions dosn't make it less seemless, just more enjoyable.
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#53 -Randal-

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Posted 23 September 2004 - 04:44 PM

Just a moment ago, I was looking at the screenshots from the Return to Windspear Mod. I hadn't seen them yet, and they look great. The dialogue was very good, and I do wonder why beholders float.

Then I scrolled down and skimmed over the comments. This one caught my eye.

"So, did the Planescape Torment style dialogue jar?" -Quitch

I blinked. Torment style dialogue? I scrolled up and looked again. Yes, it was. But it just looked so natural, so obviously the natural way to write it, that I never even noticed.

My point being, for me at least having Planescape dialogue would not jar at all, not even in the Imoen mod where it would be interspersed with BG2 style text. I think this is because normal stories and novels all use such a style. I don't notice when it's used, because near everything I read is written like that.

Perhaps a bit late for this debate, but still. My two cents.

#54 Quitch



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Posted 24 September 2004 - 04:42 AM

It's not too late to vote yet.

#55 Erephine


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Posted 24 September 2004 - 10:16 AM

PST style and layout. ^_^


#56 Quitch



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Posted 25 October 2004 - 07:26 AM

As RtW trundles towards its end (and its end is tantalisingly close) this topic is becoming the most relevant to me on this forum. Once I start writing, that style will be forever locked into this mod. If you have a view and haven't stated it, best do so now, by 2005 it may be too late.

#57 Keltosh

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Posted 25 October 2004 - 09:05 AM

If it's not too late yet, I have to say the one I prefer is the PST style and layout :D

Edited by Keltosh, 25 October 2004 - 09:05 AM.

#58 Sillara


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Posted 23 November 2004 - 11:27 PM

I have a view. I have not yet stated it, so here goes!

I like the PST dialogue with the BG2 format. The PST format would clash a bit with the rest, but if it is the only way to get the PST dialogue, then so be it.

PST dialogue is best. :love:

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#59 -Lensman-

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Posted 25 November 2004 - 02:49 AM

I feel the bracketed text for actions would be best, as it seems to fit a more personal form while adding action in than does pure PST. Furthermore, if you're concerned about using brackets for both actions and for whispers, why not use your friend the asterisk?
*Writes down a page long essay on the validity of using asterisks as a tool to represent actions, and doesn't post it.*
Seriously though, because of the internet I've been conditioned to see asterisk bound text as 'actions', and it would throw me a little to see it being done in brackets.

#60 -Onisuzume-

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Posted 20 October 2005 - 07:38 AM

PST all the way.

It reads a lot better to say the least.