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Posted 06 July 2005 - 10:30 AM


by Laufey (laufeygreen@hotmail.com)


Question: So, what's this all about, anyway?

Answer: It is a Weidu mod for Baldur's Gate, Shadows of Amn, that allows the player to carry out a romantic relationship with Edwin Odesseiron, that insulting Thayvian wizard wearing red. It is also the culmination of a very long project for me, and one that would never have been finished without the help of many different people. For more information on that, see the Credits section. I had a lot of fun writing this mod - if it gives you, the player, even a fraction of that pleasure, I will be content.


BGII is required. ToB is only required if you wish to install the ToB part of the Edwin Romance. No fanmade mods are required, but the Edwin Romance as been tested and seems to run well with at least other Weidu mods. The mods that people have tested together with the ER include: Ascension, Redemption, The Longer Road, Valen, Tactics, Items Upgrades, Dungeon-Be-Gone, Ashes of Embers, NPC Banter Pack, Soulaufein, Kelsey, Unfinished Business and Underrepresented Items.

Most likely, other Weidu mods will also work well.

Ease of Use should be mentioned separately. The mod works fine with the Edwin Romance, but I advise against using the Ease of Use component 'Female Edwina', since that could theoretically cause conflicts with the Female Edwina of the Edwin Romance.

Extract the main archive into your BGII main directory. This is normally:

C:\Program Files\Black Isle\BGII - SoA\

Run (click on) "Setup-EdwinRomance.exe".

Then choose which components you would like to install. You may always
uninstall them later by re-running "Setup-EdwinRomance.exe".


We tried to eliminate as many bugs as we could, but if you come across one, please report it. Either directly to me at laufeygreen@hotmail.com, or in the Edwin Romance forum here.


You do need to start a new game of BGII for the Romance to start. For the Romance to run, your PC must be female, and have an Intelligence of 14 or above. There is no racial restriction. Edwin will be found where you normally encounter him in the game, in Mae'Var's Guild, and will join your party in the normal fashion. The romance proper will only start once Mae'Var is dead. Note: For the romance to start, Edwin *must* be in your party as you kill Mae'Var.


Edwin will initiate conversations the same way the Bioware NPC:s do. When he does, answer him in any way you see fit. There is no need to be overly polite with him - quite the contrary, since Edwin enjoys a woman who can match him insult for insult. However, if you pick one of the seriously vicious replies (you should know them when you see them) he will terminate the relationship. If Anomen is in the party, he and Edwin will have several jealous spats over your PC. Eventually, you will have to make your choice between them. There is also an additional quest for Edwin, and if you want to romance to continue, you have to help him out with that.


There are three different ToB endings. One for the PC who stays with Edwin, and one for the PC who becomes a Goddess. The third and final is for non-romanced Edwin, since I personally don't care for the original one.


Q: I went into the Graveyard District, but Edwin doesn't mention the Nether Scroll! What's up with that?

A: The Nether Scroll quest will still take place, but only when the romance has progressed far enough.

When the time is right, Edwin himself will tell you, and then the quest will take place in the normal way.

Q: What about when Edwin is Edwina? Will there still be action between him and the PC?

A: The romance dialogues will continue when Edwin is Edwina, and he has quite a lot to say about that.

Q: Yes, but what about Girl/Girl action, *wink wink* *nudge nudge* know what I mean?

A: No. Edwina still fancies you, but is in enough gender confusion as it is.

Q: Oh. What if I have a *male* PC? Do I get a chance with Edwina *then*?

A: I have written extra dialogues for a male PC and Edwina - try them, and see what happens.

Q: Do I *really* have to do Edwin's new quest?

A: Yes, it is very important to him. If you take too long, he'll remind you. If you still neglect it, he'll leave.

Q: Edwin became a vampire - why can't I resurrect him?

A: You need something else than just Bodhi's heart, and there are two possible options available. Try examining the altar again, that should tell you what you need to do.

Q: Are there new banters with Bioware NPC:s?

A: Just a few. I have added some new commentary for Imoen when Edwin is vampirized, and both she and some other NPCs will have brief interjections at a critical conversation in ToB. Also, banters between Edwin and Viconia, and Edwin and Mazzy, are somewhat different if you are in a romance with him. There are also some new banters between Edwin and Haer'Dalis.

Q: Are there banters with fanmade NPC:s?

A: No, nor do I have any plans for adding them. There are simply too many to choose from, and I would not want the ones I did not ask to feel slighted.



Writing: Laufey

Additional Writing: Jeanette, who wrote the Haer'Dalis banters.


Main Coding: Dorotea (aka Janetta Bogatchenko) and Nebukad (Tuomas Nurmi). Cheers for you two, guys. You are my very special heroes, since without you this mod would never have been finished. :)

Additional Coding: Laufey, Lord E, Maidros, Merja (aka Maria Zamfir)

Miscellaneous (Music, graphics, items and such.): Ophidia, Ancient Slayer and almost certainly others.

Anybody I have forgotten, please let me know and I will include you.


Voice Acting: Dorotea does the voice of Elvira Odesseiron. And the voice of Dekaras is done by himself. :)


French Translation: Erzebeth


Finally: A great, big and heartfelt thanks to everybody who has supported this mod, and provided help and input.

A special thanks to all the beta testers, who in their proud ranks included Rikitikitavi, Immortality, Jesara, Erzebeth, Sandalwood, Alandrea, Catseye, Lord E, Cest'Nedra, StarDragonMaiden, Ophidia, Caetlyn, The Bible, Mikka, Merja, Dancer Fitz, Silverdragon Yunami, deeandtanner, stayc, Lady Pirate, SurfenBoy09, Ancient Slayer and many, many others.

If I forgot to name you - mea culpa. Be assured it is not out of lack of gratitude. :)