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Posted 06 September 2005 - 02:44 PM

Note: the readme is available from http://refinements.s...holdstudios.net, here is the main file for completeness sake:

The Refinements Mod is somewhat of an arrogant project.
We feel that many things in the game are somehow misplaced, not detailed enough, not balanced enough, not cool enough, or... you get the picture.
So we've tried to fix them, with the aim to provide a fitting new standard form for the game.
We don't know how many people will agree with this presumption, but we'll act as if they are many.

This project started with one us (Littiz) offering to WeiDU-code some material the other author (T.G.Maestro) was producing for personal use (new HLAs and tables for various classes, to be exact).
Some things don't deserve to be wasted :)
We have focused on different things, but "kept an eye" on each other, shared ideas, corrected things and much more.
Now we feel this mod is our "common property"!

It's still an evolving work; you never know how many things you may want to refine, given time :D
We provide separate, detailed documentation for each installable component, so some advice for the lazy player:
CHECK THE DOCS! They ARE part of the mod!!!

We try to provide as much in-game documentation as possible, but these docs will always be more detailed.

Some components of this mod are meant to be used along with other mods (we strongly suggest to use aVENGER's Rogue Rebalancing Mod, and Sim's Virtue Mod). Furthermore, some components raise issues with the order of installation.
We detail case by case what you need to know, but here's our...
"Simplified" ordering rule:
Install Refinements AFTER other mods, but BEFORE starting a new game.
These mods make an exception and should be installed AFTER Refinements:

    * The Bigg's Tweak Pack
    * Kivan of Shilmista

This is the quickest way to deal with all the aforementioned issues. It will work fine, but you might lose some alternatives granted by other mods. If you want full control over the installation, read our docs and choose how to proceed ;)
Also note that kit mods and item mods need to receive manual handling on our part, so they aren't compatible unless explicitly listed.

Compatible kits currently include:

    * Generic Archer, Anti-Paladin (Tactics mod)
    * Peerless Archer (Warrior Kit Pack)
    * SharpShooter (from a variety of G3 mods)
    * Selune, Shar, Tempus (Cleric Remix mod)

And the currently compatible item mods are:

    * Rogue Rebalancing
    * Item Upgrade
    * Ruad
    * Freedom's Reign
    * Reign of Virtue

If your favorite mod isn't listed here, please contact us and we'll try to rectify for the next release. (note: we won't make the needed work for TDD / BP kits; we might do it for the items, though.)


Refinements is packaged and installed with WeiDU and is distributed as a self-extracting archive. To install, simply double-click the archive and follow the instructions on screen.

Alternatively the files can be extracted from the archive using WinRAR. If properly extracted, you should have a Refinements folder, setup-Refinements.tp2 and Setup-Refinements.exe in your BG2 folder. To install, simply double-click Setup-Refinements.exe and follow the instructions on screen.

Please re-run Setup-Refinements.exe in your BG2 folder to reinstall, uninstall or otherwise change components.

If the mod was previously installed, uninstall it before extracting the new version. Please note that this mod is incompatible with Mod Organizer. Refinements is packaged and installed with WeiDU. To install, simply extract the contents of the mod into your BG2 folder. If properly extracted, you should have a Refinements folder, setup-Refimenents.tp2, Setup-Refinements, and Setup-Refinements.command in your BG2 folder. To install, simply double-click Setup-Refinements.command and follow the instructions on screen.

List of currently available components (each component will link to a more complete description):

    * New HLAs Tables for all classes *,**
    * "SwashImoen"
    * Shapeshifting Fix
    * Universal lesser mage robes
    * Sword Angel Kit *
    * Revised Armor and Shields **

* this component includes a complete fix for the 5th level spell "Spell Shield". Don't ask. Technical reasons.
** this component will cap the phisical damage resistance (slashing, piercing, crushing and missile) to 75% for all classes, except Barbarians, whose cap is 85%.
New HLAs Tables for all classes

Entirely re-designed and re-built HLAs tables for all classes and kits in the game to provide distinctive class specific HLAs.
The following items will be slightly modified for reasons of balance and coherency: Cloack of Vecna (will give only -2 to spellcasting speed to Sorcerors, while still giving a full -4 to other classes), and the cloack of Montolio (which now gives +1 thac0 to primary and secondary hand, rather than +2 to secondary).


Turns Imoen in a Swashbuckler/Mage and makes other changes.
Used to Require the Revised High Level Abilities component, the first install choice (for technical reasons), but this has been solved.

Shapeshifting fix

Complete fixes for all druids' shapeshifting forms.

Universal Lesser Mage Robes

Complete fixes for all druids' shapeshifting forms.
This component alters the lesser mage robes to be useable by monks too.
The complete list of robes affected is the following:

    * Robe of Cold Resistance
    * Robe of Fire Resistance
    * Robe of Electrical Resistance
    * Knave's Robe
    * Traveler?s Robe
    * Adventurer's Robe

Sword Angel Kit

A noble fighter, with a focus on "spiritual" abilities and HLAs.
If you want to play an extremely good character, and try a new challenge...
*Not* for powergamers!!!

The S.A. Kit can (and SHOULD!!!) be used in combination with Sim's VIRTUE mod!

See also the Compatibility notes for mod ordering issues!

Revised Armors and Shields

This component revises all armors and shields in game, adding new elements (both to the roleplaying and to the tactical level) to be considered when choosing your equipment.

Q: I've found a bug / incompatibility / have a suggestion!
A: Contact us and we'll deal with it as soon as possible.

Q: Are there any more questions?
A: Well, so far it seems our docs are detailed enough :D

Q: But I do have a question!
A: Contact us and we'll add it here.

17 October 2005 - Version 3:

    * Added the Armor Revisions component!
    * XP cap remover added to the HLA component.
    * Fixed two entries in Diviner HLA table.
    * *Good* Celestials don't cast Globe of Blades any longer, to avoid the risk of causing harm to the party.
    * Added an alternate SwashImoen, which will just change her kit.
    * Trueclass thieves now correctly "forget" thief innates upon dualling to Fighter or Cleric (until reactivation of the starting class).
    * Added a small tweak to allow compatibility between the SA component and Kido NPC.
    * Rewritten most of tp2 for faster execution and shorter size.
    * Fixed minor typ0es.
    * Prompt customization implemented.
    * SFX-RAR will auto-update and re-launch!
    * Using DESIGNATED to better allow for future mod development.
    * Additional notes on mod compatibility.
    * HTML Readme.
    * SwashImoen can now work without the Revised HLA component or TOB installed.
    * French translation by Sir Crapoilleau.
    * Japanese translation by Kuroukume Veland.

10 May 2005 - Version 2.01:

    * Fixed three little problems with the installer.
    * Fixed a problem with the code for the Cleric-Remix mod compatibility.
    * Endurance slightly reworked, nasty bug killed.
    * Racial Nemesis fixed (it wasn't applied at all...).
    * Various fixes to the scripts.
    * Minor fixes to Divine Intervention.
    * Fixed a nasty new bug with Merciful Fighting.
    * Various additional improvements to the installer.
    * Elven Sword Angels are now allowed.
    * Shapeshifters who dual to fighter after picking Feral Spirit no longer gain additional forms upon reactivation of the kit.
    * Fixed a pathological case where a Sword Angel/Mage was actually able to learn the 10th level spell Death Field.
    * Adjustments to the regeneration rates for shapeshifters' werewolf forms.
    * Fixed a bug with Regeneration (Monk and Sword Angel).

20 March 2005 - Version 2:

    * "Shockwave" for Sorcerers added.
    * Extended compatibility with kits added by other mods. Compatible kits now include:
            * Generic Archer, Anti-Paladin (Tactics mod)
            * Peerless Archer (Warrior Kit Pack)
            * SharpShooter
            * Selune, Shar, Tempus (Cleric Remix mod)
    * Ancestral Spirit now has a specific script.
    * Dynamic Weapon Proficiencies component added.
    * Save required by Quivering Palm changed to save vs. Death.
    * Faster than the Eye visuals improved.
    * Evasion and Greater Evasion are no longer stackable.
    * Precision and Tracking have been slightly rebalanced.
    * Fixes to Animal Affinity, Acrobatic, Inner Focus, Sustaining Will.
    * Merciful Fighting implemented again with a better system.
    * Monk HLA table entirely rebuilt, with several new abilities.
    * "Finesse" for Blades added.
    * Removed a bug concerning Energy Storm and the Free Action effect.
    * Fixed a couple of bugs with the druidic elemental forms.
    * S.A. can no longer score critical hits while using Merciful Fighting.
    * Added "Toughness" and "Improved Critical".
    * Minor adjustments to the settings of various tables.
    * Removed a bug with the installer (thanx Sim!)
    * Killed a nasty bug introduced by our fix for Spell Shield (ehm...)
    * Brew Poison re-implemented, now gold is consumed by the process.
    * Various fixes and improvements to the installer.
    * Added a small "fix" to the projectile used by Meteor Swarm.
    * Sword Angel's HLA Banish slightly rebalanced.
    * Adjustments and visual changes to Shield of Law and Circle of Law.
    * Added "Holy Aura"; applied further adjustments to the Paladin's tables.
    * Improvements to Dragon Fist visuals.
    * New visuals for Whirlwind Attacks.
    * Added "Freedom of Spirit", "Soul Touch" and Improved Critical to the Sword Angel's table.
    * Fallen Paladins now lose any previously acquired HLA added by Refinements.
    * "Elemental Transformation" added; further adjustments and bugfixes related to shapeshifting.
    * "Whirlwind" for druids added.
    * Fixed a bug with Endurance.
    * Dynamic Weapon Proficiencies component merged with the HLAs system.
    * Added "Combat Reflexes", "Resist Magic Damage", "Slippery Mind" and "Feral Lash" (multiclass specific abilities).
    * Repulse Undead replaced by "Smite Undead" for Undead Hunters.
    * "Concealment" for Cleric/Thieves added.
    * Swashimoen has now a dynamic installer (to grant wider compatibility).
    * Robe of Vecna slightly tweaked for sorcerers.
    * Summoned Magic Golems are now immune to magical weapons.
    * Added "Racial Nemesis" for Rangers.
    * Extended the list of item mods checked by the Sword Angel's installer. The list now includes:
          * Rogue Rebalancing
          * Item Upgrade
          * Ruad
          * Freedom's Reign
          * Reign of Virtue
    * "Union" for Cleric/Mages added.
    * Wildstrike rebalanced and fixed (the penalty to the wild surge roll is now actually applied). New visuals implemented, too.
    * Finally included the newly and entirely revised Celestials!
    * New visuals for Teleport Without Error (used by the Revised Elemental Princes and the Revised Celestials).
    * Toxic Trap's venom is now cleared by Zone of Sweet Air (or a druid's Whirlwind).
    * "Recitation" for Clerics added.
    * Divine Intervention slightly revised.
    * New scripts for our Celestials, Elemental Princes, Demons and other creatures.

30 June 2004 - Version 1.05:

    * Removed the components "World Map Fixes" and "Weapon Animation Tweaks": they're now exclusively included in G3 Tweak Pack (www.gibberling3.net).

25 June 2004 - Version 1.04:

    * Repulse Undead now appears properly for Undead Hunters.
    * Cavalier's Virtue is now applied correctly.
    * True Kai changed to use the "rising" spirit animation when needed.
    * Aura Cleansing's casting time raised to 9.
    * Fixed the wrong setting of SwashImoen's AC.
    * Removed a nasty "feedback-bug" with Shadowless Kick.
    * Fixed (again!) a bug with Wong Fei's Ioun Stone and the Sword Angel component.
    * Added a 2 rounds Miscast effect (no-save) to Spell Worm.
    * Improvements to the installing procedures (for better compatibility).
    * TONS of refinements and additions to some creatures' scripts: HUGE WORK done by the_bigg, who joined the team for future components!

8 May 2004 - Version 1.03:

    * Divine Shell now properly works and is undispellable.
    * Paladins' Righteous Magic now displays the proper name.
    * Channel Magic's duration increased to 3 rounds.
    * Fixed some typos.

1 May 2004 - Version 1.02:

    * Improvements to Volcano's visuals.
    * Skalds' specialization HLAs now affect even two-handed weapons.
    * Adjustments to Energy Storm's effects and visuals.

27 April 2004 - Version 1.01

    * Additional fixes and adjustments to the whole druidic shapeshifting system.
    * Sword Angel may no longer use the Shadow Dragon Scale.
    * Fixed an issue with the Sword Angel and katanas added by external mods (the proper order of installation is still required).
    * Fixed some triggers for the Sword Angel's falling.
    * Good Necromancers may now summon a Planetar.
    * Ancestral Spirit is no longer immune to ALL weapons.
    * Just try to Shadowless Kick yourself NOW...

21 April 2004 - Version 1, second attempt :-/

16 April 2004 - Version 1

16 March 2004 - Version 1 BETA

This mod was made by T.G.Maestro, Littiz and (starting from 1.04) the bigg.
Big Thanks:

The people who made this possible, by creating amazing modding tools:

    * Westley Weimer, for WeiDU and his willingness to constantly improve it.
    * Jon Olav Hauglid, for NearInfinity and... as above :)
    * Andrew Bridges, author of BAMWorkshop
    * Gustov Montessi, author of IEEP

People who contributed (smaller or larger) portions of code to the mod:

    * Caedwyr, who helped and helps a lot with his proofreading, and several new abilities, additional coding, ideas and suggestions as well.
    * CamDawg, who has also been our "host" for a while :)
    * aVENGER, for his concessions about the use of some material from his Rogue Rebalancing Mod. This ALSO allowed us to make Refinements compatible with his mod itself (details in "Refinements\Revised_HLAs.txt").
    * Dyara, the one who originally found the correct settings for the KIT.IDS file. A really important discovery for our mod!!
    * Sir Kill for his help with the new elemental forms' attack BAMs!
    * Weimer (again) for the XP cap removal code.

Web Issues related thanks:

    * Seifer, for his gracious help with web-hosting and several other issues.
    * SConrad, for hosting the forum and mirroring.
    * khayman, who designed and built the site :)
    * Michel, TheWizard and Baronius for the additional Mirrors!

Translation team:

    * French Translation: Sir Crapoilleau.
    * Japanese Translation: Kuroukome Veland.

Miscellaneous thanks:

    * Ghreyfain for allowing us to tweak his excellent Sensible Weapons (from the Ashes of Embers mod) for best interaction with the Armor tweak.
    * Domi, for having coded a 'guest' interjection for the Sword Angel in her Kivan of Shilmista mod.
    * Our BETA testers: Caedwyr, Caveman, Jolyth, khayman, Rathwellin the Bard, Harbinger :)
    * -All the guys at the FWStudios forums (now SpellHold Studios), always helpful providers of knowledge and advices, either directly or indirectly (from our PoV). To name a few: JCompton, Idobek, Sim, GreyViper...

[size=1]edited by bigg for V3[/url]

Edited by the bigg, 20 October 2005 - 03:59 AM.

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Posted 20 October 2005 - 04:05 AM

Updated for V3.

Italian users: help test the Stivan NPC!

Author or Co-Author: WeiDU - Widescreen - Generalized Biffing - Refinements - TB#Tweaks - IWD2Tweaks - TB#Characters - Traify Tool - Some mods that I won't mention in public
Maintainer: Semi-Multi Clerics - Nalia Mod - Nvidia Fix
Code dumps: Detect custom secondary types - Stutter Investigator

If possible, send diffs, translations and other contributions using Git.