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#1 Sir BillyBob

Sir BillyBob
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Posted 18 January 2006 - 04:45 PM

By default, each NPC is assigned the Dplayer2.bcs script but is it possible for the game to stop using it? I am finding that if I remove an NPC from the party, they just stand there. If I have the PC talk to that person, the dialog kicks in asking if they should rejoin. What isn't happening is the NPC going to the PC and asking the same question. The dialog with a condition to check if out of party is in both the J and P dialog files. The PDIALOG.2DA file is correct with the right file names. I just can't see why it isn't working. Any other ideas before I try this with other NPCs? Keep in mind here that this issue is not with the standard NPCs, only with some new ones I have created.

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#2 Hety

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Posted 18 January 2006 - 04:49 PM

You created them from scratch? or edited existing? Maybe forgot something while conveting from chr to cre?
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#3 SConrad


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Posted 19 January 2006 - 12:45 AM

dplayer2 is only active if the NPC is in the party, IIRC. Try do it with the override script, instead.

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#4 Stone Wolf

Stone Wolf
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Posted 19 January 2006 - 06:57 AM

It's this little blurb from DPlayer2.bcs that's causing that:


Now, I have mods installed but I think that's always in there. When an NPC joins, the script DPlayer2 is assigned to the Default slot. Open a save game with NI or another editor and take a look. When the NPC leaves the group, that block wakes up and removes DPlayer2 from the slot. Like SConrad said, the NPC specific override script is a good place for any actions you want to take place if the NPC gets booted.

#5 Sir BillyBob

Sir BillyBob
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Posted 19 January 2006 - 03:24 PM

Well that was my next place to add the code. It was that exact code that made me think it should work. Call me silly but the script says for the NPC to talk to the PC and then change the script, not change the script and then forget about talking to the PC. I didn't want to add more baggage to the override's script if another was supposed to do the same thing. Obviously it doesn't though.

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#6 Zyraen

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Posted 20 July 2011 - 12:29 AM

Templates should apply to characters regardless of whether or not they're kitted, and only one template should ever be applied to a given character. There are so many wonderful possibilities with this concept!

I'm not sure about this, but it really depends on how we want to go with it.
For example, it should technically be possible to become (or start as) a Drow/Undead (subrace template) Shadowdancer (Prestige Class template).

That said, all of this will affect implementation.
Personally I prefer a robust implementation that will allow multiple Templates to exist at one time, simultaneously on a single character (even if the actual multi-template-stacking is never done).

The main problem here is a matter of "display", since from experience with the Multiclass Kit builder, players are consistently unHappy being unable to VIEW their own Kits, after all everyone gets a kick out of seeing how far they've progressed. What's the point of getting something when you can't see how cool it is ?

At this point, perhaps an implementation might simply be an unremovable item, would that work?
You can right click the item to view all the details of the Template, it cannot be transferred from Character to Character, and comes with daily usable charges. Accompanied with a script, it can be easily "updated" to provide more abilities as the user gains in levels, and the script can be used to apply circumstantial drawbacks (eg. Vampire weaknesses in daylight, if any)

Assuming that the item is non-droppable and Templates are not stackable, setting aside a single item slot for these items would be very reasonable. At a glance, the general "weakest" slot seems to me to be Wrists, ie the ones used for Bracers etc. Problem - it would need a good BAM not to make it look weird in the Wrist. Alternatively, no BAM - the Wrists are simply "full"

Then there's the question of where the background script would be. A few proposals
1) BALDUR.BCS - will always work, but very overloaded. It will also have to check Player1-6 instead of just Myself. Clunky.
2) DPLAYER2.BCS - The only downside I think is that it works only with the AI button enabled, and will have to be repeatedly extended for each "Template" added to the game?
3) Custom Script - this custom script will have to be applied to the NPC when the Template / Item is "gained". What slot might be good? Probably the Best preference is there is an AI slot consistently available.

In this way, Templates do not have any Base Class / Alignment restrictions in and of themselves, but that said anyone coding a Quest or any such encounter can easily implement a "selection" on who eventually receives the Template.

And of course, if the Template is giving problems to the player's game, it can simply be deleted using NI or ShadowKeeper.

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