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Posted 27 March 2006 - 05:37 PM

Northern Tales of the Sword Coast
a Weidu mod For Baldur?s Gate II
BGT-Weidu (Requires TotSC)
A Sir BillyBob Production (now maintained by erebusant)

1. Introduction
2. History
3. Installation
4. Walkthrough
5. Credits
6. FAQ
7. Changes


This is a BGT Weidu-based version of the original mod. This is only compatible with BGT-Weidu and DSotSC. It can be installed anytime after you have installed DSotSC. This version will NOT work with BGT-BP and it will not work with BGT-Weidu if you didn't add TotSC.

Contact me at the Spellhold Studios forum if you have issues/problems.


Like DSotSC, the mod starts late in the game. One large quest is given to you by Duke Eltan (before you go to Candlekeep). One of the longest quests also starts before Candlekeep. Talk to the lady outside the Sorceror's Sundries. The rest can be done during the TotSC quests in Ulgoth's Beard. As in the DSotSC mod, other areas are also modified, so some parts to this mod you may see before Chapter 5.


It is in Weidu format. To install, unzip the zip file to your game folder and double-click on Setup-NTotSC.exe. To uninstall, double-click on Setup-NTotSC.exe again and select the Uninstall option.

The install has two parts. You have to install both to make this mod work. You can uninstall the first part later for patch updates. The second part only needs to be uninstalled if totally removing the mod.

DSotSC must also be installed before NTotSC. This mod also works with BG1NPC and SoBH.

New: This version includes a Biff utility. After installing this mod, run NTotSC-Biff.BAT and all the files will get biffed and removed from the override folder. If you don't know, placing the files in BIF files in the \DATA directory increased performance of the game. NOTE: Biffing removes the ability of Weidu to uninstall the mod. You could delete all DSC-* and NT-* files from the \DATA directory add see if that works, but I suspect you will need to fully rebuild your game to make sure the game is stable.

Biffing Note: BoneHill and BG1NPC both modify some of the same files that DSotSC and NTotSC modify. Therefore, run the biff utilities after installing all mods so only the final version of the file gets placed into the \DATA directory. Do not use the DSotSC-Biff.BAT file, it is included inside the NTotSC-Biff.BAT file.


Haeball is looking for two items, a Goblin Bow and the Great Book of Unknowing. The bow is north of Baldur's Gate in some woods. The book's quest requires you to talk to Hasdar in BG.

Wenric is the farmer near BG that you clear out the zombies for. He will tell you about the Field of the Dead, an orc covered area north of BG.

Winorma or Magnad
Winorma and Magnad are now in BG because some orcs attacked their caravan. Their children were captured and are now prisoners in the Field of the Dead north of BG.

Yness' husband, Pandris, was captured by orcs. He can be found in the Field of the Dead.

Northern Citadel
Duke Eltan gives you this quest. You need to go north to the citadel and find out what the problems are.

Ogre and Poochy
An ogre near the docks wants some rat tails for his dog. You will find plenty in the sewers.

A really psycho woman near the Sorceror's Sundries wants you to find a book in the Candlekeep crypts. You have to talk to her before leaving for Candlekeep since you will have no way to do this later.


The key to the desk next to Haebal can be found in a tree on AR9700 (South of Beregost).

Haebal carries the key needed for the crate in his basement.

The orc crypt requires two keys, a rusty dagger and a ring. Haeball's desk holds the one, Draagis has the other.

The book everyone wants is with the three demons to the south of the Cloudpeaks. No key is needed.

Charles Nib will give you a document that opens a door at the FireWine Bridge.

The altar in the Northern Citadel requires a key given to you from an ice salamander. The Salamander wants Draagis dead.

The magic door in the Field of the Dead will open if you have the Holy Symbol of Helm from the altar.

The area of the Cult of the Black Hand (Draagis) will be revealed by talking to Reedrig in Ulgoth's Beard.

Reedrig will not arrive at the Beard until you have killed the summoned demon in Ulgoth's Beard.

The mod is complete when you have entered the crypts and defeated the orc general.


TeamBG for starting all of this.

Hlid, Horred, Seanas, and the others who always help me out. I need it!

Aurelinus, Hathor, and the wonderful people at Forgotten Isle (http://www.isle.px.pl/index_eng.htm) who made this mod and then translated it to English. This is their wonderful work.


1. Yes, you have to have BGT installed. You also have to have DSotSC-BGT.

2. This will work only a BGT-Weidu game. You have to have TotSC installed into your BG1

3. BG1NPC can be installed before or after this mod. I have fixed this mod so it will now
work with BG1NPC11 correctly.

4. SoBH can be installed at anytime but it may be better to install after DSotSC and
NTotSC (they change many areas and files but there shouldn't be a conflict).

5. Because several quests start from Ulgoth's Beard, you have to have TotSC installed
before installing this mod. For a BGT-Weidu install, that means it has to be in your
BG1 game before you install BGT-Weidu.


1.70a Fixes a .tra file issue with installation.
1.70 This version fixes the Will Flail issue by gettting rid of that horrible ICT.
Updated installer to WeiDU v209.
1.60a This version updates a new Itlalian translation to some files and updates the installer
to WeiDU v208.
1.55 This version, includes Italian language. Weidu 1.99 and BGT 1.04 support.
1.50 Language support includes English, German, Polish, and Russian.
1.45 This includes the major fixes from King Diamond. Fixes include compatibility with
his Baldurdash version and fixes for BGT-Weidu.
1.42 Fixed dialog issues with Taerom and a bartender. Added Russian and Polish language
support. This also includes the AR10PB area fix and Lobar's dialog fix.
1.40 Fixed more dialog problems. Added German language support.
Change area updating to use Weidu instead of copying over the ARE file.
1.32 Fixed more area problems. Updated dialogs to work with BG1NPC.
1.31 Fixed several areas that version 1.3 was overwriting.
1.3 Fixed areas and dialogs. Fix the general's sword. Modified mod to
work with BGT-Weidu.
1.2 More area and dialog fixes. Downgraded some items to be more
in balanced with a BG1 game. Moved DSotSC fixes back to DSotSC.
1.0 First full version. Fixed dialogs, scripts, areas, etc
0.2 Fixed several areas and scripts
0.1 First version, bugs and all. Get out a can of RAID.

Edited by erebusant, 02 January 2009 - 09:23 AM.

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