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Changing the GUI/ music/ font in the BP family

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Posted 28 March 2006 - 05:02 AM

Many of the components that go together to make up the BP family - including TDD, SoS, NEJ2, TS, BGT, CtB and BP - allow you to customise the user interface (ie, the GUI). some of them also make changes to the background music (NEJ2, BGT) and the in-game fonts (TS).

to change the GUI:

* run Setup-GUI.exe (but only after yr install is finished and complete). this will present you with a series of GUI options, depending upon which mods you've got installed. choose the one you wish to use, and Setup-GUI will do the rest. you can only use one GUI, in case it needs to be added.

to change the music:

* BGT allows you to use the full, restored BG1 music: to use this, run Setup-BGTMusic.exe and select the appropriate component. To hear BG2 music: re-run Setup-BGTMusic and uninstall all components. (edited by Ascension64)

* NEJ2 installs custom starting music (The Cardigans, for those who care) as an integral part of the NEJ2 install. to revert to the existing BGII music:
  • open yr NEJ2\backup\7 folder;
  • copy combo1b.acm to your music\combo1 folder, and
  • copy themea.acm to your music\theme folder.
(originally posted by russ here, corrected by Horred).

to change the font:

* TS installs a clean, easily readable font for the in-game text. to use this font, either run Setup-GUI and choose TS, or, if you want to use the font but not the TS user interface, copy NORMAL.BAM and STONESML.BAM from the TS folder to your override folder. (originally posted by pro5 here).

Edited by Ascension64, 06 December 2007 - 08:36 PM.

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