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Oblivion Character Thread

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#81 Soul_Slayer

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Posted 10 May 2007 - 10:21 AM

Name: Keari
Class: Nightblade
Race: Hubaxi (Human Tabaxi hybrid)
Birthsign: The Thief
Major Skills: Athletics, Blade, Alteration, Destruction, Restoration, Acrobatics, Light Armor
Main Weapon: Godai
Secondary Weapon: Blackluster Longbow
Armor: Clouded Sorceress Gloves, Blackluster Shield
House: Deepscorn Hollow



#82 jackmix69



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Posted 11 May 2007 - 05:00 AM

Name: Kilon
Class: Lich
Race: Ancient Lich (Was Breton before transformation)
Birthsign: N\A
Major Skills: Alteration, Alchemy, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion, Mysticism, and Restoration
Main Weapon: Magic
Secondary Weapon: Scythe of Death
Armor: Robes
House: N\A
Unique Characteristics: Eye changes appearance, can create unique spells and enchantments like no other in Tamriel due to posessing ancient knowledge; most deadly enchantment created would be Disintegration or Soul Steal


Kilon - Strange Eye

Posted Image

Soaring high above the Isles

Posted Image

(Sorry about this one being lite-bright, this is his usual appearance)

Kilon: Who dares to disturb me!?!?

Posted Image

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#83 Spike4072

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Posted 11 May 2007 - 03:09 PM

Some very nice characters here :) :clap:

#84 Luchaire

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Posted 13 May 2007 - 12:56 PM

I have a few characters at present...

Race: Nord
Class: Frostmaiden - uses blades and destruction magic, but forbidden from using fire-based magic and can only use shock-based against cold-immune enemies
Birthsign: The Mage
Specialization: Combat
Major Skills: Blade, Block, Heavy Armor, Armorer, Destruction, Mysticism, Alteration
Main weapon: Short swords (prefers speed over raw damage)
Armor: She's new, so still wearing iron
Picture: Clicky.

Race: Breton
Class: Spellblade
Birthsign: The Mage
Specialization: Magic
Major Skills: Blade, Block, Light Armor, Armorer, Destruction, Alteration, Restoration
Main Weapon: Duskfang/Dawnfang
Armor: Dark Seducer armor
Picture: Clicky.

Race: Redguard
Class: Corsair
Birthsign: The Atronach
Specialization: Combat
Major Skills: Blade, Light Armor, Acrobatics, Security, Block, Armorer, Athletics
Main weapon: Claws
Armor: Light Mithril Plate
Picture: Clicky.

Race: Tabaxi
Class: Thief
Birthsign: The Atronach
Specialization: Stealth
Major Skills: Marksman, Sneak, Security, Acrobatics, Alteration, Blade, Light Armor
Main weapon: Various bows
Armor: Demonbone
Picture: Clicky.

Race: Breton
Class: War Sorceress
Birthsign: The Apprentice
Specialization: Magic
Major Skills: Alteration, Destruction, Mysticism, Restoration, Conjuration, Blade, Block
Main weapon: Claymore
Armor: none (trench coat, velvet leggings, black boots)
Picture: Clicky.

Gah, that's not even all of them. :blink:

#85 XChaosEmeraldsX

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Posted 22 May 2007 - 03:09 PM

Hey guys, I'm from the official Elder Scrolls forums; same name. :)

Name: Lori Asta Cosedia (Picture)
Race: Imperial
Birthsign: The Thief
Occupation/class: Thief/Rogue
Level: 23
Age: 27
Weapon of choice: Bow
Prefers to wear: Very light armor or normal clothing. Dislikes anything too revealing.
Battle tactics: Paralyze, poison, calm, knockout, or blow to smithereens--anything to keep the swords and blunt objects at a distance.
Factions: Thieves Guild. Got an offer to join the Dark Brotherhood some time ago and is still considering.
Download link: http://tessource.net...le.php?id=11029 (:D Sorry, had to get that in.)

Name: Relmyna Serys (Pictures: 1 2 3)
Race: Dunmer
Birthsign: The Mage
Class: Mage
Level: 18
Age: 22
Weapon of choice: None
Prefers to wear: Robes
Battle tactics: Basically the same as Lori. Keep the swords away!
Factions: Mages Guild, House Telvanni, the Dark Brotherhood (she never intended to join)
Other: Has horrible luck with horses; she can't keep one alive for more than a mile before it spontaneously explodes or is killed in a freak sheep accident. Has bad luck in general. As mentioned above, she joined the Dark Brotherhood on accident. She refused the initial request to kill the first victim, but during a brief stay at the Inn of Ill Omen during a dark and stormy night, the target was struck by lightning and Relmyna soon got another visit from Lucien Lachance.

:D I have others, but none of them have lasted as long as these two.

#86 Rumpleteasza


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Posted 20 June 2007 - 11:05 AM

Posted Image

Name: Shamanih Akehane
Class: Akehane (custom tribal class)
Race: half Redguard, half Bosmer
Level: 33
Birthplace: Santaki in Hammerfell
Birthsign: The Thief
Major Skills: Alteration, Marksman, Acrobatics, Illusion, Mysticism, Blade, Speechcraft
Armour: Doesn't usually wear full suits because 1) she is a mage, and 2) she is used to living in hot/humid desert/jungle environments where it's too uncomfortable. But when she does, it's usually some disconnected assortment of leather.
Main Weapon: Magic, dagger or shortbow
Main Defensive Spell: Shield or invisibility charms
Main Neutral Spell: Charm beast/human
Main Offensive Spell: Her voice, which can have destructive qualities if combined with certain types of magic - a product of the union between her father and mother's magical capabilities. (OK, I'm putting too much RP in here. Probably something destructiony.)
Factions: Mages Guild Warlock, Thieves Guild Cat Burglar
House: Toutius Sextius' house in Skingrad. I found him dead under the Castle Bridge and thought hey, I've always liked his house. I'm sure he doesn't mind.
Battle Tactics: She prefers not to seek fights out, but if it's unavoidable, she'll take a defensive stance using spells, missile weapons and shortblades.
Other: Shamanih grew up in a Redguard nomad tribe that frequented the areas between the Totambu jungles, Dragontail Mountains and the Alik'r Desert. Her father was the tribeleader, and Shamanih was the product of a short affair with a Bosmer woman who disappeared shortly after the birth. She is 42 years old, although looks younger because of her Bosmer parentage (which also left her with a vocal peculiarity which strengthens her magicka, a strong affinity for beast charming and nature conjuration). She left the tribe at 21 to study magic in Sentinel, Hammerfell's capital city. She got caught and taken to the Imperial Prison on the way to Valenwood on a ship smuggling silks and herbs out of the Iliac Bay.

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Posted 23 June 2007 - 03:16 PM

Posted Image
Name: Lanaya Liste
Class: Slut...err assassin (my character isnt a slut <_<,)
Race: Mystic Elf
Level: 17
Birthplace: Cyrodill. more specific, Skingrad
Birthsign: Thief
Major Skills: Alchemy, Blade, sneak, security, light armor, marksman
Armor: Light.
Main Weapon: the Dawn of day, a legendary vampire slaying katana she learned about in a book she found in vincent *db vampire*'s room.
Main Defensive Spell: Heal Major Wounds
Main Neutral spell: Night eye
Main offensive spell: flare
Factions: Warrior in arena, dark brotherhood blood letter, and shes in the theif guild o.o
House: None
Battle Tactics: she will shoot an enemy will a arrow to get a critical damage strike, then will use her katana to get upclose

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Posted 17 July 2007 - 07:05 PM


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#89 Ryu Doppler

Ryu Doppler

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Posted 12 August 2007 - 08:24 AM

Posted Image
Name: Glenn Ryunosuke Doppler Jr.

Alignment: Neutral Good/Lawful Neutral
Class: Wayward Swordsman/Adventurer/Nomad Soul :whistling:
Race: Imperial/Unknown...
Birthsign: The Warrior
Birthplace: Milewood
Age: Unknown... :whistling:
Level: 20

Prefered Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Blade, Block, Light Armor, Restoration
Armor: Ryu's Arsenal (Personal Leather Armor, Gear, and Weapons)
Main Weapon: Grandleon *Grand_lee_own* (Doppler Family Longsword)
Secondary Weapons: Daeleon *Day_lee_own* (Doppler Family Dagger), and Sorleon *Soar_lee_own* (Doppler Family Shortsword)
Main Offensive Spell: Spark
Main Defensive Spell: Shield
Main Neutral Spell: Heal Greater Wounds
Tactics: Sword block, circle around opponent while striking, power attacks and decapitations.
Personality: Energetic, Wise, Generous, Cautious (between trustful and skeptical), Indulgent, Humble, and sometimes Merciless, although not Vengeful. And not exactly Lustful like some, although the urge does sometimes get very strong :P

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#90 Matthewr16

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Posted 31 August 2007 - 07:19 AM

Posted Image

Name: Marcus
Race: Imperial
Class: Paladin
Specialisation: Combat
Key Attributes: Strength, Intelligence
Major Skills: Athletics, Blade, Block, Heavy Armour, Alteration, Illusion, Restoration
Description: Marcus was brought up as a humble peasant, he lived in poverty while he was young, and his life wasn't a bright one. However, has has always been able to consult in the Nine Divines, who guide and aid him on his path, he values them as much as his family, and always knew that he would devote his life to them. His brother, Augustus, was a devout of a different sort, he worshipped the Daedra, and one day, Marcus and Augustus got into an argument that went too far, Augustus attempted to drown his brother, who escaped, chasing Augustus, blade in hand, into the imperial city.. Once inside, the guards jumped to conclusions and seized Marcus, throwing him in jail, he was only there for a week when the Nine showed him the sign he was waiting for, the emporer appeared in his cell, and asked him for help.. It was just what he wanted, a chance to aid the world.

Current Factions: Blades, Arena
Future Factions: Fighter's Guild, possibly the Mage's Guild
Armour: A full set of blades armour
Main Weapon: Akaviri Katana
Secondary Weapons: None right now (Looking for some nice weapon mods ;) )
Main Offensive Spell: Just flare, which he rarely uses, other than in the Arena where he will fight from a distance until he has to get close
Main Defensive Spell: Mara's Gift, it's an ability but it aids him greatly.
Tactics: (There are for the Arena mainly) Run around the edge casting flare spells, usually until the opponent heals themself - then run forward and block, after deflecting a hit, swing a good few times, block, and repeat.
Personality: Curious, kind, has a natural hatred of Conjurers/Necromancers and Undead.


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Marcus, the level 5 Imperial Paladin.
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#91 Steph

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Posted 09 September 2007 - 06:55 AM

I thought I better add my character to the group .. She is a real slut, but not promiscious.

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#92 --Bereth Darkides--

--Bereth Darkides--
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Posted 13 September 2007 - 11:04 AM

Where to Begin;

Character name; Bereth Darkides
Class: Created- Warlock (Warrior/Mage)
Lvl: 33
All Houses Owned in cities
All Unique Armor ( All Daedric except helm, created + Honored Sheild from Bruma)
All Unique Weapon (Fav. Daecric LongSword 27 Dam. + 40 fire dam/hit)
Many other weapons= Bow, Two handed Sword, etc. All Daedric.

Strongest Attribute: Strength= 99

Master Armorer (only need 1 hammer now +25 health to all weapons and armor)
Master Chemist (Can creat potions with only one ingredient)
Skill between 90-100 : Swordsmanship
Fav. Spells: Bereth's Fuel to the fire - 100% reduction to fire immunity in a 15ft area for 15 seconds
Bereth's Immolation - 40 fire damage for 3 seconds (range/1 target)
Bereth's Fireball - 30 fire damage in 15ft area for 3 seconds (touch)
Same type of spells for Lightning
Bereth's Elemental Blast- 30 fire/lightning/cold damage each (range)
Bereths Minor Vanishing - 100% invisibility for 30 seconds
Bereths Lava Walk - 50% immun. to fire/water walk for 30 sec. each
Bereths Turning - Turn lvl 20 undead for 10 seconds
Bereths Shield Arm - Fortify Block 75% for 30 seconds
Bereths Anti Magic Shell - Much like that found in DnD (ironicaly)
Bereths Wizard Bane - Damage Magic Immunity 30% for 10 seconds/ Silence for 10 seconds
ETC. ( keep in mind I have a few combination created spells and that I have played DnD for over 30 years. You can imagine what experience and secrets long forgotten is in this mind.)

6 Horses all armored, 3 with elvish, 3 with the other.

Nights of the nine addon keeps and caves etc.

Total overall funds in access of 1 mil (all earned not hacked)

I haven't been killed one time since lvl 18. I ride everywhere and this accounts for killing so many bandits and selling so many items to shops I also think it's more sureal of an experience when you ride everywhere, (I just LOVE IT). When I get attacked it's funny,, *oh look someone else who want's to dieeeeee!
Total Install= Only the three official games with no mods or hacks. (I find most are incompatible with each other and are quite buggy toward my video card.)

I will add pic later!

#93 jaxson

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Posted 12 October 2007 - 05:00 AM

Posted Image

Character Name: Bella Von Zarovich
Arena Grand Champion
Class: Custom... Viking Warrioress
Age: Early 20's

Posted Image

Level 8
Weapons: Two Maces or two battle axes or a combination of both. Occasionally will use a Warhammer
Armor: Heavy, prefers Black Luster or Crimson Eye Candy
NORDS RULE! Posted Image

#94 Sammi Somara

Sammi Somara

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Posted 24 April 2008 - 07:52 PM

XD You guys all have such great characters. Me, I was totally unoriginal. I just created a male high elf wizard and named him Xan.
I wish I had a picture of him to show you. He really does look a lot like his namesake, yup. Currently exploring the Shivering Isles...
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#95 princesspurpleblob



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Posted 27 May 2008 - 02:35 AM

Here's my character.. I just concentrate on making them and pretty as possible so I forgot all details... lol

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#96 Jarley

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Posted 13 July 2008 - 07:39 AM

Hi! Here's my two main Oblivion characters.


Posted Image

I did play him to lvl 30 or so but the savegames don't work anymore so I cannot remember his class or much else about him.


Posted Image

Here's some class/skill things:

Major Skills

And here's my minor monster gallery:

From the side


Side again
Another angle

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#97 Blackguard666

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Posted 04 August 2008 - 04:03 PM

Hell's retribution soldier:
1. Posted Image

2. Posted Image

3. Posted Image

4. Posted Image

Name: Magranese
Class: Blackguard (D/D Presteige Class)
Race: Segro...something
Level: 20
Armor: Palerider's Bezerker Armor
Weapon: Pestilence, made after the Fireglow; downloaded at the Nexus.
Primary spell school: Conjuration/Destruction schools.
D/D Deity: Bane.
Allies: Blades, Imperial Guard.
Enemies: Mages Guild, Mythic Dawn (due to gameplay).
"Another reason, another cause for me to fight. Another fuse uncovered, now, for me to light my dedication to all that I've sworn to protect. I carry out my orders without a regret".

Main Charactar: Magranese: Level 54 Blackguard, Virconia companion. Deity: Bane.
Primary skills: Blade, Conjuration, Destruction, Heavy Armor.
Secondary skills: Armorer, Speechcraft, Personality, Block, Restoration.

Class feats: Sneak Attack V, Dark Blessing, Dark Vision, Summon Undead VII, Resistance to fear, Resistance to poison, Use poison, Smite Good, Creeping Doom, Death Armor.

#98 Colm

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Posted 06 September 2009 - 09:40 AM

Hi everyone!
Archmage Silver, I just wanted to ask you which robe your mage (Rime) is wearing on the picture?

#99 thedrowavenger

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Posted 07 September 2011 - 12:14 PM

Okay, here it is: your multi-purpose Oblivion character thread. Anything about your char goes here, from screenshots to tales about your valiant/sinister quests to houses and horses. So just about anything concerning your life in Cyrodiil! Have fun! :D

My turn:

Name: Rime
Class: Archmage
Race: Breton
Birthsign: The Mage
Major Skills: Alchemy, Alteration, Conjuration, Mysticism, Illusion, Destruction & Restoration
Armour: Robe, Hood, Shoes (Varies)
Main Weapon: Mage's Staff (80 Shock dmg)
Main Defensive Spell: Invisibility for 60 Seconds
Main Neutral Spell: Feather 150pts for 300 Seconds
Main Offensive Spell: Storm of Oblivion (100 Shock dmg, 100 Frost dmg, 100 Fire dmg To Target)
Factions: Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild, Arena Grand Champion, Brother Knight of the Blades, Knight-Errant of the Knights of the White Stallion, Associate of the Fighters Guild
House: Mountain Tower (My custom tower plugin)
Battle Tactics: Invisibility, if needed, and Storm of Oblivion followed with Storm of Vengeance (100 Shock dmg, 20 Frost dmg). Rinse and repeat. Not that anyone can take that more than twice anyway... :D I love magic.

I am on a Ps3 so I don't have a picture so judge mine I want to here what kind of job i did (remember him?)

Name: Robin Longstride (aka:robin of the hood)
race: Imperial
class: Rebel
favoured attributes: strength,speed
favoured skills: blade, athletics, marksman, light armor, sneak, speechcraft, security

Robin was born on heartfire 23 3E406 to the steed which makes him 27 years old. From being born to the steed he is a natural runner. At the age of 18 he witnessed his parents unfair execution by the tyrant who controlled his village known as Naterac. After his parents death he worked hard and rebelled against the tyrant known and Black Brugo. Unfortunatly Black Brugo escapes and Robin Longstride persues him. Robin soon learned that Black Brugo fled to the province of Cyrodiil and made home in Tamerial at the Aylied ruin known as Telepe. Robin destroyed his rebel armor and shaved his head and died his head band. He then made his way to the Imerial City. When he got there he was astonished to find the state people were living in,so he snuck into the guard tower on the waterfront and stole two sacks of gold and gave them to the poor people. Unfortunaly he was caught trying it again the next night and was imperisoned. When the emperor and his body guards allowed him to escape with them he instantly set off for telepe to avenge his parents. After he pulled the amulet of kings from his pocket and set off for Weynon Priory...