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Character Creation...

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#1 -Al-

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Posted 09 April 2006 - 11:31 AM

I just finished downloading EE and installed it with ToB and ToB patch installed. At character creation everything is fin until i get to giving my character a name. As soon as i click on the Name button, 8's start scrolling. So i end up with a name like: 888888888888888888888888. ANyway... it's not my keyboard, i took the batteries out and it did just the same.

I thought i'd try a multiplayer game and got the same problem, e.g., my game name and password were... you guessed it. 888888888888888888888.

Any thoughts before i just delete and restart without EE? :(

#2 TheWizard

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Posted 09 April 2006 - 12:44 PM

I wouldn't rule out the keyboard being a problem yet. Do you have anything in the keyboard buffer while Baldur's Gate is loading? For example, if you keep hitting the 8 key while BG is loading, those keystrokes will be saved in the buffer and will be spit out at the soonest possible moment (character creation, multiplayer game name, etc). Also, double-check to make sure your 8 key is not broken. The rest of the keyboard may be fine, but specifically the 8 button may be malfunctioning.

After you check all that stuff, go ahead and try EE again. If you receive the same error, try another keyboard (perhaps a wired one?). It never hurts to uninstall and reinstall EE as well.

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#3 Anomaly

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Posted 11 April 2006 - 05:32 AM

Uninstall specific monitoring software for your wireless keyboard... You don't need it and it causes well known problems like that for BG2.

This has nothing to do with Epic Endeavours.
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