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Multiplayer in EE

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#1 -DSS-

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Posted 09 May 2006 - 05:21 AM

Hi to all, I've to find a game for the annual lan party with friends. We're fan of BG so I thought that a mod of it could be the best choice. I saw that EE takes about 20-25 hours of play, so it's good to a non stop sat morning-sun evening play, like the ones we had previous years. My questions are:

-it's possible to have a multiplayer game with EE?
-it's possible to have a 8 players instead of 6 (i've read something about the 8 players mod, i'm not sure btw...)

thanks for every suggest for this lan party, if you have other ideas on what we can play at it i would be glad to know ;)

bye :)

#2 Isaya

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Posted 10 May 2006 - 02:23 PM


I don't know whether Epic Endeavours was ever played in multiplayer. Multiplayer may require specific handling in the mod (for instance to avoid other players to wander when an important dialog is running) that I'm not sure the mod complies with. Besides, I don't even know in details what is required.

It may be a good idea to run the first test (introduction of the game), then the first mission (for instance) in multiplayer. If you're able to play without problem, chances are rather high you won't face an issue in the mod due to multiplayer (some other bugs may remain, I'm afraid).

The mod doesn't have any dependency on a specific existing NPC, so you may make a full 6 player team without incompatibility. Unfortunately, the 8 players capability is, as far as I know, just a dream. The 6 players limit is hardcoded in the game engine.

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