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Local Heroes campaign

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Posted 12 September 2006 - 12:08 AM

Campaign name: Local Heroes

Rules System: D&D 3.5 edition with any Forgotten Realms additions.

Posting Schedule: DM posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday ? player posts can be in response to these or can be interaction between players or between players and minor NPCs, though interaction with NPCs should stay with NPCs established characters. Anticipated start date is Friday 15th September.

Setting: A farming and logging village called Barnoldswick approximately 50 miles from Waterdeep on the edge of the Westwood. The starting year is 1372DR.

Character creation. Starting characters are 1st level and generated using the point-buy system with 28 points available. Acceptable options include anything in the PHB, DMG, the Complete? series of books, and the Players Guide to Faerun. If you wish to use something from another source, please contact me first to discuss this.

Players: Ronin69hof, Kael, Celestine, BGHead, Menelanna. The game is full.

Information about Barnoldswick.

Barnoldswick sits in an mainly flat region about 50 miles north of Waterdeep and on the Eastern fringe of the Westwood forest. About a mile inside the forest is a spring sacred to Eldath where a group of druids live. This spring is the source of the Redwater stream that runs past the village. Standing about a mile from the forest is an isolated copse and once a season a dozen druids and other followers of Silvanus travel there for a ritual, but otherwise people can?t seem to find there way in. There?s a small hill just North of the village that has a ruined and reputedly haunted watchtower.

Most of the population of 450 adults is human but there is a significant halfling minority that has more wealth than most of the humans realise. A dwarf family runs the local inn, and an extended family of gnomes run a store. No elves currently live in Barnoldswick, but a small number of half-elves have been born here.

The village has an important furniture business that sells high quality furniture to important families in Waterdeep. In addition because much of the timber and some of the farm produce is transported to Waterdeep, several barns have been converted for storage. Visitors either stay at the Sturdy Inn, run by dwarfs, or can sleep in local families homes or outbuildings for a small fee or a willingness to do some work in exchange. There is a shrine to Chauntea which is regularly visited by priests from the nearby temple-farm of Goldenfields; and another to Lurue which was established after a reported visitation by the goddess and which is somewhat neglected in comparison. A gnome family and their human rivals run two general stores.

Local authority figures are the Speaker, elected by acclamation at the annual harvest festival. The position is currently held by Cobhran Wenneman. Other important people include the bitter rivals Cornaghan Tarnithson and Alithea Corven, the heads of two prominent local families. The local watch is commanded by Geraint Strongdagger, a former member of Waterdeep?s City Guard.

Other important local figures include Orack Rockcrusher, the dwarf who owns the local inn; Benen Macenteth, a former adventuring bard who runs the Jovial Jongleur tavern; the local ranger Cantara Longeye, who is noted for disappearing for long periods at irregular intervals; Breadan Elmwood, an aging wizard who has retired to his families home but who still takes an apprentice; Adaelos Hawkwinter, a Waterdhavian noble who buys timber and farm produce and arranges for it to be shipped to Waterdeep; the gnome Falrinn Tavartarr and the human Bran Landerson, rival shopkeepers; and the halfling Tara Hardingdale, the most respected halfling villager.

Barnoldswick is a small place, somewhat off the main trade routes, which attracts relatively few visitors. The major events of the Realms may pass it by, but things happen even in small places and that gives people a chance to become Local Heroes.

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